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This game is awesome, but I would love the opportunity to challenge myself more in a tougher mode focused on basic survival. Here are some suggestions for such a 'hardcore mode':


-Fresh drinking water requirement

-Eating food gains a nutritional bonus form balancing food groups (e.g. 1.2x for combining meat and carbs, 1.5x for adding fruit/veg in sequence)

-Storms and weather are generally more dangerous to the player, adding hunger or taking away health unless under shelter

-proximity to warmth/fire required after dark or in cold conditions, even in non-winter biomes

-Possibility of sunburn/exhaustion from direct exposure to midday heat

-more need to use traps/bait to capture wild animals (e.g. they run slightly faster than the player, or they are shy)


Like-minded folks may have even better ideas for a hardcore 'desert island' experience.

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I like it, but a lot of people will die over and over again on day 1 hehe

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