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Found 3 results

  1. What she discovered was that when you feed the wild horses they become friendly, but if you keep feeding them you get to name them {I would never have found that out}. Add that to the interactive part of waving for the horses and them looking around then coming when she hails them. Then she is able to rides them, and she is in a little girlie heaven! :-) You created a little gem with this addition. Now you need the same feature for taming and naming pet dogs, naming pet bunny rabbits.etc I can see a real potential in this area for sales. I also think that she is learning so much from the crafting of items that it's not just a game but educational for her and creative to. A very pretty game!
  2. Dear developers, I am currently enjoying your game a lot. I finished the learning ysland and the other one where you have to free the engineers and I had a lot of fun in the process. However, now since I'm spending time in the explore game mode, I'm finding that there's a serious lack of guidance right now. There's no real indication of how to build a forge for example and crafting looks really confusing, It could really be improved to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to understand. I know survival isn't the primary focus on the development in this game, as it is more about creativity and creating any type of game mode you'd like, but the survival aspect is really fun already and I believe you can get a big audience for just that aspect of the game. Things I like: Building is absolutely brilliant! It's the most precise and easiest building mechanic in any survival game. The graphics are amazing. I'm loving the creative freedom Your humor. There are so many items, I love it! However, these things need some work in my opinion: Stack splitting and being able to drag, destroy or drop a stack of items. The overall crafting needs more work, it's just not clear how I can progress with items and gear. Animations - some animations are very stiff, lacking or not aesthetically pleasing. Walking sideways makes your character appear like he's moonwalking for a second. Also, chopping wood could use an animation that gives more feedback on if you are actually chopping wood or not. Sometimes I find myself hitting the ground before realising that I have to find that sweet spot to chop a tree. If the character would take on a different stance, it would really be more immersive as well as easier to see if I'm actually chopping a tree or not. Animations overall could be more fluent. Performance - I think the game loads the whole island at once, I'm not a programmer, but right now the game requires a lot of processing power. I hope the UI will change in the actual release of the game. Overall, I'm really enjoying this game, and I truly hope it will catch on. I just was immediately intrigued after playing the tutorial, I'm curious about future updates. Here are some pictures of my little shelter that I'm working on right now, even though the survival experience doesn't yet feel complete, I'm having a great time. It takes a while to create a shelter, but it actually feels more worthwhile than in for example; Minecraft. Don't be discouraged by the more present list of things I dislike, I'm loving the game, thank you for developing this piece of awesomeness. I wish I could somehow be more involved in the creation of this game because I'm really feeling it. isn't there a way to help out using my graphic design skills or something? Haha, anyway, cheers and keep doing what you do over there.