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  1. Captn Crunch

    Mobile Production Base

    Its using 6 Small Ylandium engines around a charging station and they are all easily accessable. You can see them in the top pic.
  2. Captn Crunch

    What was your first videogame?

    Lol pong was my 1st. I didnt have it but the kid across the street did and we were like amazed it was so awesome lol. Look how far we've come ?
  3. Captn Crunch

    Ship Ideas

    And I agree with the submarine
  4. Captn Crunch

    Ship Ideas

  5. Captn Crunch

    Ship Ideas

    I liked to suggest some ship ideas, 1- Paddle wheels to make River type boats. 2- Birch Bark Canoes 3- A low profile hull close to the water line. 4- A Submarine for exploring that you could dive out of bottom at depths and then return. Sure some of these have been suggested but thought I'd throw them out there. Really love the game and look forward to the full release.
  6. Captn Crunch

    Iron Clad Explorer

    Lol sure if I can figure how to do that. Just a newbie here. But would be glad to share. ?
  7. Captn Crunch

    Iron Clad Explorer

    Virginia was the inspiration and yes I was going to put a stack on it but forgot. Tried building this in my exploration world which was a small one and I ran myself out of iron and coal lol. Got it to around 80-90% and gave up and did it in creator. Blued steel is a material hog.