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  1. because of those corals releasing bubbles, the caves should have pelnty of air pockets. that would solve the problem and make the caves more interesting and on a somewhat related note - travelling up and down in the water is a bit of a pain. the heavy diving suit should make you drop a lot faster (unless it does in exploration, i only tried it sandbox and it was the same speed as other ones) and maybe there could be some emergency baloon thingy ( like in subnautica) that would carry you to the surface quickly
  2. p4rr

    Exploration Steam Ship

    i like the sound of that. no more holding back ! thank you, i understand it a bit better now. I only recently found out that you can weld items so you don't pick them up by accident. Devs should add an in-depth building tutorial.. good to know. I'm yet to try MP
  3. p4rr

    Exploration Steam Ship

    everything except front mast, back windows and furniture is neatly alligned to grid - didn't want to risk frame drops after I fill the boat with all my stuff. haven't had any issues so far. so 'welding' means that blocks placed on grid merge together so the pc doesn't have to think about the 'inside bits' ? thank you! I love the building system in ylands. insane possibilities compared to certain other games, but I don't want to get carried away and overdo it with all the fanciness just to suffer lag, but after seeing some of the mystery islands, i think i can push it a bit further before performance starts to be an issue
  4. p4rr

    Exploration Steam Ship

    thank you very much
  5. my current mobile base (now searching for a perfect island to make a house, probably waiting for v1.10 though) I have a question for experienced builders - do free-placed blocks have bigger impact on performance that blocks snapped to grid ?
  6. p4rr

    Cant find Anemone goo

    it shouldn't matter, based on the item's description. i think i found mine in a temperate region
  7. p4rr

    Cant find Anemone goo

    good news is that you already have the main item it is used for, and for the other two (late game) items you will only need 7 more pieces
  8. p4rr

    Cant find Anemone goo

    it is in the game (anemone forest biome), but it seems to be rare. it is quite small and half burried in the sand (it looks the same as the item in crafting menu)
  9. p4rr

    Diving in 1.9

    they do spawn in kelp forest biome (and I guess in the other new biomes as well) but only in the temperate region. the swarm is smaller and slow moving, could be easily missed among the plants
  10. p4rr

    Gear Vanished After Launch Game

    can confirm this part. still happening (not always, but more often than not) (there was a small update a day or three ago, but it didn't fix this) (solution for now is to unsummon the ship before quitting (works 100% for me))
  11. p4rr

    What is this icon on the map?

    there's some bug that causes weird respawning for some people, this sounds like it. will be fixed soon according to the devs, in the meantime, always unsummon the ship before quitting. that seems to be working. no idea about the icons
  12. p4rr

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    no, temperate is the one with oak trees
  13. p4rr

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    the ocean update is only a few days old. many recipes had 'sea stuff' added rubber is made in chem. station, which requires a test tube and for that you need a glowing jellyfish drop, which spawns in arctic ( the new fish parts have a description saying where to get them ) i haven't been to arctic yet, but I'd assume those too can be found in a kelp forest biome.. seems like the schoals of all the new sea animals only spawn in the new ocean biomes (see map) and not in regular ocean
  14. p4rr

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    dye station now requires a nautilus bladder (nautilus schoal spawns in temeperate regions, catch it using the new fishing net) dye station recipe unlocked for me after i got that. and it is also needed for iron tier air tank (which then requires rubber, and to make it you need to go to the arctic..) I had no issues getting the bladder using a coral tank
  15. update: it does not seem to be happening when i unsummon the ship before quitting (i will edit this comment when / if i find out more)