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  1. Sorry this is so late of a reply, but it seems that with the latest update that this has been fixed. Thank you very much!
  2. Azazil00

    How do you get a position in front of the player?

    There is a better way than using the reference point. It's what I use to make some magic weapons and things. You'll need to be able to reference the player in the visual script, so you'll need to be able to get your characters position and rotation. all you need to do is copy the Position tab in this picture. The picture is basically an example of a particle effect playing in front of the caster at a set distance and height. it is basically getting the position of your player and adding a set value for distance and height in the direction you're facing. I the VECTOR tab, X and Z are what is getting your rotation. The Y value is how high off the ground you want your point to be. The last number in the Position tab is how far you want your point to be in front or (if negative) behind your character. Extra Explanation: in the VECTOR tab X and Z are getting the Sin and Cos of the Y value of your character's rotation. The Y value of your character's rotation is the degree at which your character is rotated. When you plug the Sin in the X spot and the Cos in the Z spot, they cancel out to give you the direction you're facing. There is another post in these forums that explains that better, something about throwing a ball or something.
  3. Azazil00

    Throw objects to camera aimed direction

    The only thing I know of is throwing entities in the direction your character is facing. I still don't know if there is a way to reference the camera's direction. I would like to find this out as well though.
  4. So I make compositions of magic staves that do certain things, usually throwing an object when I attack. I add in particle effects to make things look more magical and I customize the particle effects to match the theme of my staff. Since the latest update, the particle effects do not play correctly much of the time. Keep in mind that I haven't changed anything in my compositions, and occasionally it will work correctly, but not for long. What exactly is going on is I use the throw command to shoot a projectile out, and when that projectile hits a target or the ground a custom particle effect would play at the location of the impact. I also use them at location of the end of the staff when attacking. This used to work just fine, with no problems. But after the Watery Waters update, I noticed that for the first couple uses, the effects will play correctly, but after that they turn to their default look. I'm not sure what else could be doing this besides a bug, unless something was changed and I did not know. Either way I'd really like to figure out a solution to this bc my compositions do not look so great anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Azazil00

    AI behavior questions

    Is there any way to set who/what NPC's will be aggressive towards? As of right now, all I can see right now is that the AI Behavior options always reflect back to their actions toward the player, but no actions toward other NPCs. I've also noticed that NPC's dont shoot projectile weapons. Is there just some set up that I need to learn how to do, or is this something that just isn't in the game?
  6. Azazil00

    Particle effects on thrown entities?

    I appreciate the response. I think I'll just wait until it gets implemented with the "Throw Entity" command because I can't seem to get it to work with what I am doing. I'm trying to make a weapon that can shoot a projectile (an entity like an acacia sapling) out and have a particle effect attached to that entity when it is thrown. I've made a few weapons already that use the throw command to do this, but I'd like to give it that extra touch with particles. I tried using the Spawn Entity and the Follow command but I had some issues. I tried using a reference point/trigger zone that follow the player with an offset that puts it in front of the caster at all times. That part worked. I then tried to make the projectile that was spawned follow that reference point/trigger zone, but when I do, it spawns the entity, but it never moves and always says something needs to be animated. I made sure everything that I was working with was ticked for animated. I was using the "On attack" event too. I'm not sure what to do at this point but wait on the particle effects for the throw logic as I'm not too familiar with the way Follow works. Thank you though for the response, can't wait for the update.
  7. Azazil00

    Particle effects on thrown entities?

    I've tried applying a particle template to the entity in the entity template that is used in the "Throw Entity" command, but it only throws the entity without the particle effect attached. At this point, I'm not sure what else to do to get it to work
  8. Is there currently any way to get particle effects to play on entities that are in the process of being launched due to the "Throw Entity" command?
  9. Azazil00

    Range Weapon Particles

    You're gonna need to use the event "On Ranged attack" or something along those lines when writing the script so you have reference of the "Trigger Entity" (your character). Use this code, and tweak the Transform Rotation Offset numbers to find the right rotation. On the Position tab, there are only two points that are constants (numbers). The one at the "Y" can be changed to set the height your particle will come from. The last number in the position tab will set how far away from you it will be. Just edit the script of your ranged weapon, put an "On Ranged Attack" event down, and then copy this down below it and change the three numbers to be where you want. It will be a little trial and error, but it doesn't take as long as you'd think.
  10. I've noticed that when making scripts, there isn't an easy way to reference the player all the time. Like for example, right now I am trying to make a staff that throws an entity. The entity should have a rotation that is determined by which way the player is facing. This is hard to do without referencing the player position because I have to write the script in the entity template for the object so that it will rotate when I execute the throw command. Anyway, is there any way that I'm overlooking on how to get player position and rotation from any script? Edit: I did figure what I was wanting to do eventually, and let me tell you, it was so much more simple than my brain was telling me. All I had to do was rotate the object before I set it to the Entity Template. Then it will be thrown in that rotation... yay me..