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Found 4 results

  1. WolfganGt3

    RESOLVED Ocean Invisible

    I have had this happen two times now. The water on a non specific square of ocean is invisible. Usually dealing with rafts. log.txt log_clean.txt
  2. Encountered this bug today ... I swam up to my raft with my flippers on and right-clicked to use it, but then I couldn't dismount it or interact with anything else like my ship ladder. I switched to 1st person camera and it caused the raft to sink through the water and even through the terrain. It flipped the raft over so I was upside down at one point lol I could access my inventory so I switched out of my flippers to my shoes but then my flippers disappeared Returning back to the main menu and back allowed me to disembark the raft but it still thought I was on the raft so I was still holding the paddle! Again, I couldn't interact with anything and couldn't get back on the raft either. Going back to the main menu and back into the game again fixed that but now I couldn't open any chests or workstations. Saw a similar bug posted earlier and found I had to kill my horse, so I killed one and that didn't work and then I killed another one and that one worked for some reason. Not sure if the raft bug is related to the horse/container bug or not but very bizarre. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. h2stipandav

    RESOLVED Placing Raft

    Placing a raft in the water currently is by default facing towards player, not to the sea - kind of contra-intuitive. (no pic )
  4. I used to be able to put a basket, torch or Lantern, on a raft or small boat. Now I can't put any place a bowl on a raft, even in free place mode. This has happened on every server I joined, would like to know if others have this problem too.