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  1. I want each player in multiplayer to have their own experience points as they progress. Possibly even retain that score if they quit and rejoin later. Is there a way to do that. I am guessing it would be using a leaderboard, but I can't figure how to do it. I don't really care about who is winning, I just want to globally keep track of your experience points and add to it or use it as data for spawns. I know how to create the global PLAYER in a single player game, which is very useful. Can I do that in multiplayer ? Maybe that would solve my problem. Thanks!
  2. Been having some fun in multiplayer. Sometimes. The players are cool, sometimes the ping is bad I guess. On the explore map, multiplayer is a total crap shoot. Some info before I join would be great, even just the ability to ping the game before joining. Bad ping leads to frozen enemies or worse. Is there some way to blend the clumsy list based multiplayer game board, which has great information and the one which I have the best luck joining, and the non-informative question mark which is the explore multiplayer. Can the editor be fully used on a "home island" and made into a game. This seems way more interesting than "Hey look at my base and my boat but don't touch anything, I'm watching you" which is what the current state of affairs is, as I have visited other people stuff this is the vibe. Not an open door policy at all unless it's a random "let's mining drill this island to death and build stupid stuff" multiplayer island which is also needed and fun. This game has a bit of an identity crisis between the editor and the explore. Blending the two halves a bit would help the deeper and more engaging "editor game half" by using the rather superficial "explore game half" to push traffic to it. Put the "games" on the world map just like any other explore multiplayer, but give info when you hover any of them that gives ping and a description and number of players. As for the cave fighting issue, I will add that two players trying to melee as a team are only going to kill each other. Ask me how I know... I guess everyone has seen the spinning workstations onboard a boat. It seems like its only the ones that involve fire but I could be wrong. Foundry, blacksmithy, kiln all spin I do know that, every time you use it it spins around random to land in a different alignment. Saw it on another players boat as we were sailing, too. My animal companion was killed in combat and never heard from again. In multiplayer. I guess that's how it works, if so, I like it. Player numbers are ticking up.
  3. XXon

    Problem with data

    Can't get to the map screen can't play explore. I haven't tried resetting everything. If I reset the world does it wipe out my boat. Oh it works now. The guy shut down the server I guess. It's all good! Yeah !
  4. XXon

    Problem with data

    "Problem with your data. Contact admin if it persists." After I join multiplayer and was immediately banned by admin, all I get is this message when I try to play Exploration. Just made the most awesome glass ship... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. I wonder can I carry around a cannon in my pocket, place it, use it, put it back in my pocket.
  6. People adapt or hack to find the path of least resistance in any video game, sometimes in ways unforeseen or overlooked by the game company. I forget what online fighting game my son played years ago, but there was a balance patch to make different characters with different abilities more evenly matched, as well as match up players with skill by way of a rankings system. Right away, every match was gunslinger vs gunslinger, the same character. Nobody played the other characters because they all would lose and your rankings would suffer. The thing is, everyone hated this, yet they were forced to do it to play the game they liked and it went on for months until people just quit. I confess. I chain binge bear berries to dive as long as I want without any gear and I find awesome stuff at very low level. It's not without risk, but it works great. Harmless fun. I'm not sure if this was unforeseen, or if it was intentional design, but that's how I adapted to the rules of the game. I always stand a log block vertically and build three steps and jump on it every time I see an enemy in a cave. It takes just a few seconds. Then, I plink the enemy to death with arrows. I can kill anything like this, 25 at a time if you wish. I never take a hit. 300 arrows get me to the end of any cave and I can be naked the whole time. Nice image, I know. Plus, lots of times, you can be out of aggro range or something and the thing just stands still while you kill it. Plus+, the bow never wavers once you zero it in. Click it to death. Yeah, you can do it outside too, but caves is where this technique shines. Caves lack bushes and trees you can hop up on. Outside, you can get out of trouble most of the time, but caves mostly aren't like that. There are "natural" barriers like elevation changes, but only once in a while. So, this is my hack. Now, I don't like doing it, because it feels really, really cheap and it is very boring. But, I'm gonna do it. And you will, too. If you weren't already. Shame on everyone. Plus, it renders melee weapons irrelevant, which sux. Also, close combat generally sets the enemy off and he doesn't just stand still and die, so added bonus for the melee that doesn't happen. Eventually, you upgrade this technique to firearms, of course, but always you are able to kill with impunity until you amass enough stuff to armor up so heavily that you can once again kill with impunity with melee and save the bother with the bullets and arrows. Easy win, hollow victory. Yea me! Can you please stop me from placing blocks in caves? This would change everything for the better with minimal side effects. It doesn't have to be the whole cave even, just below a certain depth would be fine if that makes it simpler. Right now, it's gunslinger vs gunslinger. The balance is off. I am forced to play in a way that is boring and cheap just to play the game I love. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's how you meant it to be played. Maybe it's a bug. I dunno. I do know it's how people will play the game, no doubt there. It's the path of least resistance. Once they built an office building and a parking lot with grass in between and waited to build the sidewalks until there were visible paths worn. To keep people from walking on the grass, of course. People will walk the shortest way regardless of the sidewalk placement. And once you see that others before you have worn a path, off you go, walking on the grass... Just wondering if anyone else has little hacks like the bear berries. Things no one has thought of. In the interest of science. Sorry if I ranted. P.S. Don't let me place blocks in caves. Please. Thanks. Peace out.
  7. XXon


