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  1. Hello, please treat us with the same respect we treat you with. I am noting down your feedback thank you.
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    How to discover Ylandium generator?

    The recipe is not broken.
  3. Ahoy, Ylanders! Sometimes you mention that you want more of an insight into the development process and how things are done. Thank you for that suggestion and we are happy to oblige! We agreed with the leads of our teams, or departments to be more precise, that it will be great to lift the curtain of the development process more often. And to get you started, let's take a look at the big picture and see an overview of all the departments the Ylands team has! Production How to make sure that the process actually works? How to make sure that everyone does what they need to be doing? Ask production or rather, they will let us know to ask them so we can let you know in some future diaries. Game Design Designers are the brain behind the operation. They come up with a vision, a concept, a plan, and then together with other teams, they make that play a reality. Or game reality, if you will. Programming From procedural generation of terrain and ylands, to game interface, throwing grenades, shooting from bows, free placing mode and yes, everything else. Programmers are the creators of the fabric of the Ylands universe. Art and Animation All the grenades, bows, ylands, terrains and yes, again, everything else needs to have some shapes, colours, and animations. The fabric of the Ylands universe needs to be shaped into the characteristic look of the game. QA aka Quality Assurance Then, the fabric's reality also needs to be tested. Otherwise it would be a world full of flying sharks, moving ragdoll bodies, weirdly shaped heads and in many other ways just crawling with bugs. That's where testing and quality assuring comes in. Marketing & Community Management And when we want the fabric to be used, we have to communicate it to the people. Which is where marketing comes in. Despite much less actual development happening there, it is still one of the parts that make a whole. That's all for today, and feel free to drop your questions for any of the departments into the comments or come have a chat with the developers on our Discord! Stay Classy!
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    Keybinding conflict bug

    Thank you for letting us know, we will discuss a possible fix
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    In game idea

    Hi, our game does not support mods however there is a lot you can create in the in-game Editor itself. Building, furniture or a whole mini-game
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    Suggestion: Editable written object names.

    Thank you, noting this idea down!
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    Проблема з входом

    Привет, проблема в том, что у вас нет игровой видеокарты, у вас только что встроенная видеокарта: Вы можете попробовать изменить выделенное пространство для графики в BIOS, следуя этой статье: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000020962/graphics.html Если это поможет, пожалуйста, дайте нам знать.
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    Проблема з входом

    Hello unfortunately your game is running on an integrated graphics card and it does not meet the minimal requirements. Здравствуйте, к сожалению, ваша игра работает на встроенной видеокарте и не соответствует минимальным требованиям.
  9. Hello, have you regenerated the yland after we fixed it? Any yland before the fix won't work. If so and it still does not work - Add me in Ylands - AnnaYlands and I will help.
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    Music does not Play in Adventure

