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  1. Smoothey

    Ylands - 0.10.1 Update

    thats epic.
  2. Smoothey

    What does it take to run Ylands?

    I run with an I5 8400, and a 1080. I'm not trying to flex but I still get lag in the game. the game still needs better optimization I can't imagine playing this game with a computer worse than mine.
  3. Smoothey

    Sneak Peek #58

    Good looks
  4. Smoothey

    Portal Knights

    What is portal knights, or is it just the name of the server?
  5. Smoothey

    PVP official server

    Agreed, a place where people who want to get ahead in combat can play
  6. Smoothey

    Early Access plans!

    was just reading thru old threads cause I was bored and realized its October 2018, and it's still 0.10 haha but its okay as you dont want to rush perfection.
  7. Hello YLanders, it's me Smoothey I'm a youtuber that has around 50 subs on youtube, I upload all YLands on my channel but i tend to play solo as I have no friends that play this game ( ooof ) Anyways, I'm looking for some people to record with, I don't have a lot of requirements, but there's a few. Must have a GOOD MIC - I want you to have a good mic not for you and me, but for your viewers as it's proven that more often than not that people will stick to your videos as long as you have a good mic. Must be MATURE, but FUNNY at the same time - I'm 15 myself, and I can be immature sometimes, but I don't want a 12 year old saying something offensive but at the same time I don't want a Dad playing with me and telling me what to do. Close timezone - I love my brits and all that, but how am I gonna play with you if you play when I sleep and vice versa? Must have Discord That's pretty much it, just comment down below your discord username and four digits and I'll happily add you OR you can join my discord server, and then PM me! That's pretty much it, Chow now Smoothey's out!
  8. Smoothey

    A fun mini-game in progress in Ylands

    was so happy to play and test this game out ;D
  9. Smoothey

    Dev Diary #49

    ah man, ima be at school, but i hope you guys can answer others questions!
  10. Just hit 50 subs, help me get 50 more smoothies to sub so i can start livestreaming YLands! ;D but yea, enjoy the rest of the 7 min tutorial
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsLPY7rvdyU part 2 coming out monday.
  12. Hi im currently editing a video on the Game/Adventure Map 'Evil Genius YLand' as there isn't one yet, but I'm not sure what to include in it It's going to be a walkthrough for people who don't know how to do it, but it's also gonna be a funny video to watch I have timestamps and labels in the videos. Any suggestions would help!
  13. Smoothey

    Sneak Peek #56

    i have so many questions to ask, so i can't wait for the Q&A but when is it?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cHNYtEW5Ts