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  1. When one die, one spawns at a spawnpoint on an island, if it is the starter island and you die, you spawn where you started. If on a new, well one can spawn at the opposite island of your gear, ship or whatever it would be. A neat thing to have though is a spawn beacon. I am unsure if beds work in a way that one can set their spawn there, but i know that is not the case for multiplayer. Adding a spawnbeacon could be useful in bases, so you don’t have to freeze to death everytime you go back to the main base from the other side of an island, everyone knows the pain of having to find your base again after one dies, and sometimes it is hard, especially at night when all the animals are hunting and you cannot see. Atleast have a command like SetIslandSpawn or something.
  2. Polk

    Hardcore survival mode?

    I like it, but a lot of people will die over and over again on day 1 hehe
  3. Often when gathering resources, mainly wood, routine is as follows, chop the tree down and then chop it again for resources. But very often after i have cut down the tree i cannot chop it again for some reason, the game targets things around it. I found a simple solution, that is to dig once with a pickaxe at the top of the tree, then one can chop it again. This is not gamebreaking, the temporary fix i have been doing works, it is rather an annoyance.
  4. Maybe it is your PC that cannot handle the game.
  5. Polk

    A helpful building guide.

    Not as i know, a friend of mine was button mashing and found it, thought id share since i did not see this anywhere else.
  6. Polk

    Multiplayer Down?

    Is Multiplayer down? we see no servers, online and neither can we connect to our own server. Please respond on what is going on, we have received nothing on the servers going down for a bit or maybe a while. Don't keep us in the dark!
  7. Polk

    XB1 controller right side movement slow

    If it happens to ALL new games, then it is something with your XB1 controller not the game. Or possibly the software you use to use an XB1 controller on PC
  8. Often when going to the other side of the island you have your things on, i may be invisible once you return, and the boat might appear black or things on it will be invisble, that is common and fixed with a quick leave server and rejoin. But your problem seems worse.
  9. Polk

    Item loss on Death.

    Your spawn should save on the last island you came across, if that is not happening then yeah, it is a bug.
  10. My experience: Often, when i go into the crafting menu, i crash. At first i just thought of it being a random crash, nothing special about it, so I just restart my game, but then I try again, and i crash again, then again, then once more, then again, i tried about 10 times before i just signed off and cooled down playing something else. I come back a couple of hours later or maybe the next day, getting on, trying to craft the things i tried yesterday, but no, crashed again. The Bug: Something in the crafting menu is definitely causing the crash, I have an idea what items that might be causing such a crash. How to trigger it: It happens mostly when i type in Sh when getting a Ship or L or La for Large Mast with sail, but ngs might be causing it, as far as i know this happens for only me in our group, and i have not seen anyone else report this. The crash happens in both Creative and Exploration while searching for the same things. the things that is not causing it: I have checked around, my PC is more that capable of handeling this game, and network can neither be the problem, as it is really good (75/75 Fiber). Task manager reveal that there is no stress on the game, running very smoothly, and there is absolutely no lag even on Ultra Setting, so i am assuming this to be a game bug. It is possible to play, crafting still works about half the time, but it gets annoying to crash and reload into the game and multiplayer all the time, and loosing saves in singleplayer. i hope with this semi detailed bug report this can hopefully be solved in a future patch, some bugs like invisible things on ships, or ship going black, it is early access so i don’t make myself mad over it, but fixing such a bug i feel is soon necessary to be able to progress is a very fun game.
  11. So a big and fun part of this game is the building aspect. My personal favourite structural material when building is bamboo as it is cheap, easy to harvest and is is greater numbers than wood. Some blocks made from these is the wood log sized block, a 4 times as long block, 1/3 of the wood long and then my favourite the slab, which is very neat for floors and roofs. (There was no wiki for the rest of the different blocks, but crafting is the pretty much the same) Handy Tools: a very great tool to use when building is the shovel, difference between a shovel and a spade is that instead of digging a huge hole, it makes the area completely flat, perfect for hut building! (Not advisable to use the in ocean) next is the hammer, it is great for removing rocks and other things scattered around the world that might block a path, and destroying things that you regret placing much faster. the saw is great for a lot of things. Tired of hitting an oak log or a couple bamboo sticks with an axe by accident and breaking them? Well if you use a saw, it will only target the tree, and that previous problem will not happen again. Rotating: very simple, it is possible to rotate any object on the X and Y axis by simpl y using the keys J, K or L. While aslo being able to go 360 degrees. thing is, unless one use free placing mode, all items will snap to a grid, so it is impossible to rotate in example 45 degrees while it has a grid. And there is no current way of removing that, using free placing on chests or sails will not work. getting it in the correct position on the grid is easy, just hold down CTRL and use WASD to move it around, SIMPLE! this building helping Guide is NOT done. Simple draft and i will add more things later, these are the basics.
  12. Hello, doing Ylands streams on twitch with my friends, come check it out! https://www.twitch.tv/polkipies
  13. Polk


    We have been looking for Saltpeter for a long time but we find none, we are wondering where to find it an there is no Yland Wiki made about it. Some help would be appreciated!