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  1. BoomCheeseBurge

    How do you break stone bricks?

    I see, I understand the circumstances now. It was a just a bit confusing for me because I was lost and had to get some answers from other people to know the situation. But thank you for your effort to reply to my question and helped me out! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to y'all!
  2. BoomCheeseBurge

    How do you break stone bricks?

    Ah, I see so it does take a while to break these stone bricks. Thank you for all your suggestions, I will sure to use these methods and have a bit more patience into this kind of problem. I hope they can tweak this so that we don't have to waste time breaking blocks. =D
  3. BoomCheeseBurge

    How do you break stone bricks?

    I've been trying to make a nice house in the mountains to make it cool but I accidently place my precious stone bricks on the wrong spot. So I decided to break it using my hammer but it didn't work. I tried other tools but it still couldn't break the stone brick. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use?