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    Crash File

    It didn't! We tried again waking up in those beds on the island, and that was for sure what was causing it. Once we were back on our own ship it was fine!
  2. Kristin Mca

    Crash File

    So, upon a second crash, it appears that the issue was sleeping in beds that originated on that island. My boyfriend slept in a coffin, I in a bed in a lighthouse. Twice in a row it crashed within 2 minutes of waking up. So this time we're going to try going back to the boat to sleep.
  3. Kristin Mca

    Crash File

    Hello devs! Not sure what happened, was just running around a newly discovered island when the whole game crashed. Crash file attached, not sure what to do with the .dmp file. error.log
  4. Kristin Mca

    KNOWN ISSUE [Bug] Odd inventory bug

    Is this the bug you're talking about? I've found if I exit/come back in it usually fixes it for the items that were stuck, but it's really annoying to have to do that. I usually only do it when I have 7-8 items that are glitched out like this.
  5. Hi All, Something I really wish there was, especially with how many options there are, is to be able to hide certain item trees when in the crafting general menu. For example, with how much clothing, rugs, clay pots, etc there are, I would really like to be able to filter out items I know I personally will not make. I imagine it as the last little button along the top or bottom of the crafting general menu, a sort of "Hidden Items" tab that would allow you to hide/unhide things from the crafting. See photo for what I'm talking about. I only suggest this because with how many new items get unlocked with each new item found, I like browsing from time to time to see what's new for me to make, but it's hard to find things when sifting through 100 different clothing items that I have no interest in making, since I already have armor on.
  6. Kristin Mca

    [SUGGESTION] Hunger Bar+

    Seeing some complaints about the food (and having posted about food previously myself) it seems like there should be a hunger bar (like the health hearts, but how hungry you are) that is 0-100%, with 0% meaning you're actively dying of starvation and 100% meaning you cannot eat any more. Then you could completely do away with the "I'm hungry" messages, the little drumstick bars, and people being confused by what the food tiers are actually worth. I'm not gonna lie, definitely copying the idea from Minecraft, but it's a good idea when you have this kind of game mechanic!
  7. Kristin Mca

    Starving while AFK

    ....Just don't go afk?
  8. THIS is why I love this game so much. It's a better sandbox/exploration than Minecraft, but it's not all violence-geared (like pretty much everything put out anymore). Thank you guys for making a GREAT game and sticking to your guns!
  9. Kristin Mca

    Scythe for harvesting large areas

    I love this idea! It's so annoying to have to go through and manually pick up every single one. Also, maybe a plow or something to plant automatically?
  10. Kristin Mca

    Food Suggestions

    Hey! I was looking through the foods and I noticed the fruit doesn't really have much of a use other than 1:1 Roasted Fruit. With how much fruit you get from bushes, this seems insane! Suggestions: Fruit Tart (3 any fruit, 1 bread dough: 1 tart) Bowl of Fruit (3:1 Fruit: bowl) Fruit Salad (5:1) Berry Smoothie (3 berries, 1 coconut: 1 drink) Coconut cake, Pineapple upside down cake, banana bread (3 Respective fruit, 1 flour, 1 egg: 1 whole cake -> 8x slices of cake) Corn Bread (corn, flour: 1 bread) Corn on the Cob (1:1) Mashed Potatoes: (1:1) Shepherd's Pie: (1 Mashed Potato, 3 Any Veg, 1 Meat: 1 Whole Pie) Spinach Salad: (1 Spinach Leaves, 1 Carrot, 1 Corn, 1 Mushroom: 1 Salad -> 4x servings of salad) Also, anybody know why Corn isn't one of the options for "any Vegetable" for Veg Stew?
  11. So, I have a fun one. I have a tree farm set up, because wood for days, and I've noticed that items will get stuck in the air... See screenshots below. They're just stuck there, never falling. If I build up to them I can still click them down, but it's a moderate nightmare and it's been causing lag.
  12. One of my highest frustrations is that when you're crafting anything (food in the stove, anything in the forge, etc.) you can only do the 9 at a time. I wish there was a way to do stacks of crafting (like stacks of 10 or 25 glass in the kiln, stacks of ingots, etc) to make the process a little less babied. Even if stacks of 5 took 5 minutes, stacks of 10 10 minutes, that would be a major improvement. I say this because so many times I've terraformed or mined out an entire ore vein, only to come back to the forge and kiln and sit there, bored brainless, as the one-minute timer ticks over and over again. At least with stacks of 10, I could drop it and leave and come back. The upgradeable idea comes in for example, if higher quality crafting places (campfire -> cooking pot -> stove as I've seen in some games) have higher stack abilities, faster crafting, higher quality crafting, etc. Just another thought along the same lines!