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  1. pypse

    Camera "Lock On"

    I can't really comment on the number 1 as this was designed way before my time in the company (and I suppose it is so for a good reason), but I agree with point 2 - there should be options in the game logic itself that would allow this functionality.
  2. pypse

    Camera "Lock On"

    Hello Igor, I've looked into it and came to the same conclusion as you. Which is, it seems to be impossible to achieve that sort of camera by using just the settings of the Custom Camera. You can, however, animate an object (reference point in my example) to the desired camera position and get the same effect. DS CAMERA.zip
  3. Hello Igor, you can use these two tiles to get the current screen size of the client. That should allow you to get the center of the screen of every screen. Hope that helps