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    Fly Vehicles

    Hot air balloons would be amazing. Something like a gyrocopter would be perfect for ylands. Planes might be a bit much. It would be awesome but I’d prefer airships over planes this is an awesome build dude.
  2. So recently I have Been havin an issue where my social menu only displays 3 friends ( I’m supposed to have at least 20) it doesn’t seem to matter if I re add them they still don’t show up. People I am friends with have me on there list but I have no hair and I can’t see them. This has become an annoying issue as recently a shared multi player map we all built has gone public and the owner of the map has set my privilege to mayor, BUT because he’s not showing in my friends list I’m not getting the privilege applied and as a result can’t edit or build on the map. weirdly my social menu worked briefly a few times and I managed to place a blueprint but have since not been able to build anything else as my social menu resets. I’ve tried verifying files through steam and also tried restarting while in the server and whilst outside the server. as of today I have restarted about 4 times and managed to get my social menu to display half of my friends but not all of them. please help!! edit* these are some things i have tried with no success -verifying game files -reinstalling -getting friends to unfriend and re add me this is Jrock (hildegunn in game) btw apparently I have two accounts on the forums :s output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
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    It’s a neck for sure. These have to be front legs based on the angles of the joints! Can not wait to see this mate