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    How make a two-dimensional array

    wellllllllll,after google time, i think i understand.this reference address.thank you.
  2. Hi there, how can i make a two-dimensional array at 1.4 virsion? Like declare a array[3][3],then set the value,array[0,0]=1,array[0,1]=2,array[0,2]=3,array[1,0]=4,array[1,1]=5,array[1,2]=6,and so on.Can someone show me a sample?(i'm in confuse)
  3. F.hao

    How make a two-dimensional array

    @NaruTheHuman thank you, i try it and i think i get the point about my confuse. like in the picture.i think this maybe a bug. i don't konw, but just let you know this. Or maybe my code not right?
  4. F.hao

    Naru's Corner #2 - Building Regenerator

  5. F.hao

    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    Really cool.
  6. F.hao

    entity templates

    Use Entity Template save a entity as a template,then you can create a new entity, anytime you want.
  7. @Adam Snellgrove @NaruTheHuman 😃😃😃
  8. When i use remove code to remove player's skill, i found it not work, player still could use the skill. I log all the skill belong player. console says the skill still here. So can you guys know this code is work good? Tomorrow I will send a video here for this problem.
  9. F.hao

    Dev Diary #140 - A Year of Adam

    😏😏😏waiting waiting waiting.
  10. F.hao

    Terrain question

    Only know can generate entity blocks by logic. never got any code-card work for Terrain.
  11. F.hao

    1.3: Watery Water

    Custom Skills. Could i open the skill mode by code? not only press "~"?
  12. F.hao

    Move water

    Okay.Okay. I‘ll find another way. But water is a logic too. 😉
  13. F.hao

    Move water

    Hello there, i got a problem, how can i move the water? I want make a game, that player climb the wall,and the water rise up from the screen bottom. if player fall in the water, game over. Now i can put the water on the ground. but i can't scale it by code,and there is no animation choice. So, how can i make the water up up up?😌 Thanks for any helps.
  14. F.hao

    how to delete water in editor

    put some cube into the ocean. feels like delete it. or you just want there be a hole?
  15. F.hao

    Throw objects to camera aimed direction

    no way.😡
  16. Hi guys, How can i setting the Custom Camera, to make the view move follow the mouse,and the origin point not on my player's body. it's on gun's postion. I'm trying simulate first view to shot.like BEACH HEAD style. I can use the WASD to change the gun's angle . but i need some camera control.
  17. F.hao

    About Dynamic objects Animator

    it's hard to describe.easy to understand: vertical angle, set the y value, horizontal angle , set x value, and forward/back angle ,set z angle. If the object have a rotate animation, set the reference point's angle and the rotate's offset angle , F11 look the rotate direction.
  18. Dynamic objects - set objects (or whole groups) as dynamic and then animate their movement and rotation via new animator game logic objects. Use platforms to smoothly transport characters. Preview your animations via Test animator option (default: F7). In fact i'm not sure i know the setting checkbox about Rotation animate . I think i need some teach video to learn how to use it. Someone have the video? I put one Stone on the ground, and i need the stone rotate on vertically direction. But when i link stone with Rotation animate, set the angle is 360, run game, and the stone rotate horizontal direction. What should i do now? Thanks.
  19. Hello there,I want make a function:aim and shoot.how could i get the point about the mouse or the orientation of the mouse?or the freecamera? Thanks first.
  20. F.hao

    Freecamera in-game

    Hello,by my knows,if you assign a freecamera to the player, and suddenly,the player's position far away the freecamera, then there is empty,or maybe ieditor will reloading,but there still is empty. Any weldentity will not visible. So, keep the freecamera not far away your player.
  21. F.hao

    Those will invisible

    Some time when i change the camera angle, some items will invisible. here is the link. could you guys see this video? https://v.qq.com/x/page/r3049ojajfm.html like the tree or maybe all thing will disappear. Why? Could i do something don't let them invisible? Sometimes i need those this things hidden NPC.
  22. F.hao

    Those will invisible

    OK,FINE,i'll find another way to do that game.Thank you ~Igor Q
  23. F.hao

    The logic template

    Hello there, i found The logic template can't choose the Animation logic.or Rotation logic. Why?