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    Better mining?

    i know, that is what I was wondering if it would ever change
  2. ---Crow---

    Better mining?

    Do you know if anything like this is planned?
  3. ---Crow---

    Better mining?

    Back in the day, I used to play minecraft, this is primarily the reason for me purchasing ylands as I wanted another sandbox survival game to spend hours enjoying. I was thinking, currently the mining in ylands is ok, but I want that underground dusty feel as you mine for your precious iron or copper deep in a series of poly tunnels digging through stone and dirt trying to snag some rare earth metals (you can implement later for machines ect) as you scramble to get some source of light
  4. ---Crow---

    Water system

    Will there ever be bucks/pipes/removable water? say I want to make an underwater house, I could use a bucket and clear the area? Thanks
  5. Hello, my nvidia version is 382.90 might need an update. Although this has never happened in any ylands/game before. I will update and hopefully never comes back
  6. Hello, the screen glitch seems to only occur in that world, near my crafting area. After I relogged it seemed to have gone away. I don't think anything was overheating but that may not be the case. It did come back, but again I fixed it with a relog, and it has not came back since then.
  7. Screen started going crazy. has never happened before to me. also, it had lines of yellow light shooting out, went for 2 mins before I closed my world. Very strange. this was right after getting a prop pack. Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Here are the files. I ended up deleting the save, and I am not sure if that will affect the output logs. Thanks.
  9. Ylands is a great game, although because of early access, it can have some phenomenal game breaking bugs. As the title says - my brother and I were playing in a ylands world, He had entered a raft, and then all controls were locked. he sailed into the distant ocean, unable to control it. I opened the world in the editor and found him and his raft. I deleted the raft moved him to our island and repositioned my boat because it hit a rock. I saved and joined the world. Upon entry I noticed 2 things. one, my boat was in its original position, no changes. My brother tried to walk, and all his controls were locked. I then went back into the editor, and spawned in a large boat to test. When I saved and entered the world, the boat had not spawned in, and my brother was stuck. Sorry for the long post, I hope to see this bug get squashed! Ylands is a great game, I honestly think its worth 20$ With much more content at a early release im exited to see what comes! Thanks - Crow