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  1. JgrPower

    Dev Diary #98

    @Igor Q. I realized it too late So the proper answer is. That is not planned yet
  2. JgrPower

    Editor Script Updates.

    I thing we could get away with modifying a tile. Now we have "Open/Close entity [Entity]". We could change it a bit by adding an additional boolean. Something like "Open/Close entity [Entity] ignore lock [Bool]" where if the ignore lock would be true, it would open a locked door and if its false it would not. We'll think about it.
  3. Thank you for your report! The problem is with the delayed call tile. Deleting it and dragging a new one in should fix the problem. This issue will be fixed in the next update.
  4. This is a know issue. When there are more than 64 colliders in the area, other colliders are ignored. We are working on a fix, but it will take a while, because it is a complicated issue.
  5. Interesting. I will look into it. Thank you
  6. JgrPower

    Dev Diary #53

    @bb cakes_P1No problem Interesting, but definitely not related to the flying sharks issue. Is it happening often?
  7. JgrPower

    Vicinity Looting/Picking

    Hello. @Indomitus Definitely seems like an interesting idea. @bb cakes_P1 I would rather avoid the destroy option. As @Mantje100 already said, it could be easy to abuse this functionality. Also all items that are dropped from trees are despawned after 30 minutes (unless you pick them up ofcourse). So you don't have to worry about bark flooding your yland
  8. Hello. This issue will be fixed in the next hotfix update. Based on your feedback we will also increase the range of the vicinity from 2 meters to 2.5 meters (it will match interaction range). We will not be able to increase the range further because we need to keep the looting consistent among all systems (focusing with your mouse and looting VS vicinity looting). The vicinity looting is supposed to help with precision looting. When looting logs from a felled tree It should be easier for you to pick up only logs from the inventory then running around and trying to focus only logs between all the sticks, bark and seeds. Any additional feedback is appreciated as we definitely want to improve this system. Thank you guys
  9. JgrPower

    Bugs and Suggestions

    We have a system ready for this. Our designers can add related key words to all blocks. Meaning we can add "vehicle" to block "Set Velocity" without renaming it and it will show up in your search. @Ane Is preparing a topic under "Visual scripting" where everyone will be able to leave similar suggestions. (like "I was searching "Vehicle" and i expected to find "Set Velocity" and "Get Velocity".") This will help us a ton in making the search more efficient.
  10. @Oliver Hope I managed to identify and fix the issue with wrong colors of the segments. I'm still investigating the ctrl+drag issues you are experiencing. Thank you for the report.