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  1. XXon

    Dev Diary #262 Changing Challenge

    Thank you this sounds awesome.
  2. XXon

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Yes, those are space pirates in the background. Something I'm working on.
  3. XXon

    Animator path questions

    Awesome. Thank you!
  4. XXon

    Animator path questions

    Let's say I want to make a roller coaster. Can i join two paths together or modify animation paths? What I see is a preset path, just an arch that scales up and down. Is there more to this? I made a flying "floating platform" that despawns/respawns under your feet as a way of joining two paths and that works alright, but I would much prefer you are seated, like a roller coaster.
  5. XXon


    I figured it out thanks
  6. XXon

    Dark Art

    The game is DARK ART, you can play it now, you can download and edit it. The plan is to make a blueprint series, simplified so you can easily customize the enemies and effects, but my scripting is pretty bad and needs work to be user friendly. For now, I am using this game to work out the basic ideas, it changes over time and a final boss battle is a great place to figure it all out. Just added the world destroyer: Fire God (new boss). Also, the specters now cause blindness, which is pretty cool. Poison bombs are probably next, just trying to make some cool enemies. I'm feeling good about the wand and the staff, although they could probably use some sound and effects work, they really work together nicely, the spells complement each other.
  7. XXon

    Dark Art

    Well. you can play it right now, Dark Art and you can download and edit it and use it however you like, but it's just a proving ground, more than a real game. You can see the possibilities for quests and the whole nine, but I'm still getting the six basic spells worked out. Then add a few more, maybe, or focus on some cool enemies. Also, my scripting is horrible, although it performs well just because I am relentless. It's a moving target, though. The game play is feeling really good today, but it changes all the time. Just modded the heavy healing spell into a flask that tosses in the air, that's working much better than the scattershot I tried before and it looks cool. It could very easily be made into a poison flask thrown by an enemy. I am also curious about being blinded by enemies. Right now, when you damage an enemy. he calls for help. Currently, this is scaled to 10, just for a second, right there where he gets hit. Any enemies nearby will attack you. Scaling it up makes things harder, which is good, but I'm considering changing it to a following help bubble. This would change things , more like Everquest , where the injured enemy picks up every enemy he passes, like a snowball. It would discourage lobbing fireballs from a distance. It encourages tactics like proximity pulling, which means closer contact and danger. That could be really cool, maybe not. What about a giant fire golem that randomly is born from a fireball and then rampages, setting everyone on fire (you also). So yeah, go test. That's the best part. I keep trying to get cool screenshots, but I always miss the good stuff trying not to die, I mean, trying to continue the test. And yes, there actually is a game in the works, but messing around with this is more fun. edit: The help bubble is now fixed, so be careful throwing a fireball into a crowd. Healing is much better now and Wind Nova (straight from Azazil's Wind Staff) is the final spell to complete the set. Wow did I learn a few things from just poking around in Azazil's scripts. For a moment, I thought I should rework everything, but I am way off base on a great many things, so there is no real point. It's not about that anyway, I'm just trying to get across this idea. I have felt for years that the player/enemy interaction is THE missing piece of this game, both in editor and explore. I know the patch is coming and I hope it blows my lame ideas out of the water.
  8. XXon

    Dark Art

    I improved some melee particle effects, turned the fireball into a flamethrower, very nice! Many happy hours just messing around with details, finishing out the wand attacks. I haven't figured out the jump attack for the healing staff. Is it a hit point buff, armor buff or a self defense move. That wind attack on Azazil's wind staff is pretty cool, like a pushback effect. I wonder if you could make a circular blast radius that pushes enemies away, that sounds pretty cool, just not sure if it's useful enough to be worth the effort. Azazil's scripts are way over my head. Thursday update: Improved the casting for heals and lightning, remade the whole map, changed the random distance of spawns to a wider area. For being so simple, it feels like a choreographed fight. It draws you in too deep and then the pet starts trouble and you die. You gotta work the perimeter and watch out for the witch, she is really nasty.
  9. XXon

    Dark Art

    A continuation of Spawn Engine Experiments. Pets, lightning, you know. Dark Art Just added the fireball, it needs sound and a few touches. Right now it is player only and you will quickly learn how not to use it. I think an freeze spell might be next, for the wand jump attack. Then, a heavy and jump attack on the healing staff, something like an armor buff or regeneration. That would complete the set, then it just needs more types of enemy attacks. PS> Wand now has a fear spell as jump attack. I wanted to do ice, but I couldn't figure out how to make all the enemies stop suddenly, but fear is pretty cool and does the crowd control just fine. Oh, plus I just had to swap enemies for the latest models, so now you fight bugs and ghosts. PPS> Adjusted just a few things and it is much better. Much more like a boss fight. Never underestimate the power of fear....
  10. XXon

    3685 hours later....

    Spawn Engine Experiments got a bit crowded. New map, it's fun. Healing staff plus other stuff. Dark Art
  11. XXon

    Global variable vs module variable?

    oh I see. I did not know that existed. Thank you again!
  12. XXon

    3685 hours later....

    Red, green and blue lightning with full blown all out lightning war! Not perfect, but it has a great flow, very fluid fighting. The wand is a bit overpowered, I need to slow it down some. I will post a pic later. Awesome! I feel very pleased with how this is going. Spawn Engine Experiments, the switch with the purple arrow, tell 'em Larry sent you. Edit: Act now and get a free mutant bear pet. small handling fee may apply
  13. My script uses a global variable, just within the script itself (a wizard pet). I want to make another pet, very similar, it has the same variable setup to keep track of its targets, only now, because they are global, the two pets overwrite each other. I see the setting for module variable vs global variable, is that what I need and how does it work, please? I find no info on modules. Or what would be the correct, solution, if that is not it. Thanks