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  1. GeneralZero

    RESOLVED Workshop composites, problem in Editor

    Yes, exactly. Sorry for late answer, i was on holiday.
  2. Hello, are composites from workshop disabled ? Or only i have that bug ? In editor i can use only my own composites, others from workshop not downloading i think.
  3. GeneralZero

    RESOLVED All Character Progress Items Lost

    Did you in settings used Link Account? I had same issue when i linked account, because it give you new nickname. I had nickname GeneralZero-a6c2g46.... and after i used link account i have now GeneralZero nickname. Also, you can find and kill your character and get back items. Try open savegame in editor and turn off all (numpad1-9) and find your body or add your lost items.
  4. Depleted Ylandium Power Pack cannot be recharged by Charging Station and i think its because it dont show current charge like Ylandium power cell.
  5. GeneralZero

    RESOLVED Multiplayer problem

    Thank you for fast answer
  6. Hello, i bought game today with my friends and we can´t see servers in Multiplayer. We tried programs like Hamachi and still we can´t see other server. Can someone give me some advice how to fix it?