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Found 3 results

  1. Ylands Dedicated Server Update: Ylands Dedicated servers are MUCH better than they used to be. Here is what you need to know! Pros: - You can host them without running the game - They are much more stable than before Cons: - No linux support yet - Still confusing to setup - Active servers must wipe to reset progress - Requires 12 GB ram Need help setting up? We love to help people: https://discord.gg/NPzzRF9 Ylands is a small community right now but the 0.7 update is coming soon with more than 100 bug fixes so stay tuned for that! For full disclosure, my clan is now sponsored by Nitrado: After buying a motherboard to host locally, I went with Nitrado for $8 a month and found it a much better solution for me. How do I get the server tech? Ask here: Data updated: Feb 13th, 2018
  2. Hello, I want the pass for the files of the DS and join the BETA tests, i´m a steam user. Thanks in advance. ^^
  3. Jafiki

    That one Glitch.

    I would like to notify I am 13 of age, as of writing this.(sorry) I have recently played the trial, which I find absolutely awesome and I plan on spending hours of my time on the full release. Although I have found a few problems I want to share. The first problem being a specific glitch that I'd like to acknowledge is when you could be roaming around and then you "randomly" fall under the ground and into the depths of hell "the void". This glitch has been bothering me for the past time I have been play the trial. Secondly I would like to discuss the little optimization there is for graphics, people like my self don't have the best computers and I certainly hope that there will be more optimization to the graphic's options. I hope one day there could be a way you could pay for a dedicated server, this way when you are offline a friend could still join your server. You see my friend lives in Ontario, Canada as I live in Texas, USA, We don't really get the best connection when one of us host. Lastly I sure do hope this game with thrive and grow, also can we give a big thanks to those whom made this awesome game!