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  1. IEuphe

    Flexing your boats off

    here's mine although it's nothing grand but it does the job my below deck workshop and my personal quarters (yes i know it's a little cluttered but it's all my adventuring souvenirs)
  2. IEuphe

    Check out this awesome yland I came across

    i'm the exact same haha 😄
  3. IEuphe

    Check out this awesome yland I came across

    yes i've been there but couldn't stay at the stop too long as my clothing wasn't warm enough but i hope we get a lot more like this.
  4. IEuphe

    missing roof block

    so i was in editor and i noticed a particular roof block had been replaced by a different one and when i tried to find the roof piece that was originally there, i couldn't find it. has it been been removed or something else?
  5. IEuphe

    New Community Warlock Nikki

    i know but i can get bored very easy 😅
  6. IEuphe

    New Community Warlock Nikki

    hello Nikki. can't wait to see how you settle in and take on this role. For your other questions I've been playing for about a year, I enjoy gaming, archery, sewing and herbalism and i don't have a favourite pun but i do have a dark sense of humour 😁
  7. IEuphe

    clothing override

    so one thing i like most about games is character customization. I wonder if in the future there would be a way to have your clothing override your Armour, In exploration I prefer to explore wearing the alchemist outfit as i like the way it looks but in doing so i have to forfeit protection. I would love it if there was a way to wear armour in your normal clothing slots but be able to put clothing in your costume slots so you could dress your character how you desire and still have the benefits of wearing armour.
  8. I've come across these random encounters in the Taiga and Tundra biomes on a Tier 3 island but no idea what they do/for or just there for aesthetic reasons. Anybody have any ideas?
  9. IEuphe

    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    Welcome Nikki. I hope you've brought a bag full of charisma with you ☺️
  10. i agree. I joined early 2020 and never got to experience the old cave systems but have seen them on video's and they look so much better than the caves we have now. I'd like to see the rain stop coming through my ship. it was fine when i first joined but since then there hasn't been a fix for it. feel like i can't get cozy inside my ship when it rains.
  11. IEuphe

    Gender Body Swap

    this wasn't in editor. i was playing in exploration experimental and i've since noted that whenever i travel to a region of the map, my characters body gets swapped and doesn't revert back unless i leave and re-enter exploration.
  12. IEuphe

    game report

    ok so today i got an email saying that a game report was sent by a user asking a question, but i've no idea where to find this report so i can reply to it. can someone point me in the right direction please.
  13. maybe they'll change it so it needs a type of fuel to work or even when it's being used, it only works for x amount of time before it needs time to recharge? i'm just guessing.
  14. haha 😄 I've done the same with other thinking it. sometimes a simple answer is the best one.
  15. put raw meat on each of the stools in front of the braziers.