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Found 2 results

  1. I was building a kind of large structure from ice and windows, when the editor crashed. The save is unused apart from this build and it's only been ice/glass windows so far. I'm not sure if it's due to the ice effects or amount of blocks but it's crashed before when building this (without using a composition) and now I can now basically crash the game by adding a composition of the stair segments (ice walls/ceiling with window steps, nothing else) with I made there earlier in the session. If I have options set to hide or show game/water/plants etc it doesn't make a difference, I can still consistently cause the CTD. RAM usage stays lower than I've had it in the past, it just freezes and doesn't recover, I can cause it any time by continuing the build, with or without composition. I've attached 3 zips with output_log and output_log_clean from 3 of the crashes Ylands_EDITOR CRASH 26_2_11_58.zip Ylands_EDITOR CRASH 26_2_10_53.zip Ylands_EDITOR CRASH 26_2_12_05.zip
  2. Hi, When you die on a ice island you are sent to your first island, not the same island you were on. I understand that when you respawn, you are almost naked and you will freeze as soon as you respawn. But this should be fixed on ice islands somehow, let us keep our warm clothes at least.