    Thank you!!
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    How to start a new game If you are a new player and have not played ylands before it is simple, just click on adventure and under tropical biome you can find the starter yland. If you played Ylands before but want to start a fresh game, in the main menu click on settings, now click on reset character progress, this will reset your character, inventory, known recipes and all. Then click on reset map and you will start fresh on starter yland without having any other ylands discovered, this includes restarting story yland and mystery yland. Basic controls WSAD to run C to change the view from first person to third person SHIFT to run double SHIFT to roll Mouse buttons to fight, CTRL to block right click to collect items, hold right-click to collect all in the vicinity Q to open radial menu (emotes, ship summon, pet, and more) I or TAB to open inventory, here you can also find the crafting menu B to open the story and quest handbook, here you can follow quests, story, and open codex, codex can also be opened by pressing F1 M to open map ESC to access the shop, and social tab and to make the game multiplayer What you need to do to leave the Starter yland The main thing you need to leave the Starting yland is to build a primitive ship. This video will show you how to leave as fast as possible. First, follow the few tutorial hints about movement and the handbook. Now let’s craft a rope. Collect some grass. Hold the right mouse button to collect all grass in the vicinity. Now click on tab to open crafting. Under key items select grass rope. Click on craft. The next thing you need is an axe. Collect some sticks and stones from the ground. Now go to crafting again and craft the axe. Now select inventory and equip the axe. The next thing to craft is a torch. Chop down some trees to collect resin and sticks. Also, craft some more rope. You can click on craft more to craft items in bulk. Now you have to craft a lighter. Find two pieces of flint on the ground. Then follow the steps in crafting the screen. When you have a lighter go to inventory, click on the torch, light it, and equip it. It’s time to have a look into the cave over there. After that, you are ready to leave. Collect all the useful items in the cave. Now it’s time to craft the ship. Collect logs, sticks, and stones and craft some more rope. When you have all the resources, click on the ship hull in crafting. Now place the ship. What you need to build now is a ship helm. Collect some more logs, sticks, and craft rope. Now place the helm on the ship. Time to name it! Boaty Mc Boatface is always a safe choice. No boat can sail without a sail. Craft two sails to make the ship go faster. You will need logs, grass, and rope. Place the sail. Your ship is now ready and you can leave. Look at the helm and hold the Q key. This will close the editing mode. You can always enable it again to add more parts to your boat. For example, a bed to spawn in is very useful. Now you can open the map by pressing M. You can either stay here and discover all the sights of the Starting yland or click on the world map and start traveling. Places in Ylands Finding resources Each biome contains different resources. For example, iron can be found in the Far East region, clay in Tropical and copper in Tundra and Taiga. - By pressing M you open your map - Now switch to the World map at the top of the screen - When you hover over each biome you can see what resources you can find in the biome Radial Menu Q is used to open the radial menu. Hold Q and let’s have a look at what it does. At the top you can find emotes you can use to greet other players or for your own Youtube videos! The next thing on the right is summoning and dismissing your ship. This is the most important button in the radial menu. Always dismiss your ship when you are in Multiplayer games, so people don’t steal from you. If you have any issues with your ship try dismissing it and summoning it again. After that there is a button to call in your pet, you can change what pet you have now by clicking the tab button and clicking on the little paw at the top. The next button can be used to call your tamed animal companions. The empty slots are filled with different buttons according to the situation you are in. For example, there can be a button to pick up an item from the ground. Or if you place a decorative item you can click on harden to make it unpickable and stay in place. There is also a button to tame an animal companion when you are close to the animal. Finding Friends One of the best ways to enjoy the game is with friends! To add your friends in the game click on the social tab. It can be accessed in the main menu or by pressing escape in the Adventure. At the top, you can see the social button. Click on Add a new friend. Now you need to fill in your friend’s Ylands name. After you find them simply click on Add new friend. When they are online and you are on one of your Adventure ylands you can click on the friends tab and on invite to game to spawn them next to you. You and your friends can start a clan. You will have the clan name under your game nickname and you can use a private chat in the chat window. To invite them click on friends tab and on the three dots. The three dots also are a quick way to send them a message or give them a gift. Sharing is caring! Chat is a useful feature in general. You can contact us for support or send messages to cool people you meet in the game. If your friends are not interested in playing Ylands, you can join our Discord where we have really kind and supportive Community. Both new and seasoned players find it useful. New players get a lot of support and experienced players can share tips and tricks with other Ylands veterans. The link to our Discord is in the caption under this video. Grind Tips To maximize your grind we have a couple of tips for you: Check what region has which ore. Ore veins are always in caves. But you better get ready to fight the cave mutants! Always bring a source of light, and some healing poultice, and don’t forget to mark the cave in your map so you don’t lose it. Always aim for better tools. A zirconium pick is faster and drops more ore than a stone pick. A zirconium fishing rod has a higher chance to catch fish than a wooden rod. Always go for a grind trip with a ship that has lot of empty containers.
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    Recipe - Wicker basket and More

    Hello there, we are sorry about the issue. We know about it and are tryig to fix it.
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    Horse Tutorial Mission Bug

    Hello, there is a notification that Tutorial is not meant for multiplayer. Unfortunately you will have to either not finish it and sail on or restart your progress.
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    Game won't load/launch

    Hello we are looking into it! Is the issue still present?
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    Adventure mode glow dye

    Hello there is no glow effect in Adventure.
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    Music does not Play in Adventure

    Hello, we are trying to fix it.
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    Share game problem

    Hello, Nikki is the Brand Manager now. I am taking care of the Community. What is the problem?
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    2.1 Sunken Sands - Changelog

    So happy to hear that! Thank you all!
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    Ore find troubles

    Ahoy, all ores are now in caves
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    Changelogs 2.1.1 (Steam only)

    FIXED [YLD-46858] Fixed: The terrain generator creates uneven mountains on the edges of the ylands generated at version 1.11 or lower. [YLD-46846] Fixed: Uploads of blueprints couldn't be finished because the 3D previews picture could not be created properly. This issue is partially fixed now. Fixed: Propeller should no longer overheat on Crimson shore.
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    Community Corner #5

