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  1. Hi, I have question about Direct Code for dedicated server games. My game is Explore type, so people can join by clicking on save in game menu for Exploration games. I need to shut down server, remove it from cloud, save game locally and open it with editor, when I want to do some changes on game. After re-uploading game to server, game have different Direct Code. Save is for all, who played here as inactive. They need to search game again. It loos like server was shut forever, even when I keep the same game name. Already lost several players, cause they don't know to search game again a they are awaiting their save to be active. Any way to avoid this? Like to "fix" Direct Code for purchased server? Thx.
  2. dr.darkdevil

    Building in survival mode - server

    Hey ylanders, I have some screens from our server for you, feel free to join us! Czech+EU - Building+Survival See you around. Art
  3. I have same issue on my server. She received new generator and lost control of old one.