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  1. New water looks more like water. Old water looked much cooler. One of the main reasons I fell in love with Ylands was the water. Quite a few times I justsat on the beach and watched the sun rise/set just because it was beautiful. A lot of the artwork has changed, some for the better, but I miss the water the most. Maybe it's just me.
  2. I added extra animals. Every time I get anywhere near them, I start stuttering/freezing like crazy. Once I get away from them, it gets better, just like it used to do a year or so ago.
  3. XXon

    Help me respawn in my scenario?

    Thank you! I watched Red Eagle's video about teleporter scripting and set up island wide trigger zones to reset the spawn point. Perhaps there is a more graceful way to do it, but that worked. Thank you both for your help.
  4. I generated an explore map in editor, modded a survival scenario on an island. Eventually you escape to the second island. But, in TEST mode, when I die on this second island and click "respawn", I end up back on the original island. I tried creating "Spawn point 2" on the second island, but then when I test I just start off on the second island already. What am I doing wrong? Will this work any differently in an actual game? Many thanks for your advice.
  5. XXon

    Can I adjust animal run speed?

    Ah. Thank you! Well.....I guess the issue isn't run speed after all. Even at -80 speed the leopard doesn't hit me, it just follows me around. Running is miserably slow, but I can somersault my way around at full speed which defeats any purpose anyway. All the animals do now is follow you around no matter how slow you run. They only bite if you stand still.
  6. New path finding is great, so I made a map with lots of predators to fight, but now they just follow me around in packs. They never catch me, never hurt me even though I am naked. No challenge at all. Can I make them go faster (or myself slower)? Signed, The Pied Piper
  7. Editing an Explore game and adding/deleting lots of animals and items. When placing animals, it works fine, but then after five or so minutes it screws up. It places the animals, but you cannot see them and the select box is steady glowing, hung up on the last thing I deleted or something, it won't deselect. If you save and reload, you will see all the animals you placed. It works fine for a few minutes, but then it begins again. I wanted to finish the map, so this happened 8 times in a row I would guess.
  8. XXon

    Hate my hair

    My fabulous, bouncy red pigtails, which bounced with every step (did I mention they bounced) are no more. Now I have emo hair, which I hate. I still look great in a blue beret, but it's not the same. The new face is great, but I can't do a thing with my hair. Wish I could reselect, now that the choices changed. Life is filled with regrets I guess. Love you guys! Great update!
  9. XXon

