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  1. Jstuts

    Problems using blueprint camera

    Thanks again ocnoglittle. Yes the wiki documentation is improved and very useful. I realize that I am not all that patient about figuring things out; one of my characteristics. And somehow, although I did look up Blueprint Camera at the wiki, it never occurred to me to look up Blueprints! Duh! The Codex information is still not very helpful. But once again, THANK YOU!!! It is people like you to help me that keeps me playing this game.
  2. Jstuts

    Problems using blueprint camera

    Thank you, ocnoglittle. I will try that. Like so many other things in this game, I find no documentation as to how to do things. I never even knew it mattered which way I was looking, so I assumed that where I was standing was the key. But I have a further question now. I am assuming that the first point is a lower corner of the structure, or the ground at that corner, and the second point is the opposite upper corner. But often there is no block up there to focus on, at the point that would enclose the whole structure. So should I first make a block up there? Is there something else I am missing? Oh, if only there was much better documentation for us everyday mortals. Oh! Now I find that the process involves THREE steps. First look at the point for the first coordinate, and click. Then, second, run around to the opposite corner and look at the appropriate point to form a selected rectangle (the selection image follows you as you go) on the ground. Click that point. (Disregard the false prompt that says you are FINNISHING the selection, because there is another step to go.) Third, look up to make the selection image go up, or fly up to provide some limit as to how high the selection goes upward (maybe it doesn't matter if it goes up to infinity). Click a third time. Then confirm the selection and name the blueprint. There, I hope that the developers will take the above language, if correct, and add it to the Wiki entry to assist others like me who want to play the game, rather than spend a lot of time figuring everything out.
  3. The blueprint camera is virtually unusable now and was almost unusable before this latest update. First, with the now-handicapped propeller pack, it is difficult to take the time to set your second coordinate before the propeller pack runs out. Second, setting the two points is grossly inaccurate. The points set can be a dozen units off from where I was standing/flying. I find it impossible to capture any building at all.
  4. Jstuts

    terrain suggestions

    Here is a screenshot of Keralis' start island map. Notice that the complex string of islets and sand bars make a fair refuge from hostile predators without the protection being absolute.
  5. Jstuts

    terrain suggestions

    By the way, another thing that strikes me is that in Keralis' map of Exploration caves were also much more interesting and perhaps more naturalistic. The entrances were often more difficult to find, which makes for a better experience of exploration; not like today's trite image of a grand large opening, as if announced so you won't miss it. And the caves in Karalis' game required your full attention so you wouldn't get lost or disoriented. You need to place some form of 'breadcrumbs' to find your way out.
  6. Jstuts