    Hello everyone, How are you? Great? Good to hear, me too! I am here to tell you what assets and game functions we added based on your feedback and what we can and cannot do in the future. You suggested adding a utility belt, a backpack with more slots in inventory, an ammo pouch, or more containers. Done! We expanded all containers greatly since the last update. We have added an ammo pouch. We have added the much-requested lunch box! One thing we cannot do however is add slots to the inventory, imagine the mess it would create. You wouldn't see the icons properly, we would have to make all the buttons smaller and add a scroll bar in the inventory. Overall this change doesn't seem effective to us. We are always thinking about how to make your traveling luggage lighter though! So I am sure we will come up with something to make you even more content in the future. Running when? Now! We added running in the last Update just as you wished. Long gone are the days of constant rolling around like a boulder. You ask as often for a killable shark that would have a collision with the environment and player. Shark is sort of Ylands mascot. We understand that there should be more ways to scare it away however killing it is not on the table. Many of you find the Ylandium refinery too loud and annoying. We are currently fixing that and will include that fix in the game soon. Tamed should be able to attack by our side! No, that is something we don't plan to add, the player is already really strong as it is. Add ghost pirates!! Done!! Add amphibians and snakes!! Our AI does not count with Amphibians and they would be super hard to animate. Snakes and any "flat" animals like slugs, turtles, crocodiles... would clip through terrain as they move, we don't want that to happen. Add cloaks!! Cloaks are not planned. With our graphics systems, we can not use physics on clothes, clothes need to fit the character and be bound to its animation bones. Add an aquarium, where we can put fish in to watch them. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Our fish live only in swarms with AI that are specifically made for open water. Plus it is difficult to work with water volumes on such a small scale. The only thing possible in the future might be a small aquarium with a specific fish would be a single decorative asset with very little animation (if any). Add throwable spears, dynamite, ... Throwable items except for grenades are not a priority there are already many ranged weapons in the game. A screen that you can interact with and put URLs in to play videos. That could become very problematic - somebody who would approve those URLs in public servers and games would be needed, LODing would be a huge issue, there would be a huge load of work behind that and it would consume plenty of run power of the servers. So unfortunately not possible. A pipe that would run water. There are already pipe blocks as decorations, however, pipes for water are not planned with the current water physics that we have in the game. Add skis or a snowboard. We are not planning any new means of transportation at the moment and if we would we might look at the sky first To be able to change the size of things (in the Editor mostly). No, because it would have a huge impact on performance, and could break AI and other things. Objects have boundaries and other sizes would break it. We would like to see more weapons in the game: Machine gun, M1 Garand, and more guns in general! Not our focus, the implementation of a submachine gun caused many problems already, also we don't want to be an FPS military game, that's other BI titles Check Arma or Dayz. Please change the controls as follows: I for inventory, TAB latest tab. We did that in the last patch 2.0.5. Add auto sort for inventory, seed box, and containers This feature is being tested by our QA as we speak. Create a Trading Yland We created C.A.G. Port as we promised on the last stream. If you want more info just join our Discord. Didn't find an answer to your question or suggestion? Check the previous Community Corner entries where we talked about underwater building, bicycles, submarines, and much more. If it isn't there either, it might mean we are working on it at the moment, we are yet to discuss it or are keeping it for later Thank you for all your awesome ideas, you excited and loyal players motivate us to work hard on our game every day! Until next time (most likely later today on Discord).... Stay Classy! Anna Community Manager
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    YLANDS CREW - Content Creators on board!

    Free DLCs and gifts for your subs. More support from DEVs and promotion on our socials. Streams with DEVs.
  23. Ahoy Ylanders, Today we are bringing you something very special. We are proud to introduce Ylands Crew! What is Ylands Crew? Ylands Crew is a group of our closest streamers, Youtubers and other content creators. They love Ylands and regularly create classy content about the game, and we support them in return. So, you can get excited for more videos from Ylands Crew on our social media and special streams with Devs and content creators! What's in it for them? We give our Ylands Crew free DLCs, coyns, pets, and other in-game stuff. Luckily, they will get some more of those to give them away to their viewers. Also, you might notice some neat Ylands graphics on their channels, and we will be always happy to promote their content on our socials. Who is in Ylands Crew as of today? Spectrumnist Building Factory BelleroCZ ApexReaper - Gaming Average Gamer Andr3 Oficial So, give them a follow to stay up to date on all the fun Ylands content! We will share the details about every single one of them very soon. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning, more members are being approached to join as we speak. If you have a favourite content creator in mind, don't hesitate to suggest them to us. Are you a content creator who would like to join the Crew? If so... YAY! Don't hesitate and send us a PM on socials, Discord, or an email to community@ylands.com with a link to your channel. We will contact you with details. That's it for today and don't forget: Stay Classy!
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    Dev Diary #279 Help Us Craft the Crafting

    Thank you!!