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  1. I am working on creating a "domestication" and "animal riding" knowledge. As long as the player hasn"t discovered animal riding, I want him to be unable to move on a mounted animal. However, I want it to be able to mount it (thus, "learning" how to ride it). So, in a brutal rigalesque way, I despawn the animal after the player has mounted it. However, it seems that the player is still considered "mounted", that is, I cannot interact with anything, BUT the "unmount" button doesn't exist anymore (while the other buttons, for automove and walk do exist. This despawn issue needs to be fixed, because at some point, the creature will die, and despawn "naturally", and I will have problem is a player is actually riding the creature. This might be a bug, and how you people would solve this ?
  2. Cernu


    And it works like a charm 🙂
  3. Cernu


    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much. You're gonna have your own statue in Rigale 🙂
  4. Cernu


    Hello there. I am toying with skills, because at some point I would like to add some kind of magic to my game. However, I would like some skills to have an effect on custom ressources, like an "endurance of the wolf" not only increasing the character speed a bit, but also stopping any stamina (a custom ressource) expenditure for sprinting, along with giving athletism bonus. I know there is a "on skill interrupted" event. Is there somewhere a "on skill started" and "on skill finished" kind of event ?
  5. I added a little tribe, the wolf tribe, today (behind some hills, opposite to the green goblins hills). Not many quests (only a very simple one actually), but becoming a member will give you various bonus. I am still looking for feedbacks, especially MP feedback. Cheers 🙂
  6. When I take screenshots through Ylands, it would be great if it weighs less than 2Mb, because then it could be used immediately as thumbnail or game description. I know its not a biggy to update them myself, but well...
  7. Cernu

    Various editor outcomes ?

    Ok, I did as you said, everything seems ok from the test I did, thanks a lot :-). It's really great to have you devs come along with Adam to give some help.
  8. Cernu

    Various editor outcomes ?

    This is very disheartening, because it means that every feature I test in the editor could be messed up when released... Do you know if the local export is exacttly similar to the global export ?
  9. Cernu

    Various editor outcomes ?

    When I edit my game, the player spawns inside a teepee. I have no issue. However, when I plau the uploaded game, the player can't enter into a teepee, and spawns outside. It kinda ruins the game, because my starting area is located inside a teepee. Any idea please ?
  10. Cernu


    Amazing 🙂
  11. When I upload the game, the only option to play it is through a "server", and I have no download indication. I don't really know what happened, because it could be just "played", and people could download it. Any idea please ? Second question, where can I get the game ID please, if I want to changegameid through the console ?
  12. Cernu

    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    Terrible here in France. We have absolutely mind blowing, very stupid and freedom restrictive laws. We are sacrificing lots and lots of young and active people and businesses for the sake of saving mostly a few elderly people that were doomed to die soon anyways (a relative of mine died of coronavirus. She was 104 yo...). Governement is permanently lying to the people to cover its utter failure at doing its basic job. Medias add to it, because when stressed, people listen to them, so it gives them more revenues. Overall, a terrible mess, that is sending this country even much lower than it was. My moral compass is pretty fucked now because of all of this utter mess, but my resentment against the governement is at an all time high.
  13. Cernu

    Magic Axe

    Great Job 🙂
  14. Updated again. I have trouble with updates (because I can't actually update, only upload), I will check deeper into the issue when I got home tomorrow. In this update, I focused the Knowledge feature. Knowledges are wide groups of related recipes or/and skills. For now, there are 3 knowledges: stone crafting, fire making and fishing. I will add more. However, they are nearly "handcrafted", meaning that I must precisely add the knowledge increase system to specific actions. Right now, stone crafting and fire making are researched by breaking items (torch and flint lighter for fire making, stone spears and stone knives for stone crafting), while fishing is researched by scavenging sea weeds only. For now, discovering one of those will only give some new recipes to the player. Knowledge system: there are knowledge specific points, that you can earn by perfoming specific actions related to the knowledge, and global knowledge points, that are gathered almost any time a player performs a specific reseach action. Those global knowledge points can be used to "buy" a specific knowledge. Another important feature is that specific knowledge points required to learn one will increase every time a knowledge is discovered. So it will be harder and harder to gain new knowledges. And that's it, hope you enjoy. Cheers Ylanders 🙂
  15. Rigale updated today. Cheers.