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Found 3 results

  1. Neko  G Man

    In game idea

    I wonder may I create some mods for game, but it's on unity 3d and it's hard to understand how to do that, so I have idea, on main map of adventure it's abounded island (tornado ot something like that) citizens disappear, you travel all bioms find them, rebuild city, and after all got nice city where can be market and you can buy any resources. There can be some quests to upgrade city, market to shops, guild of adventures build or something like that
  2. PercyCreeper

    YLands Story, Is there one?

    I wondered if YLands had an officioal story or lore, because some things could be easy to tell (You are strandet in this world, and need to survive) but other things arent, for example, when does it play, I mean, there are ancient things like romans and old statues, but then there are modern things like crashed plains and cars... If there is a story to it, I would realy like to know it, or else we could try to make one
  3. Jack Daniels-89bfd34d5db2a56c

    Larger Inventory and more.

    Hello! I bought the game back in December and have been playing it. Really what I'd wish for and i think other people too is Larger Backpack to craft or obtain. It's just not enough what game gives to you or like additional row of tools to equip. Also game is missing story/missions, it could give a lot to game. Booze or grog would be nice to add and if you drink one of those you would get drunk. Oh and one thing more, could you make ships hull empty that players could build in them. Thanks!