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  1. That could be possible. When I logged out in my boat, I was parallel to the shore. I wasn't sure if it would drift, so I parked nearly onshore. I'm still too nervous to try leaving it out when I log, but I'll test it deeper waters. I'm sure that I was in control of the boat when I logged out, so I think that's part of the problem. I started building a ship and logged out while it was in Build Mode and everything has been fine, but I haven't tested logging out while using one again.
  2. I just took this screenshot to show the Recently Played Saves so you can see my confusion. Hilarious Potatoworld is now showing my most recent progress. But when the issue was occurring, loading this save would put me on an island with my boat missing and unsummonable. I've also added an old pic I took when I couldn't summon boat...just the summon aura would appear and fade. Gloomy Dragonworld: this is a MP map. I was leaving my starting yland and clicked on it instead of a local map. When I tried loading this after the issue, I got a message saying the server was no longer available. There was no save file for it. I tried loading Hilarious Potatoworld again. Same issue. Finally I loaded Starting Yland dated the day before the issue occurred. I was under the assumption that I would be back on the starting map, with or without boat, but before the generation of Gloomy Dragonworld and Hilarious Potatoworld. Instead, I spawned exactly in the spot the issue occurred with the boat in the water where I'd previously attempted to summon it. Edit: found pic from that confusing moment. I kinda freaked when I respawned without my boat on a new island, so I made a raft. It was still there when I reloaded the old save. Thanks again. Sorry for rambling. I've since moved past the issue, but I'm happy to do any troubleshooting as it seems like it's been a recurring problem.
  3. Thank you for the response. My save files are attached. There was some confusion on my part since I'm not too sure how the save files work. Do they save several iterations of progress from each map? For whatever reason, loading three saves prior spawned me at my most recent location with my boat, and the problem is solved. However, I expected to be reset to before even building a boat or leaving the starting islands. The issue seems to stem from logging out while controlling a vehicle. I was on a temperate map, so I shouldn't have been freezing. I kept all my inventory, didn't get a death message, and respawned on an island that I'd never visited before. I've since been un-summoning my boat after each use and before I exit the game, and haven't had the issue again. There is another similar issue from July. The two differences for me was that when I logged back, my Summon Boat option wasn't greyed out. I was able to use it, however, the boat wouldn't appear, just the glowing summoning aura. Also, I was using the smallest boat and kimbuck had a built ship. Yes, it was the first and only boat I'd built. I'd just read the codex about claiming vehicles, so I had previously opened the radial menu to check that out and it was claimed before starting my journey. (Edit: To be fair, I'd never summoned or unsummoned the boat after crafting it. I crafted it into the water directly and then took off for a new world. I saw the tutorial prompt about the first being claimed by default, then read about it in the codex, but never actually tried to summon/unsummon until after I logged back in to be floating into the void and respawned sans boat on a new island. Maybe that's relevant? *shrug*) I don't quite understand. I'm able to summon my boat correctly now, but couldn't in the old save. Are you asking me to load the old save and get a video of it 'not appearing' or the new save with functioning summoning? I'm reluctant to launch that old save now because I don't know if it'll overwrite the new progress that I've made. Still confused about how the saves work in relation to the recently played menu. Note: after I loaded into the old save and everything was working, I made a backup of my save folder. So these files were the most recent after the issue occurred. If you need my more recent saves, I can also upload those. I made three more backups while troubleshooting. Attached save directory: DBTXT GUI Exploration (11/27/2021 12:57 AM) -the time on this file is right after I logged out controlling my boat Hilarious Potatoworld (11/27/2021 10:54 AM) - this one was after logging in and being unable to summon boat There were two other files in the save directory but they were from 2017/2018, so I just removed those. SaveGames_0.zip Thank you all for your time and assistance. I'm happy to do any further troubleshooting. For others experiencing this, the issue seems to be avoidable by just un-summoning your vehicle and/or not logging out while controlling it.
  4. Loaded my SP exploration game to have boat floating in the air in fog. The terrain never loaded, then it said I was cold and freezing, and then the terrain loading screen showed. I reappeared with all my inventory and didn't get a message about dying. I was on an undiscovered island across an unexplored map. In my previous session, I'd journeyed to a new map and parked my boat on the shore of the first island, and then logged out. A forum search found this similar experience - https://ylands.com/community/topic/30607-lost-my-boat-is-there-a-way-to-load-an-older-save-file/ The only earlier save is prior to the pre-generation of that archipelago. Of note, the island that I parked near was tropical like my starting islands. A thick mist rolled in before I logged, but there was no indication that it was going to be cold. I was wearing bark armor. I attempted to summon my ship (I was SO happy that was an option) at the new island, but no boat appears....just a disappointing sparkle glow....TA DA...ta didn't. Is my save corrupted? Do I start over? This was my first playthrough since 2017, so I'm still re-learning the game. Thank you for your time! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Update: I'm so confused. There was a previous save from yesterday...called Starting Yland, that was prior to me leaving my initial map. I decided to try it since my only other earlier save was a MP map I accidentally clicked on before going to my 2nd local map. Launching this Starting Yland save, put me on this new undiscovered island on the new local map with my boat in the water where I'd previously made an unsuccessful attempt to summon it. Even though the date is showing yesterday 3 saves past, it's putting me in the most recent position.