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  1. Serina Danae Brown


    Yeah on creative mode I've been able to see and use a bunch of oriental things. Blocks, railings, roofs, ect ect. Just don't know where to find it (if its possible to find it) as a randomly spawned structure, or how to make it in survival
  2. Serina Danae Brown


    Just wondering where to find oriental stuff.. I've been playing this since it released on steam and I love it so much! I found out right away that there are oriental items! I've already made oriental chests plenty of times. But I don't know how to make anything else oriental. On top of that, I'm not sure if any oriental structures spawn... I've never found anything anywhere! Are there oriental structures you can stumble across? Will my oriental dreams ever come true? Hmmmm...
  3. Serina Danae Brown

    Floating heads!

    What will this do?
  4. Serina Danae Brown

    Floating heads!

    Thank you! I can now see my body, but still can't see structures, foliage, and items in world
  5. Serina Danae Brown

    Floating heads!

    I've had to create three different maps now because after a while I get to a point where I have everything I need to start building a more advanced base, and all of a sudden I can't see anything! Just my floating head! The ground# and the ocean! My structures are gone! I can't see items! I can't see foliage! I can't see the ship I'm standing on! Nothing! I've been pretty alright with it hapoening, knowing how new the game is... But this is the third time I've gotten pretty far and lost everything. I haven't deleted these map seeds because I'm hoping one day this problem will be fixed and I can go back to those games... But I'm just not ready to start over again....PLZ HELP!
  6. Serina Danae Brown

    New plants

    Yes! Water would be needed for rice, and it would be so beautiful!❤ I would love to see roses and tulips in the flowers! I never thought of more flowers! Thank you for the comment?
  7. Serina Danae Brown

    New plants

    Ah yes, I already knew all this! basically what I'm saying is outside of all the different kinds of plants we ALREADY have, what kind of plants would people LIKE to see. I listed rice, which is something we don't have in the game yet. And I wanted to know if anyone else had any cool ideas
  8. Serina Danae Brown

    New plants

    Just wanted to start a topic on farming and plants we hope to see in the future of this game. While trying it out i notices that you have an Oriental theme in creative mode (not really sure where to find these items in survival yet) but, i fell in love with these items and was hoping to see rice as an available farming/food item in the future! if anyone else has any other really cool ideas, plz leave a comment! thank you!