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  1. Oswulf Leowalding

    Suggestion: Teleporters

    Yeah! Exciting!
  2. Oswulf Leowalding

    MP player crashes after 12 hours ....

    Hey, Sorry to hear you're getting crashes! The server administrator (Red Eagle?) might need to provide the server logs. I play on a few vanilla servers that are on very consistently, and don't experience this kind of degradation. Could it perhaps be to do with some custom game logic and scripts implemented on the map? I think the update for particles is a side-line to the major work in the background - which is nice to see the split stream development.
  3. Oswulf Leowalding

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-22224] Blueprint Ghost

    Problem: When deleting a blueprint table in the editor (and perhaps using the Annihilator Gun?), the blueprint ghost remains and is now a persistent object in the game world with no means of removing it. (That I know of.) Replication Case: 1) Place a new blueprint down in-game. 2) Save & Exit to the main menu. 3) Enter the Editor & load the saved Game. 4) Highlight the blueprint table & delete it. Intended Outcome: The blueprint table and it's associated ghost should be removed. (Perhaps there should also be an easy administration method of removing blueprints in-game.)
  4. Oswulf Leowalding

    [suggestion] Screwdriver functionality

    Use Case: We all like creating little intricate displays to enhance our building projects, but because the game is played in third person, we often pick up an incorrect item. I believe this should be limited to non-building blocks, as I feel it's kind of right that they harden (Like a real brick wall, for example.) but for convenience, it would be nice to mark items as non-pickable in-game. User Stories: Given a player is holding a screwdriver And is interacting with a "pickable" entity And the entity is not a building block When the Screwdriver is used on the other entity Then the other entity should no longer be "pickable" Given a player is holding a Screwdriver And is interacting with a non "pickable" entity And the entity is not a building block When the Screwdriver is used on the other entity Then the other entity should now be "pickable"
  5. Oswulf Leowalding

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21890] Chat censor

    Okay, that's excellent! Is it compulsory to maintain a rating criteria? If so, that's cool. Thanks for taking a look at it!
  6. Oswulf Leowalding

    Explore Map Size

    Great! That's all I can ask for Good luck with it!
  7. Oswulf Leowalding

    Explore Map Size

    Would definitely second a larger-scale map for exploration. I hear they're working on some kind of extendable map solution. (Doesn't sound like procedural generation, but more like connecting several maps together.) The navigation birds and open seas are sorely missed. Any idea why they were removed? I'm okay with short term solutions to technical problems as long as the long term goal is un-compromised.
  8. Oswulf Leowalding

    Suggestion: Teleporters

    I wouldn't mind these being in Exploration as long as they could be disabled. I think the Ylands are already too small and close together - so Teleporters (outside of admin use) seem like a bad idea if they can't be disabled.
  9. Oswulf Leowalding

    The next big step for Ylands

    I was an early access backer. Exploration is pretty vital in my opinion. I like that the game has in-built flexibility with the editor (to create whole mod-like sub-systems and events.) but I see this as a means to enhance and chisel the exploration experience for a particular game/server. I look forward to the Exploration updates mentioned: * Expandable maps. (Great! I hope that with this comes slightly larger landmasses with smaller satellite masses around them. If the distance between Ylands could be significantly increased, then it would be perfect.) * Water Physics. (Excellent. This caught me by surprise when someone on my game dug the edge of the starter Yland and it caused a trippy underwater tunnel.) Could I also suggest the following too: * Add functionality to the screwdriver to toggle the "pickable" property of free-placed items. (With one-way setting for the Building Blocks - ie; make non-pickable.) * Add game options to disallow Barriers & Propeller Packs (Maybe block-owners could "unfix" their building blocks, and blocks could have a lot more health with ways of reinforcing them, instead, maybe? (especially doors.)) - I feel that Propeller packs are too OP right now. You can get one pretty quick in an exploration game and they very quickly remove a lot of difficulty. I would like to disable them; but if not - then making them slower and requiring charge at the very least would be nice. * More drinks! (Coffee, beer, wine etc..) * Capped collection backups (A rolling set of n backups for a game.) Some more far-reaching ideas: * Rope mechanics. (Tether things together - small boats to a dock, a horse to a post, a small boat to a larger boat) * Hot-Editor (Access to an instance of the Editor while playing for Characters with a Role assigned - I understand this would need to be limited to certain editor features, but being able to lock things down / move things / change entity properties on the fly would be a great addition. Currently I have to quit and create a new editor instance, then open my game file from there, then re-join my new game.)
  10. Oswulf Leowalding

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21890] Chat censor

    This filter gets pretty annoying. It's over zealous and easy to bypass. I would prefer it if this was an opt-in option instead of a default compulsory censor. Especially as multiplayer is intended to be amongst few people - who are then likely to know each other.