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  1. Gizmow

    UNDER REVIEW Can't unlock doors.

    2nd files output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Gizmow

    UNDER REVIEW Can't unlock doors.

    Alright. I have a couple files here. The first 2 I am linking are while I still have the game open and I have JUST tried to unlock the door and I tab out to get the files. The 2nd upload is after trying to unlock the door I close the game so it saves and then copy files after fulling exiting the game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Gizmow

    UNDER REVIEW Can't unlock doors.

    Ok, it took me a min since I had to find clay because everything was locked inside my house I was able to make a demo hammer and it did let me break a door. After doing that I thought I might be able to unlock one of the other doors, but still no luck. I built a new door and tried to use 2 different blank keys to lock it, but it gave me the same message "Key does not match the lock". The door remains unlocked as it is new, and I can open and close it. I also tried opening the doors from inside the house. Could it be that there are too many doors? (7 or 8 doors, and 3 safes) I also removed the old barrier using the demo hammer, but still unable to lock or unlock. If you would like to tell me how to go about acquiring the game logs once I attempt using a key or 2, then I would be happy to provide them. I just hope I don't end up needing to move my base, as it's a lot of stuff, gathered through much adventuring Thank you for the continued help and timely responses.
  4. Gizmow

    UNDER REVIEW Can't unlock doors.

    I am not seeing anywhere to set myself as mayor, unless I am misunderstanding the settings. I have attached 2 photos of my multiplayer settings. On the first one I am set to single player, I believe this is how it has always been set. On the second photo, I translate it as My Clan/Friends/Others have visitor privileges. That is assuming I had a Clan/Friends/or Others. When going back and checking this stuff out I realized I do have 1 person on my friends list, but I have not spoken with them for a long time.
  5. Gizmow

    UNDER REVIEW Can't unlock doors.

    Spiritchaser by "demolition hammer" I assume you mean the normal iron hammer. I did try that. Swung it like 30 times with no luck. The multiplayer settings I have not messed with, but did take a look at since you mentioned them. I am not part of a clan or have any friends in game and everything is set to visitor. Nikki, I am willing to, but unsure how I would go about acquiring the game logs to send them to you. If you could tell me how then I will attempt to unlock 2 or 3 doors to get the message and then send game logs in hopes of figuring out what is going on. Thank you both for quick replies.
  6. I recently got back into playing Ylands to check out the Exploration features. I played for about 3 days without issue. About 2-3 weeks ago I log in and am locked out of my house. I decided to wait and see if some hotfix would be released, just in case it was a bug from an update. I have the keys on my keychain and also tried taking them off to unlock the doors 1 by 1, but no go. I also can't target my barrier, see the radius, or destroy any of the tiles on my structure. It's as if I don't own the building anymore. Already tried verifying files, not expecting it to work, and it didn't. I have no idea what could have happened. I can still lock and unlock the doors on my ship. If anyone else has encountered/resolved this, any suggestions or help would be appreciated.