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  1. not sure if you're aware of this but yesterday i noticed that when i equipped my character with fur boots the leather shoes appeared on my characters feet
  2. IEuphe

    Dev Diary #197 Following Feedback

    YES!!!! can't wait to sit in my cosy cabin while it rains 😁
  3. you're missing a code, the one talking about the pumps stopping working is just a note from the mayor and not actually a coded number.
  4. IEuphe

    What does this symbol on the compass mean?

    i think it does mean that there's something underground. think you need to find a nearby cave and explore.
  5. IEuphe

    Cinder Mystery Yland

    i've found all the notes that are cryptic and used their found locations to figure out numbers but no matter what order i put them in, it tells me i'm wrong. maybe i got the numbers wrong but i can't seem to figure it out
  6. IEuphe

    Cinder Mystery Yland

    did you manage to figure out the safe code? because i'm still stuck at that part.
  7. IEuphe

    candle suggestion

    in exploration would it be possible to have candles never go out unless you extinguish them, i like to use candles as my main source of lighting in my home rather than torches and lanterns etc. it becomes tedious to constantly keep having to relight them.
  8. don't suppose you know if they're thinking of keeping candles alight until you extinguish them?
  9. IEuphe

    RESOLVED Exploration Bug

    that's right. never had issues with logging in or server time-outs and so on. give the team some time and i'm sure they'll sort it out. i can imagine how frustrating it is for you.
  10. IEuphe

    RESOLVED Exploration Bug

    it does sound like a bug as i use ylands through steam and i've never had any problems that others seem to experience.
  11. So as the title suggests, I came across some lit candles and noticed the flame was bigger than usual so I checked the ones on my ship and the effect must be on all of them. Made me feel like the whole place was going to set on fire. Nobody light your candles until they fix this 😄
  12. Finally finished creating and building my home. Big thanks to Nico, Spirit and Ocnog for giving me advice about circles and compositions and just generally being helpful.
  13. IEuphe

    new ssd and editorials

    thanks spirit. always so helpful. 😊
  14. ok so I'm planning on getting a new and better computer (hopefully soon) and something crossed my mind. when I upgrade i'm also going to be getting a new SSD which also means re-downloading everything. If i re-download Ylands through steam will all my editorials and saved projects be downloaded with it or would I have to put the files in a USB dongle and transfer them over? I really don't want to lose anything so any advice would be appreciated.
  15. IEuphe

    POSSIBLY Spawnpoint for owned Exploration maps

    i like the sound of this idea. you could have some sort of resurrection stone which creates a spawn point when placed.