    terrain suggestions

    In the several years I have played in the Ylands game I have seen steady improvements along many lines of development and I have been thrilled by it. After trying out several sandbox games and learning the basics, I quickly purchased the Exploration Pack. And this was nice. I played several games of Exploration but soon found a growing sense of boredom. Every game was different, of course, but what was disappointing was that there was too much predictability, too little opportunity for surprise discovery. For example, you had the usual safe ‘home island’ and the standard set of 5 or 6 outer islands not too far away, some of which you could see from your home island. It became a feeling that could be expressed as: OK, here we go again; same old, same old. About this time I stumbled on Keralis’ YouTube series on Ylands. Once his game was complete he made the game save file available for others to follow in his tracks. Recently I have replayed this game (called simply ‘Explore’) and made a striking discovery. (Yet be forewarned: the game has some major downsides too. There are file corruptions or incompatibilities that make the game crash if you go do certain islands, including the island where he put all his amazing constructions. Also ocean areas near islands can be prohibitive for large ships because of extreme shallowness.) My discovery is in the naturalistic features of the shorelines and interesting and variegated physical features of the land in Keralis’ game, which was merely an automatically generated game of that era of Ylands Exploration. There is so much diversity: irregular shorelines that feature strands of sand islets, clumps of rock, and sand bars, or small irregular peninsulas stretching way out into the sea. There is a combination of striking and beautiful sweeps of desert sand or lush green valleys but also areas of incredibly rugged and jagged land with fissures, arroyos, cliffs, ridges, steep banks and scarps, deep gorges, etc. All this seemed more interesting and exhilarating. For me this is more exciting than many of the glitzy attractions that are now often plopped into the landscape that seem to lack any coherent context, like brightly colored goodies for small children. This is not to say that the existing state of Exploration, including the new experimental Exploration is completely devoid of beauty and interest. Not at all. But the past shows that the present offering could include some of the more striking and naturalistic features of that era several years ago. Recently, after some people reportedly asked for variety in the shapes of islands, we were given a few new shapes, the elongated, the smaller, the larger, the ‘C’ shape, the ‘I’ shape, the ‘O’ shape. But this is SO non-naturalistic. No more naturalistic than the repetitive globular forms with mostly smooth shorelines that were so over-used before. I do not know about the challenges of devising the automated methods of island generation. But I do see clearly that it can be done because it WAS done, several years ago. Another point. One of the strategies today is to dot the landscape on some Ylands with about as many rhinos, hyenas or tigers as is possible. This seems to me to be contrived and unnaturalistic! Yet another point. I can imagine that the new Exploration is more stable; creating the possibility of essentially linking numerous separate game modules together to make it seem like one open, vast world. But it does not really feel that way. It feels like what it is; linked separate games served up to you by developers. I do acknowledge that it is nice to be able to keep your ship and move around much of your inventory from one area to the next. A huge map all in one game is probably less stable, more likely to be lost; and it is impossible to replace portions that are completed (or uninteresting) with new ones. But there was something to be said for the huge map in Keralis’ game: you really felt like you were exploring not just waiting for the next thing that would be plopped in front of you as you crossed over into a new map.
  7. What spiritchaser28 reported suggested a workaround. Before this problem asserted itself I had indeed put spinning wheels and most other work stations on my experimental Exploration home island without problems. This was weeks ago.. But in the past several days, I was not able to put another spinning wheel anywhere on that island. So, after reading spiritchaser28's report I went over to one of my nearby islands and tried to place a spinning wheel there, and it worked fine. Then, when I returned immediately back to my home island, I could place one there as well, just fine!
  8. Spiritchaser28, that is interesting! Thank you! I will do some tests on some of the other islands in my experimental exploration game, just out of my own curiosity. There is so much of programming that is a mystery. How can things be so patterned, yet still be so unpredictable? I don't know how to say what I am trying to say. Truly a mystery, to me at least. I suppose we just have to lay it at the feet of complexity. Complexity often leads to unpredictability, while still offering some degree of patterning. By the way--and here I may be justifiably scolded for being so off-topic--I am discovering that I enjoy the contacts, like this one, with people like you who are strangers to me. I discovered the same with zarwill who, like you too, helped me with ships. By the way (again!), I like your 'Don't Panic' theme. I am trying to keep that in mind these days. Sometimes I use gaming in almost an obsessive way as a defense against anxiety and panic. WAY off topic and too much information? I'll stop now and promise to reign myself in. 🙂
  9. And, by the way, I do truly love this game... or at least its potential. And I have had much fun with it. But unless it solves bugs such as this... would I recommend this game to a friend? I think I would say to him or her: It has great potential. But there are problems. Check back in a few months. And yes, there are other bugs that I have not even mentioned that annoy me, such as the fact that Control-drag between inventory and chest (to get part of a stack moved over) only sometimes works.
  10. So here are my results today. Today I had no problems at placing stoves, in either Legacy Exploration or in the new Experimental Exploration. But previously I did have trouble with stoves as I said in my first posting above. The only problem today is with spinning wheels, and this occurred in both versions of Exploration. But the details are interesting. First I tried repeatedly (4 times) to place a spinning wheel with no success, even after moving it down with Rt-Hold-J method. I was able to move the spinning wheel up and down, but no position helped. And this was true in both versions of Exploration. The first tests within Legacy Exploration today were in a game I had recently added Cube (with Editor), but I was experimenting (at first) only with crafting; not using Cube. So, it was not a normal survival game anymore, you could say. But when I tried to place a spinning wheel using Cube, it placed without problem! AND, from that point on, I could ALSO now place spinning wheel with crafting without problem. I then tried another Legacy Exploration game and had no problems placing anything, including spinning wheels. But in recent days I have had trouble placing spinning wheels in several Legacy Exploration games, not just one game. I have also had trouble placing stoves; but not today. Then I went back to the new Exploration (Experimental) again and once again I could NOT place spinning wheels, even with doing the U/J 'free place' mode. No problem with stoves. This is all the tests I am willing to do. I not a testing technician; I am a game user simply hoping to have some fun. But thanks for anything you can do.
  11. I will try that, Spiritchaser28, and report back, but it doesn't make sense to me. Even it it works, it is still a bug. It is a workaround only; but it might be useful information. When, despite the red glare, I go ahead anyway and click my left mouse button I get the error "not enough space'. Anyway, yes, I will try it just to see what happen.
  12. This issue does not relate to ships. Generally the circumstances are simply on areas close to beaches, but not on the beach. Essentially any rather flat, uncluttered area on an island; areas where typically I never had problems before and where weaving looms, tanning racks and bamboo beds are easily placed on the ground. When I have the red ghost/glare, showing that the placement will not work, I have often carried it around to see if it will place anywhere at all; and it won't. In the rare instance when it is placeable, it shows no red even in the beginning. It is an all or nothing sort of thing. I hope this helps. I cannot understand why I can be having this problem and you cannot immediately reproduce it! (But then I am clueless about the many problems of programming.) Again, if one makes repeated attempts, it usually does place, but after 8 or 10 attempts I just give up in total frustration. Thanks for looking into this!
  13. In recent days I have experienced chronic problems placing both stoves and spinning wheels in Legacy Exploration; and spinning wheels in the new Exploration game. Other things such as beds, weaving looms and tanning racks place OK. The error message is 'not enough space'. In some cases I can eventually place the item if I try over and over... up to a dozen or more times may be required. In the past I have also experienced problems placing other work stations, but I haven't tried recently, so I don't know the status of those issues.
  14. Thank you again all. Yes, I did the workaround you (spiritchaser28 and zarwil) suggested and it worked fine!
  15. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this topic. Yes, my problems have been experienced in a ship. The ship was in construction mode and had been placed on the ground. I will try the suggestion to copy the ship, and to paste the copy. I'll get back with you on this. I appreciate deeply the replies and the discussion you all gave!