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Found 1 result

  1. Hello There! I really love your game, especially because it's not LEGO Worlds shallow game... The most important thing in you game was possibility to use everything and fantastic calm, relaxing atmosphere with a twist. In games like this one (well, I can think of three titles almost fitting: Do Not Starve, Rimworld and LEGO Worlds - I will not comment on these, but in short - it's not competition for you) people like different things: collecting, crafting, building, challenge, multiplayer and so on... For me - the more content, the more items, the more even silly things to do - the better. My favorite play was to collect skulls, skeletons and bones (I hoped that one day you could collect complete skeletons and make museum od dungeons with these) and craft more things with bones, which is historically very good thing to do! Imagine grails made of skulls, tools like needles (yes, I know we have many possibilities, but still it's funny), arrow heads, crude knifes, javelins - hunting javelins and fishing javelins, bone armour (very common in times of Troya - for example), heavy bone clubs, bone axes (well rather chisels to sculpt in wood - still in use in primitive tribes), art - sculptures and, of course, jevelry - also wicked ones. We have clothing/armour made of crabs and bark, but not any bone ones? Imagine helmets made of skulls (we have one bear helmet) .Please! think about it! Please, give us back skeletong of animals lying around (and make these possible to take it to your inventory and possible to "break" into skulls and bones). There were also dead animals - they should be collectible too (take a look at Do Not Starve - you could catch live animals and dead ones too). Yes, it was a bit sad if you had to kill bird or bear or wolf, but it's less sad without death animation or deadbody and skeletons lying around? Hunting and esp. gutting was sad experience, but it made me sad and guilty - and IT WAS A GOOD THING. It made me trying not to kill any animal - and esp. now, when you made animals less agressive and possible to scare them away - it would be great. This is very good and very nice, important idea that you have made animals less aggressive, now I don't have to kill them all. I can run away or scare them off. This is more realistic and more "polite"? Game is calm and relaxing and let it be this way. If in the future people would prefer more challenging survival mode let us choos - relaxing, exploring and survival modes - just by setting limits of food and animal aggression... I hope you are planning to add more animals - fish of different kinds (fishing is a very nice addition, but it would be nice to see sometimes swimming fish too) not only sharks (btw. - they just dissappear killed, only few parts of meat left?? They are big and fighting these is a challenge, let it be useful - let them leave something more - skeleton, meat, big fish... skin??). I miss ducks or chickens and I guess you cannot domestic or catch animals for herding just for now? It would be great to make wolfes friendly by feeding them, even if they bite you. Leave something for them few times and then they could act more friendly, like horses? It would be great to have wolfe friend with his name who would help you fighting or hunting... I'm waiting for a possibility to collect bunnies, goats and pigs to domestic these animals... Another things I miss are very important, but in short: 1) Please, implement "pause" at last. This is a must! 2) Proper save saves in singleplayer - sometimes game crashes or horrible bug is making respawn constant trap, sometimes you loose everything. Please, let us save game in few files. I can do it manually, but it's annoying! Last time I built giant tallship with everything I had on board to find new home... and... because of game glitch I fell off the ship! My home and everything I had just sailed away! And... after I drowned I respawned on closest island, but it was impossible to find the ship... so: 3) Let the ship stop if noone is onboard! Now it's impossible to swim fast enought to catch ship or boat if you fell off - let's say - eating or reading map! Just stop the vehicle... 4) There is many bugs with herb containers and seed containers. Drag and drop doesn't work properly and if I pland seeds from seeds container, game shows I still have the same amount of seeds in my "hud inventory", but count's properly, but if I drag and drop seeds from seed container to many different slots - game freaks out and I can plant FOREVER! :)))) It's nice, but.. it's cheating. 5) You can sometimes store seed or herb containers in other herb containers, so It's possible to have 20 herbs containers and 12 seed containers in every of these... I stopped experimenting, because I was affraid of savegame crash if I pack all my staff in one chest - it was possible day ago. 6) Some trees (damn, I don't remember which ones, but these were not pines, akacias, oaks or palms (colorful ones - middle size trees) - after sawing they are not falling, thay are falling down to the earth and dissappear! I don't remember the name, because I couldn't chop these for seeds... And last thing - please, make water buckets in the future. I'd love to make some swimming pools or lakes (I have an idea how to move water up, but I'm not sure if it could work - I'll try it). I'm sorry for very long letter and mixing bugs with requests... I just didn't want to post too many... posts. All the best! Bartosz Radziszewski