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  1. I have create a game with editor when 1.6 version. and it's running good, but when i update to 1.7. The game can't running, whatever press F9 or F10. And there is no any any any information show to me. The editor just no any response.(I can run another game.) I have save all components, and new a map, put them in. but still can't running it. And i can't save the game. once i try to save. the console show me saving....and then it never show finished. I hope to know what could i do for check what happen with my game? How can i find the problem? how can i running it again? Really need help, thanks~ If you need my yca. i will send it.
  2. Maybe you can check your script, is there have some empty holes? Even you never call this function.
  3. God!Thank you guys!Let me check it!
  4. Hi Nikki, I have send it to you by message.Thank you. if you need more test or somethings,just call me.
  5. My game, it's just a empty world,also no blueprint items.And I‘m sure the problem is nothing with map's type. I think maybe after update, some welditem was going wrong, but there is so many weld item, i'm crying... Hope some smart ways.....
  6. OK,thanks a lot. I'm waiting for it 😂
  7. Hi Naru, do you have a plan about Custom Controller Lgoic's Use? What's the difference about custom input and Custom Controller?
  8. F.hao

    How make a two-dimensional array

    wellllllllll,after google time, i think i understand.this reference address.thank you.
  9. Hi there, how can i make a two-dimensional array at 1.4 virsion? Like declare a array[3][3],then set the value,array[0,0]=1,array[0,1]=2,array[0,2]=3,array[1,0]=4,array[1,1]=5,array[1,2]=6,and so on.Can someone show me a sample?(i'm in confuse)
  10. F.hao

    How make a two-dimensional array

    @NaruTheHuman thank you, i try it and i think i get the point about my confuse. like in the picture.i think this maybe a bug. i don't konw, but just let you know this. Or maybe my code not right?
  11. F.hao

    Naru's Corner #2 - Building Regenerator

  12. F.hao

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    Really cool.
  13. F.hao

    entity templates

    Use Entity Template save a entity as a template,then you can create a new entity, anytime you want.
  14. @Adam Snellgrove @NaruTheHuman 😃😃😃
  15. When i use remove code to remove player's skill, i found it not work, player still could use the skill. I log all the skill belong player. console says the skill still here. So can you guys know this code is work good? Tomorrow I will send a video here for this problem.
  16. F.hao

    Dev Diary #140 - A Year of Adam

    😏😏😏waiting waiting waiting.
  17. F.hao

    Terrain question

    Only know can generate entity blocks by logic. never got any code-card work for Terrain.
  18. F.hao

    1.3: Watery Water

    Custom Skills. Could i open the skill mode by code? not only press "~"?
  19. F.hao

    Move water

    Okay.Okay. I‘ll find another way. But water is a logic too. 😉
  20. F.hao

    Move water

    Hello there, i got a problem, how can i move the water? I want make a game, that player climb the wall,and the water rise up from the screen bottom. if player fall in the water, game over. Now i can put the water on the ground. but i can't scale it by code,and there is no animation choice. So, how can i make the water up up up?😌 Thanks for any helps.
  21. F.hao

    how to delete water in editor

    put some cube into the ocean. feels like delete it. or you just want there be a hole?
  22. F.hao

    Throw objects to camera aimed direction

    no way.😡
  23. Hi guys, How can i setting the Custom Camera, to make the view move follow the mouse,and the origin point not on my player's body. it's on gun's postion. I'm trying simulate first view to shot.like BEACH HEAD style. I can use the WASD to change the gun's angle . but i need some camera control.