    I have played this patch for way too long. Many, many hours. Epic scale is good. The islands are Uuuuge and that's great on a horse. The ocean is very large and the boat is slow. I also notice several things. If I want to visit many ylands and raise my score for that, or if I am looking for a level 3 yland, let's say, I always stay at the edge of the map. I go south, on a fresh map and I visit the closest yland, which is close, a straight shot, really easy. I go north, new map, visit one island. Back and forth with new maps. This is Waaaay faster than sailing across the map to maybe/maybe not find another yland. Great job on making clouds look like ylands, you fooled me twice now, plus the weather effects. I really do like being lost at sea and I wish currents would push the boat off course randomly or in a storm get pushed around. It is boring just going straight. Also, sort of related, the bow needs recoil so I must realign for each shot, right now I just hold the mouse still and it always, always hits which is very boring. So. The distances between ylands on each map is too far. The ylands on the edge are too close to the edge. Just move things around a bit, that would help. That way I don't skip map to map, which is lame. I suspect you have twice as much water between interior ylands related to the edge because nobody thought about the surrounding water times two. Just reposition the ylands, the yland size and the ocean size seem fine for now. Also. When I return to my home map I randomly (?) spawn all the way across the map and must sail incredibly long repeated voyages from this spawn point to my base yland. I spent a long time trying to figure out how this operates, if I sail off the map here, where do I end up on the next map. It seems a bit random? It makes it irritating to get home to my base. It makes me build my base on a boat and have no home yland. Even without the random quality it seems to have, it once again encourages me to 1) build my base on an edge yland never the center one, too far. and 2) jump map to map repeatedly without seeing any of them except one yland. I want to spawn near my base everytime. Otherwise, I hover real close. I go a little north, a little west, that's it and I just hop maps.
  8. XXon


    Nice job, round of applause, everyone. If you don't know what I'm talking about, delete all of your explore stuff and start fresh with the full tutorial. I fell in love with this game all over again. Good job.
  9. XXon

    Changing game settings mid-game

    Yland 1 is very scripted, Yland 2 is mostly natural, with crafting, etc., so for a while you fight Crabkins and they make a mess of shells and meat all over, so the checkbox on game settings is unchecked, no loot will drop. Later, you fight a regular old game generated bear and it should drop a skin, but the box is unchecked for loot drop. Can I change that mid game. Or, is there another way to just stop the entity template Crabkins from dropping the stuff they always drop?
  10. Game Settings : "Destroyed entities in the world drop items" checkbox. I want to start the game with no item drops, then change that rule. Can I do this? Thanks!
  11. XXon

    The Mystic Wood

    That worked. Thanks. Now it all works, I just need to put the instructions together. Wish I could cut and paste sections from different scripts together. Feel free to critique. I appreciate your help. The difference in rotation degree is in the final math. Both +, both -, one + one -, one - one+ for 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
  12. XXon

    The Mystic Wood

    I can spawn the logic in the right spot, but I am trying to spin the logic position relative to the center of the map tile. So the map can spawn at any rotation and the trigger zone spawns in the right spot. X+X, Z-Z = 0 map rotation, X-X, Z-Z = 90, etc. How can I set Z and X individually? The water playing field is not a bad idea. Thanks.
  13. XXon

    The Mystic Wood

    I can spawn a map tile by welding it into one entity, but that doesn't transfer any game logic, just the entities. I think I have worked out how to rotate the game logic and spawn it correctly on the map tile. I cannot seem to spawn any water, however. It's not an entity and it's not game logic. Is it possible to spawn water?
  14. XXon

    The Mystic Wood

    I made each randomly chosen room spawn on a reference point. Upon trigger, if the reference point has no label, it spawns the room and adds a label to the reference point. Your way is more graceful, but my lack of skill limits me. Thanks for the correct method.
  15. XXon

    The Mystic Wood

    I am working on a game inspired by The Mystic Wood, an old board game, in which you lay out a grid of 45 map cards, face down. When you enter the new area, you flip over the card and see what is there. Sometimes the new map card has three doorways, sometimes four, maybe you fight a monster or draw a card, etc. As you move around, a map develops and you try to get to the other side first to win. It is a very enjoyable game and I like the simplicity of the map tiles. I made a series of rooms, each the same size,with three doorways all in the same place so they align no matter the rotation. The next room spawns right in front of your amazed eyes as you pass through the doorway into it, just like flipping over the Mystic Wood card. I preplace a grid of thin doorway trigger zones, relying on the rotation of the trigger zone to figure the position of the next room. You go South, the room triggers at a random rotation, but always to the South fifteen blocks. Each door triggers once only. Of course, if you come through the same doorway going North, then spawning to the South doesn't work so well. That sets the stage for my problem. Given the random map, sometimes you can double spawn a room by circling back around and using a door previously passed over and unused. You enter going North and the room you are already standing in respawns under your feet because the trigger direction says spawn to the South, which works if you used the door the first time through, but not when you circle around and use it for the first time. How can I prevent this double spawn? Any thoughts on this? Thanks! P.S. This has been driving me nuts for days.