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  1. strazstraz

    Fairytale Tower

    That look so good! How do you build perfectly round walls? I'd like to do it as well
  2. Thanks! Although I'm trying to make a portcullis, so basically I want a group of objects to slide when lever is activated
  3. strazstraz

    Sun castle

    This is absolutely wonderful. Particularly the external timberwork and the mess hall!
  4. Hi! I'm working on a big castle and I'd like to make a working porticullis. I know you an change object position using logic, so it shouldn't be hard to make it slide up and down. The problem is How do I trigger this action with a lever? I understand how to use a trigger zone, but how does the lever work? Thanks in advance for your attention!
  5. Hi everyone! So, I access Bi account through steam, so the two account should be linked, right? But when i go into the game( launched via steam) under my profile it says: account ready to be linked... Plus I don't see any of the comps I subscribed. How can I properly link my account? Thanks in advance