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    ylands car towing / wagon towing?

    thanks for the reply! actually, i have got car pulling to work! and it's actually very drivable! now i have a car/truck and a camper i tow around!
  2. DJCoffee

    ylands car towing / wagon towing?

    @bojo2736 i think you might be mistaking what i said, sorry lol i want to be able to tow another car chasis.
  3. DJCoffee

    Velocifer's Workshop

    how? i tried to do this myself. nothing works plus, i can't find anything online regarding on how to make a wagon / trailer.
  4. ok so, i've searched up and down, side to side and beyond worlds for this question. Q: how can i tow another car or "wagon" - because i've seen people do it, but without much explaination. i've seen people say "move a block into another block on the other car in the editor" but... this does not work.