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  1. Excelsior

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8577] Charging Station bug

    talk about frustration. Now I go to the charging station that WAS working and the old habit is back. And this time its a local save.
  2. Excelsior

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8577] Charging Station bug

    I had to turn logging off a while ago due to the extreme file sizes.
  3. I am posting this here, read why. After running a server locally for 3 weeks, the charging station started to act like it was on all the time. This was true with no power hooked up, and was rendered non-operable because of this. You could place a new one and the power would immediately be supplied without a link and the panel would rise. As soon as power was hooked up, the panel stopped rising but the noise remained. After about a week of this and constant host disconnect issues, I decided to just pull the savegame and move it to the local saves and run from there to prevent host disconnects. Low and behold, placing a charging station works great as expected. As of now, I would assume that this is related only to the dedicated server somehow.
  4. Excelsior

    New server opened Jan 18

    Look for server named ! Twitch.tv/excelsiorddz PVE Server [CHICAGO][24/7]. It is setup as Explore with 10 ylands and will go through a regeneration on Feb 5. I CAN back up buildings that you have built and move them to the new generation if we make plans before the reset. Server files will be backed up regularly as well. Please feel free to come in and have some fun!
  5. Excelsior

    0.6: Countless Colors (16/11/2017)

    client only update?
  6. Excelsior

    Here's some Feedback

    Like maybe having them show only when holding the linker in your hand?
  7. Excelsior

    KNOWN ISSUE Raining bug

    I know it snows inside caves on my save, will send when I get home in 2 hours or so.
  8. Another downfall to this is that I now have a 2nd protection barrier and no control over the original one at all. The unique ID for the characters are different if I look at them in the editor.
  9. Yeha, I swing through it like nothing is there.
  10. I decided to link my account that I was already using on steam and once I did that, I had to create a new character on my server. The old character is there and I cannot kill that character with anything. I have also lost all recipes, etc.
  11. Excelsior

    RESOLVED [YLD-8121] Missing car

    I have had 2 cars disappear. One was in a tunnel with no way out and the other was present and accounted for at the start of one of my projects, but was gone 20 minutes into it. Nobody else was on the server.
  12. Excelsior

    ReCaptcha for Forum Accounts?

    Mods, there is a simpler back-end solution that I use on my page that stops these posts in their tracks. Nobody that is an actual person would ever notice anything different on their login process. Willing to share, just PM me and I can help out.
  13. Excelsior

    This bug just killed my server

    From what I understand, this is caused by someone sitting or laying down prior to logging off. The character can't complete the sit action it was expecting. Have everyone log off while standing.
  14. Excelsior

    First spawn should be a random yland

    OK. I start a new game and spawn in. A few days later, I have someone join me. But instead of them spawning in the same exact spot that I spawned in at, it COULD be at that spot or another starting spot on another yland. This will allow the opportunity for players to build and explore with discovery of others when they find each other.