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  1. IEuphe

    backward weapon

    Just to say, absolutely love the new update but I noticed my character was holding her elven sword backwards. Just thought I'd let you know.
  2. IEuphe

    Manor OF Lady Bancroft

    How long did it take you to complete? also did it make you jump?
  3. IEuphe

    Manor OF Lady Bancroft

    i did try optimizing but when i tried to test it, I couldn't play it so instead i've removed unnecessary entities and hopefully it should work better for you. Let me know if it's helped.
  4. IEuphe

    Manor OF Lady Bancroft

    Just published a new game that i've been working on for a few months. Go try it and let me know what you like, what you don't like Etc.
  5. IEuphe

    Darker Environment

    Thank you Houp
  6. IEuphe

    Darker Environment

    could it be possible to have the option to make the environment extremely dark? i do mean as an option for custom games and not exploration. currently at night time setting you can still see pretty well without the help of light sources and it can take away the immersive feeling in games that make the player rely on items such as torches and flashlights. If there is a way to already do this and i'm just being stupid, can someone show me how to do it.
  7. I love this idea, I mentioned a similar idea long ago about opening the hair/face choices so that you could pick any face to go with any hair style.
  8. IEuphe

    Dev Diary #209 Deep Down, Like Super Deep Down

    ooooo super deep oceans, I can't wait 😁
  9. IEuphe

    uncompleted Mystery-Yland restet?

    yes just like Nikki said if you go to the region section on the maps and press the refresh button next to the yland. This will reset the map and I believe you will need exploration points to open it again.
  10. IEuphe

    UNDER REVIEW NPCs walk into the ocean

    maybe they're secretly merfolk and you've caught them traveling home 😁
  11. IEuphe

    Skiing and Snowboarding in Exploration

    Love this idea, please do this!!!
  12. how long has the editor time thingy been there?
  13. tell me, i didn't know this was a thing
  14. IEuphe

    Creators Competition Season 2 - WINNERS

    well done everyone. your hard work has paid off ?
  15. IEuphe


    Question, where do you put these zip files? I'd like to have a look to see how you get entities to follow you so i can expand my scripting knowledge.