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    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    Welcome Nikki ? Adam was great, and so you will be ?
  2. I can add an array to an array, but I can't remove an array from an array (I can remove an object at a specified index, but not an array) It woyuld be really nice to have this feature.
  3. GREAT NEWS ! I really liked visual scripting, but like jchob said, I am glad I could go back to "normal" scripting. This might take me back to scripting rigale actually ?
  4. Cernu

    Goodbye for now!

    Hey RedEagle, you were the first one to greet me and show me interest and support. Thank you for that. Do what you have to do, and take very good care. Cheers !
  5. Cernu

    Dev Diary #159 - Ylands Creators Competition Winners

    I am deeply grateful, thank you so much, first time ever I win a modding prize ?
  6. In the expectation of 1.5 and the new images editor feature, I share this site I like with you people. It is a very simple icon creating site. https://game-icons.net/
  7. Cernu

    Merry Christmas Ylanders :-)

    As per title ?
  8. Cernu

    [COMPLETED] Police Pursuit

    nuff said ? Trying, learning, getting better ?
  9. Cernu

    Copy/paste scripts

    Thanks 2 u 2. I already use the if method, Valour4Eva, like I describe in my post. However, it really feels clumsy. ocnoglittle, I will give it a try again, now that instructions can have up to 16 variables in the 1.5 update, which is great. Cheers
  10. Cernu

    Copy/paste scripts

    Concerning rigale, most of my systems are in place. However, one thing that is really pushing me away from the editor and visual coding those days is that I can't easily copy/paste code. This is an issue, because it makes it harder to create new critters for example. Lets take a rabbit and crab for example. Sure, I can use script to easily change/randomize some values and colors, and this I already do (if you play rigale, you will notice animals "get older", or wolves can become alphas, or deers white deers. but If I want to create a crab from a rabbit (let's say for simplicity's sake that they have almost the same values. Yes crabs can bunny jump in Rigale ? ) I have to copy/paste every godamm line of code (which I wrap in a convenient logical "if", that then allows to copy everything inside). Its is a long, time consumming/error prone process. My proposal would be to have some way to (using ctrl ? ) add all lines of code to a copy, and then paste them all to the new critter/item script. Or maybe a workaround would be to change only the apparence of the critter, and have more control on its base values (especially speed). However, those are proposals of course. The editor is AMAZING, and getting better with each update. Good job ppl.
  11. Cernu

    variable highlights

    Just when a wrong variable is highlighted in red, would it be possible to highlights all variables use in green. (for example, I define a local "item to equip" variable, it would be neat that all iterations of this variable , when I click on one of them, are highlighted in green. Cheers ?
  12. It seems all widgets from my custom windows and UI have been multiplicated 4 times (I have 4 occurence of the widget when I call it from script, but not when I check it from the layout. Its weird.
  13. https://play.ylands.com/asset/8622 I will be presenting Rigale. It is very much an heavily skill oriented, heavily randomized RPG world. I am very much creating the basics systems now, but as soon as I am done, I will widen the world, that is increase the number of interactable objects, craft recipes, monsters and specific places, quests... I design it with multiplayer in mind, but I can't test this feature, so I might do better with multiplayer feedback.
  14. Cernu

    [completed] Rigale

    Rigale will never be completed, but I think it is quite playable as it is, with a few quests here and there. I will probably go back to coding once my burnout is quelled. Cheers.
  15. That would be neat if it was possible to create fixed variables choice for functions (think enumerators) So, for example, let's say I have a "gather item" instruction. One of the variables would be "how many items". When I use this instruction, clicking on this variable would show me a number of choices, and I would pick one. A little bit like when I get to pick an enum variable, like a movement stance, or a type of item, or an equipment slot... Or at least have the possibility to comment an instruction, and have access to this comment when I call the instruction from another script. ?
  16. Cernu

    get hotbar slot

    returns item in slot or null. Could be iterated to see if a certain item/whatever is in hotbar.
  17. Cernu

    custom fonts ?

    While we are at it, along custom images (yaye character sheet ? ), maybe we could have custom fonts ?
  18. I would like my player to pick up shot arrows or bolts that hit the ground, and ideally, check if they get destroyed hitting the ground. I think I can manage to do this for arrows and bolts hitting the target (at least I will try), but I have no event for this, unless I miss one. However, I know there is a raycast that returns on ground hit, and even target hit. Have you people managed to link these two functions, and return the ground hit ?
  19. Cernu

    return impact point on terrain

    its not easy. I cheated, when the player attacks with ranged attack, he has a little chance to immediately recover an ammunition. Aw well....
  20. Beside spawning entities, prototypes, game logics, maybe spawning groups ?
  21. Cernu

    return impact point on terrain

    However, because bows will get a rework in 1.5, it might be possible to add natively this feature ?
  22. Maybe I am crying wolf, but in the prospect of custom 1.5 images, maybe we could have a tile to get/set the inventory image of an item. That would save Jchob a lot of work ?
  23. Inventory items already have their images. If we could access that already would be great.
  24. Cernu

    return impact point on terrain

    So I guess in this case I would have to listen for ranged attack, create a raycast or throw, and try to simulate arrow or crossbow. I will give it a try, thanks.
  25. Cernu

    [NEW]Useful Text Functions

    I necro this text. Shall I wait for it to be legally implemented, or use it as it is ?