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  1. Azaren


    Thats good idea! I will add three statues too in my game...And Ocnog will be there too! 😉
  2. Azaren

    Add heal wounds on potions

    Any news? 🙂
  3. Azaren

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @NaruTheHuman I have one more question please...If i have animated object too far from player, but still "active" animated, is animation active or paused? Or you have to stop animation play manually? PS: nejde mi ani tak o to, zda se animuje nebo ne, ale spíše o to, zda to zpomaluje hru...
  4. Azaren

    I give up

    Devs are awesome in my opinion...They do, what they can do. I disagree with hates wroted here... I agree with Shadow72´s last post.
  5. Azaren

    Character NPC clone

    Yes, this would help me with my intro too. 👌UP
  6. Azaren

    Sky Battlegrounds

    New respawn in patch 0.6.12. And try to catch a Magic rabbit if you can ... Its somewhere on the map 😉
  7. Azaren

    Multiplayer issues

    Sorry for my english...i will try describe our problems...Sometimes, when i try find my friens for game invite, game "stuck" in "searching". I cant go out, or cancel it, or anything...Just ctrl+alt+delete and shut game... Screen looks like picture bellow...
  8. Azaren

    Naru's Corner #7 - Optimization tips & tricks

    @NaruTheHuman My question is: Are those flags "animated objects"? Or flags are not hard for memory? I have more than 15 flags in visible radious on my map. Thx for advice 😉
  9. If you get stackable items by script in a number greather than maximum of stack of them, you get info about losed items and wrong numbers of new items. On picture below script run ONLY +20 and +10 potions, but i saw +30 and -15 too. If you use script like me (on picture above), you get right numbers of new items. before script run: after script: If i use script to add MORE items THAN maximum in stack (like bellow), script dont get number of items corretly, and i have no idea how... Thanks you, and i apologize for my english...
  10. Azaren

    duplicate a game object ?

    If i understand your problem right, you must actualize game logic in storage manualy. This is not needed only in "entity storage" but in "game logic storage" you have to manualy reload.
  11. I use a lot of lights...Visible, unvisible, behind the window, shadow creator, etc., but i´m forced to use light sources like torches. If you can add possibility to add something like "invisible light source" like fully editable choice for creators? (eg. editable intensity, colour, luminosity, afterglow, etc.) And add to game logics maybe? (edit: i dont mean "enviroment") and in best way, something like that: Thanks, and sorry for my english....again 😉
  12. Azaren

    Sky Battlegrounds

    PATCH 0.6.10 published. Main change is 90% damage penalty to teammates, does no apply in arena (before was 0%) More changes in game changelog... and the roof is almoust done... 😉
  13. Azaren

    return if entity exists in the world ?

    If tiled entity is dead, you recieve "false" argument. (due to Entity does not exist)
  14. Azaren

    return if entity exists in the world ?

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Tile_-_Is_entity False = entity is dead 😉 You can use this like bellow (edit: "tento" = this; "A" = "and" for next condition...)
  15. Thanks you very much. So i decided to crumble castle into several separated parts like exteriers, and few interiers 😉