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Found 1 result

  1. It would be nice if we could have a single Thread to reference for suggestions so I figured I'd try and make one. It's my hope that the other folks with suggestion lists post in this thread and we can edit our posts here as we think of more things to add. If we can maintain this simple to read format as well I think it would be easier for the Developers to read through and increase the chances of our ideas actually being seen but it's going to require us to proactively up-vote one another so the suggestion lists make up the first page of this post. Suggestions A two minute recovery timer for the seeds after we've planted them Mushrooms should break down into Spores that you can plant like Seeds (Require water and wood pulp for authenticity) When opening containers, have the interface default to 'Inventory' rather than remember the last open menu. Various compass recipes (Wooden needle on Leaf in bowl of water, Iron needle and glass/iron housing). Dirt has a chance of providing x1 Sand every so often upon dismantling/destruction. A Run/Walk Toggle Opaque diamond texture in windows needs to be more transparent. On sub inventory containers (Seeds bag, Jars etc.) - 'Open' should be "Right click", and 'Pick up' should be "Hold E" or give users more remapping options. Chisel tool to be used for quicker destruction of Clay blocks, perhaps require hammer and have Hammer and Chisel animation when being used (Destroying brick walls doesn't take very long IRL after all). Minor Issues and Bugs The collision boxes need adjustment, currently we require high ceilings and wide doors otherwise the collision meshes of objects interfere with the characters movement. The Wake-up menu is intermittently buggy sometimes preventing players from waking up on demand. The Furnace does not emit light. Turning off the hud prevents the switching between of hotkey menu items. The "G" movement mode seems hyper sensitive for users of a high DPI mouse, perhaps have it take control of the mouse, bypassing users sensitivity settings when enabled. The Auto detection when placing objects gets confused after detecting too many different building plains, requiring the re-selection of the piece to restart the auto detect process (perhaps an intermittent memory purge for that system would mitigate this issue). Desired Blocks or Systems when the Devs can get around to it) More remapping options More Corner blocks for Walls and Roofs More medium sized containers A Randomized variety of Stone and Stone Chunk models