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  1. Captain_Kush

    This used to be my home...

    Very Nice!
  2. Captain_Kush

    RESOLVED Oceans Are Gone

    I have the same problem with water sometimes not appearing. Also sometimes it has a weird mechanic where theres a wave in the shape of a ring, I'll post a screen of it next time that happens. But as a quick fix; If you are having any water issues you can go into the graphic settings and if you check windowed mode and hit apply then when the "keep or revert" window pops up, Hit Revert and everything should be fine. Hope it helps! Works every time for me!
  3. Captain_Kush

    Tesla Coils

    I guess I was just unlucky... and my starter yland is pretty small. Also, sadly, I haven't left my first yland because I wanted to build a base a fully explore the cave system before heading out. I also don't get as much time to play as I would like as I am currently working and looking after my elderly parents who need alot of attention. Not to mention trying to squeeze some quality time with my kiddies in there too, luckily they love this game as much as I do so we try to gather together and take turns watching each other play. haha. Sorry, Got a little off topic there! But knowing things like this are out there to find is very motivating! Time to set sail!
  4. Captain_Kush

    Tesla Coils

    Is that naturally generated? If it is, I've never seen anything like this! Can't wait to find this for myself!!
  5. I would definitely help out with the wiki, I tried to find a wiki the same day I bought the game.
  6. Captain_Kush

    Caves and exploring them

    First you need to make the Flashlight at the Energy Workbench, then the Mining Helmet at the Blacksmith Station. Flashlight Recipe Mining Helmet Recipe
  7. Captain_Kush

    Caves and exploring them

    I don't think I had to go down that far for either gold or sulphur. To make the Mining Helmet takes a Iron Ingot and a flashlight. I must be missing a component of the ylandium dust because I can't seem to find it.
  8. Captain_Kush

    Animal Re-spawning?

    Just wondering how the re-spawning works, if at all. I killed all the animals on my starting yland in the first 2 days. Should I have breeded them first or did I just wipe out the eco-system?
  9. ***EDIT: If a mod would delete this post, I put it in the wrong section and it is also not explained very well. Sometimes when I right-click to move an item(s) from the inventory to a container already containing some of the item(s) it doesn't stack and the newly created stack in the container becomes bugged and can't be removed from the container until the item is switched with another item in the container, I'm guessing to update the bugged item, then it allows you to remove the item or if you try to stack the "un-bugged" item(s) it doesn't add the count of the items until you move the stack. I am very sorry for the explanation but I will try to upload a video showing the whole thing in action.
  10. I find it very frustrating to have to scroll through the entire crafting page trying to pick out any new recipes. Maybe even putting a star in the corner or highlighting the border until it has been viewed or even hovered over.
  11. Captain_Kush

    Fix right click breaking building mode.

    I found out that I can directly change the "Change Rotation" key which does solve the problem. Although the keybindings don't save at the moment, which I understand you are currently fixing. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Captain_Kush

    Caves and exploring them

    Well, here's my cave experiences so far, the best way to light the way while mining is to use the mining helmet, it has amazing light coverage and frees up your hand slot . Also, if you take the mutated bones you get from the mobs and drop them on the ground then hit them once (I used my P-Axe) they turn into ylandium dust. Finally, I can definitely say there is gold ore in there too, in the vien I found I mined 500 ore and there's still some in there LOL, and sulfur is also in there ( its a dull-yellowish color if I remember correctly) And as for navigation I used arrow signs with lanterns placed underneath. Hope it helps!!
  13. While I am building if I try to change direction by right clicking if there is an item/container that uses right click in the vicinity it breaks me out of building mode. The most frustrating of these situations is trying to stack chests.
  14. Captain_Kush

    My 7 year old daughter love this game.

    I agree, more pets would be great. Maybe even some that could help you in combat. As soon as I seen paulsoaresjr video about Ylands on the YouTubes I had to buy it for me and my kids to play. We LOVE games like these, my 8 yr old daughter loves the animals and my 13 yr old daughter loves all the different clothing styles (There's just SO many). So, with that I give you devs a Big Thanks for making this awesome and beautiful game for me and my kids to play together and have some father - daughter bonding time!
  15. Captain_Kush

    Horse keeps bucking me off

    I've had the same issue (bucking once tamed and being insta-killed upon falling off during bucking) but I can confirm that if space key is held during you won't be thrown off. P.S.: My daughter named her horse "Brownie", she asked me to tell everyone.