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Found 2 results

  1. I was building a kind of large structure from ice and windows, when the editor crashed. The save is unused apart from this build and it's only been ice/glass windows so far. I'm not sure if it's due to the ice effects or amount of blocks but it's crashed before when building this (without using a composition) and now I can now basically crash the game by adding a composition of the stair segments (ice walls/ceiling with window steps, nothing else) with I made there earlier in the session. If I have options set to hide or show game/water/plants etc it doesn't make a difference, I can still consistently cause the CTD. RAM usage stays lower than I've had it in the past, it just freezes and doesn't recover, I can cause it any time by continuing the build, with or without composition. I've attached 3 zips with output_log and output_log_clean from 3 of the crashes Ylands_EDITOR CRASH 26_2_11_58.zip Ylands_EDITOR CRASH 26_2_10_53.zip Ylands_EDITOR CRASH 26_2_12_05.zip
  2. While chopping down trees I noticed frequent audio stutters when the tree broke apart into logs. After a few consecutive trees, instead of the sound cutout, it was a CTD. output_log.txt