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  1. Wagvli

    Remove stereotypes of Native Americans

    As a member of the First Nations, I think having us in there is awesome. The only issue with it is just lack of diversity in clothing. Maybe (when/if given the chance because I know this is hard/long work for yall and it takes time) add a few basic clothing styles for natives, from forest, desert, everglades, to mountain styles. I can see how people would see the ones already implemented (Maya, Inuk, and Plains native clothing) as slightly stereotypical (because most people only know of those 3 groups and assume all natives dress the same). Just a little more variation with LESS feathers, because really only the Plains Tribes are "feather nuts" (respectfully) and maybe some better braid styles (the pigtails look a little janky, and a single ponytail braid would be awesome). Besides that I love what yall are doing and this is definitely the BEST game I've ever played. Cuddos 😌
  2. Id like to think cases/racks would make displaying weapons/tools more natural, instead of sticking it to a wall or propped on a shelf.