    CIrcular staircase

    Thank you so much for helping Much to learn.
  10. XXon

    CIrcular staircase

    How do I rotate correctly to make one center pole on a circular staircase? I am randomly able to do it using the reference point, but mostly it wants to rotate on a corner of the group. I need to spin like a clock from the center. I cannot figure out what I am randomly doing right. Thanks for the help it is driving me nuts.
  11. Some games, even very broken ones, have very good or interesting mechanics which generate tension or are fun. What I like best about Ylands is that you can use some of those mechanics. Dungeons of the Unforgiven (5.25 floppy disc) Every step is a possible random encounter. Difficulty increases with depth as does the random loot. Make it back alive with loot. Random heals, if any. Everquest. 3 linked mobs, each on a 7 (?) minute respawn timer. If you delay the killing of the third one a little, the timers become disjointed and the group spawn can be broken into single spawns. The difficulty of each mob varies, so some spawns can be very tough to break. A time limit is thus placed on combat and you must keep up with the spawn rate if you are going to grind, or kill twice as fast to make forward progress down a tunnel with repeated groups within aggro distance. If they repop behind you, you die and all your belongings remain on your body until you come get them. Hurtworld. Everything kills you, first it's the cold, then the heat, radiation, etc. Each zone requires special gear you craft. If you don't have it all, you die if you go in the next zone. The less gear you have, the faster you die. PvP of course. Armed gangs in pickup trucks with lights nightly rampaging through newbie zones was the end game. Ylands can't do quite all of those things, but enough to use those mechanics to make games. I think that is one of Ylands greatest strengths. Can you think of any other cool game mechanics that might work? I have been messing around with water, using it to flood chambers and chase you along a pathway. I like the idea that you could leap from a cliff and survive only if you cut the water on first and land in it, that type of thing.
  12. You can't really edit a Sharegame now, here is why. Once you yourself spawn, you destroy your creation. The second person has a crappier time, the third finds a wasteland. This ruins the long game. This degradation is a fundamental issue with the entire Explore game genre. Limited resources work very well for PvP, but I really need that bear to respawn after I move on, so the next guy can kill it. Even if I edit in 50 bears, it does not fix the issue. I can build mountains of iron, dense forest, I got that part covered. I need respawn. Plus, you need the logics to make it a unique, fun game. But, even with the full blown editor, that is a lot of work and it takes 10-30 hours easy to do it right. Sliders would help. Let's say a big Difficulty slider and as you move it you see it affects lots of small sliders, like Hunger and Temperature Sensitivity and Animal Hit Points, which can all be adjusted individually. Flora slider for Trees, Undergrowth, Food, Herbs. Fauna Slider for animal populations in their appropriate habitat, check box for auto respawn would be awesome. Five minutes later you have a custom Sharegame. The absolute best part about that is that it is unknown to YOU and you can actually explore it yourself instead of knowing everything already. But, that is a dream. I would really love to just able to fully edit a Sharegame.
  13. 770 hours played, I say only one thing. Please enable the full editor for Explore games. Please. Explore games: Boring building game. Maybe it will improve later, but currently way too boring to endure, a sad truth. This could give it life right now. Scenario: Generate 5 islands. All the same climate. No caves. Not suitable for full length games. No way to have different climates, ruins the long game. If I could use the real editor, I could post a full blown multiplayer Sharegame with respawning custom enemies, traps, treasures, random structures, imported compositions, scripting, etc. Please allow the full editor for Explore games. Seriously. I know there is a roadmap and I have faith, but I can't play the game anymore like it is and I am sad about that. Please allow the editor. Thank you.
  14. XXon

    What's Wrong?

    My multiplayer suggestions. Create a new multiplayer Sharegame (or other) world using all the options of the Editor "generate" feature, then use a DENSITY slider to adjust amount of flora/fauna/resources. Use a DIFFICULTY slider to adjust hit points, damage, etc., but also proximity of main resources (flint) to spawn point and a respawn timer on hostile animals. You cannot plant anything, more temperature sensitive, whatever. Just the two sliders, but lots of effects when it is cranked up. Just Create and you have a unique multiplayer game in minutes. Right now is like an enjoyable demo of a game. That's mostly because it is way too easy. Within 30 minutes you have iron armor and lance, you can melee anything in the game. No challenge at all, just a building game really. Not PvE, there is no E. Not PvP, either, unless you count ganking. This changes dramatically once you remove flint from the spawn island. Or clay, or trees. Crippling the tech tree is currently the only way to get anything resembling a game and it works to an extent, but the tech tree is not currently designed around this. It could be, with a few changes. It isn't quite lineal enough, some resources open far too many options up (clay, flint). Properly done, one must make and use every armor type and every level of weapon and work your way up to the next one. Bows are OP and should come much later. Melee a bear with a mace and leather armor first. Crippling the tech tree allows this to happen naturally. You can do much of this already using the editor, but it is very time consuming and Multiplayer is by nature disposable, due to griefing, lack of respawn, etc. I have spent many hours messing around with all of these ideas in game, that's my opinion. If you don't agree, try my scenario Frostbite Hardcore Survival. It is simplistic and very unrefined, but by limiting resources it forces you to really use various armors and weapons, repair them and salvage them. Also, it adds a time factor due to the cold and a very real risk of losing all of your gear and never surviving long enough to recover it. These add much needed drama to the game. Risk and difficulty are vital, but having a slider keeps everyone happy and interested. Right now it is really boring because it is way too easy.
  15. Why sharegames must have passwords? The title of my sharegame is: "PaswordisSHAREGAME". It has a password that is supposed to be "sharegame" of course. When I look at Multiplayer in game, it shows the password as having 16 asterisks ****************, not 9 *********. I fix it, it never changes. I wonder what my password is? No one has ever joined so I dunno.