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  1. Kristobal64

    [suggestion] Tool Belt

    GREAT idea and it fits well with the other inventory management items!
  2. Kristobal64

    Lantern improvements

    I would like more lighting options in general, and some brighter lights.
  3. How about instead of using a flower pot, having some kind of mechanical combine harvester / horse-drawn farm equipment? I would farm ACRES of grain LOL.
  4. Kristobal64

    Bug with mutated animals

    Just like Planet Earth, LOL.
  5. I think Ylands is bringing out the inner environmentalist in me. Compared with Minecraft, where I would murder and strip mine everything like a rapacious colonizer, I am much more careful with resources in Ylands. I have started to do some odd things while playing to minimize my impact on the game world, for example: I always pick up seeds and re-plant rainforest and tall rainforest trees in number equal to or greater than what I cut down. I like to leave one portion of my island as untouched 'virgin' jungle that I never harvest from. I only kill the minimum required number of animals such as pigs. I even stopped killing predators because on a previous game I noticed they went extinct. Ane the community manager has confirmed that leaving 1 of a certain type of animal allows a chance that it will reproduce. For ammunition I only use musket balls (and sparingly) because you get 10 balls for every 1 gunpowder. I prefer to use the renewable crossbow bolts which do about the same damage. I prefer wind power and charcoal for burning compared with coal, because those are renewable energy sources. For food I farm exclusively renewable crops like Quinoa, potatoes and melons. I would like to know if anyone else plays like this, or if you have even better environmental tips. Anyways, be kind, rewind, and protect the low-poly environment for future generations!
  6. Kristobal64

    Need help with the lights

    Try placing spotlights and using them to illuminate walls of structures.
  7. Kristobal64

    First spawn should be a random yland

    That could be a cool mode!
  8. Kristobal64

    Bug with mutated animals

    This is a really important feature that should be advertised more. I was not aware of it and have not notices animal populations growing back in my own playthrough. Does the reproduction apply to all animals such as pigs, pumas and mutated cave predators?
  9. Kristobal64

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    I agree with more challenge to obtaining Ore, and more ore deposits in general. There either needs to be a lot more reliable sources of Ylandium Dust, or a way to make it renewably. Currently large parts of the late game are inaccessible to people who only found 2-3 mutated animals in caves on their Ylands.
  10. Kristobal64

    White bricks not so white?

  11. Kristobal64

    Hardcore survival mode?

    This game is awesome, but I would love the opportunity to challenge myself more in a tougher mode focused on basic survival. Here are some suggestions for such a 'hardcore mode': -Fresh drinking water requirement -Eating food gains a nutritional bonus form balancing food groups (e.g. 1.2x for combining meat and carbs, 1.5x for adding fruit/veg in sequence) -Storms and weather are generally more dangerous to the player, adding hunger or taking away health unless under shelter -proximity to warmth/fire required after dark or in cold conditions, even in non-winter biomes -Possibility of sunburn/exhaustion from direct exposure to midday heat -more need to use traps/bait to capture wild animals (e.g. they run slightly faster than the player, or they are shy) Like-minded folks may have even better ideas for a hardcore 'desert island' experience.
  12. Kristobal64

    Hang boat from ship?

    I think instead of a developer solution, it would be great to have functional ropes, platforms and winch parts so that players could engineer their own interesting solutions from the available options. This would lead to much deeper and unexpected gameplay.
  13. Kristobal64

    [SUGGESTION] Automation and Scripting

    I would like to see players have the ability to engineer machines from various parts, allowing them to creatively automate things. For example, a combine harvester or sorting machine to process animal meats and hides (similar to Minecraft mob traps). The key would be having more predictable machine parts and physics in the game. e.g. a piston that always does X or Y, water that always flows downwards, mobs always attracted to X or Y. With such a ruleset, players could design countless mechanical solutions.
  14. Kristobal64

    Suggestion (sorry to early)

    I agree with some of your suggestions, particularly: -Submarine, yes please. -Tool durability more clearly visible (like with a health bar or color) -More ways to store and move liquids (pumps, buckets, barrels). I would add a fresh drinking water mechanic to hardcore mode! -Ultra hardcore survival mode (storms cause damage, balanced diet requirement, sleep requirement, water requirement, sunburn/cold penalties, etc.) I would LOVE to play as a hardcore desert island sim.