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  1. blimmin

    stuck at sea

    I also noticed that the seas are getting much rougher, is that based on how far you are from land? Or maybe a storm is coming? Please let me know!
  2. blimmin

    stuck at sea

    Yes, you are right I forgot to do that but luckily I have an abundance of food! Thanks for the future tip though!
  3. blimmin

    stuck at sea

    Thank you, I appreciate it! I was travelling for about an hour but I am well prepared for the journey I have a full chest of roasted fruit! I will try to make a paper press and make a map.
  4. blimmin

    stuck at sea

    Hello, I am stuck at sea with no map, no general idea of where I am and basically I am lost. I cannot seam to find any birds in the skies and I am wondering if it is because of my bad CPU/computers unablility to render long distances. HELP!