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  1. Thank you for taking part in the competition. It didn't work out this time, but we wish you good luck for the next competition. Don't let this discourage you and keep creating!
  2. CONGRATULATIONS on winning FIFTH PLACE! I will be in touch regarding your prize and everything else that needs to be taken care of
  3. GRATULUJEME k výhře ČTVRTÉHO místa! Spojím se s tebou ohledně ceny a dalších věcí, které je potřeba zařídit
  4. CONGRATULATIONS on winning shared SECOND and THIRD PLACE! I will be in touch regarding your prize and everything else that needs to be taken care of
  5. CONGRATULATIONS on winning shared SECOND and THIRD PLACE! I will be in touch regarding your prize and everything else that needs to be taken care of
  6. CONGRATULATIONS on winning FIRST PLACE! I will be in touch regarding your prize and everything else that needs to be taken care of
  7. Hello Ylanders! We would like to thank all of our Creators who participated in Creators Competition - Season 2. The quality of submissions was really high and the jury vote was very close. We even had to split a prize between two submissions, because we couldn't decide! Here is the final ranking: 🥇 Seagull Relay Theta by OliverH 🥈-🥉 Ysla Vulcana by Mello1223 and The Fortress Library by FlintlockRob 4. Vesnice v Ohrozeni (Village in Peril) by Jardaj 5. Keras Island by Fompster Congratulations to our winners! We will keep you posted when you'll get to play these Mystery Ylands, so stay tuned!
  8. We took all the info and are now investigating further. Thank you!
  9. And is there a chance you could send me the savegame of the map where this happened to you?
  10. Hey! Are you able to summon your ship? If yes, then please take a video and send it to me! Thank you!
  11. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #203 Oh ship!

    Hey there, fellow Ylanders! With update 1.8 successfully released, we are now fully working on 1.9. We've already mentioned what its theme will be so maybe we can provide you with a few more bits of information. Firstly, we are aiming at making ships a more important and integral part of life of those who choose to go and explore those far horizons. From small things like naming your ship to introducing some cool new things to make your seafaring more fun and more interesting, and last, but certainly not least, to being able to damage, sink and repair ships (in maps that are set as PvP). (screenshot by NICO14973) But that's just some of the things that will happen above the sea waves, but what about the vast areas below them? Well, they have been void and bare and both without enough interesting things to see and gameplay mechanics to play with... So this ends with 1.9. We are adding a lot of cool stuff in the depths (and obviously fixing some long-standing issues with light sources underwater). This is also extremely exciting but as much as we would like to share more, everything has its time. And what else is new? We're getting close to announcing the results of the recent competition as the final votes are just coming in from the team Ylands judges. Also, it's been almost two years since Ylands left Early Access, and though we had some problems in the past, right now the game is much better and we feel we're on the right track... and that's definitely something to celebrate, isn't it? But we'll talk about this more the next week. Until then make sure you stay healthy and classy, Ylanders!
  12. Nikki Severin

    Can't see any words, letters

    Hey there! Is this still a problem after the patch that was released today?
  13. Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

    Hey there, Ylanders! The new post-update release notes are here! What's new: An updated tutorial with several bugs fixed Hunger immunity bug fixed Workstations on ships should keep their rotation after being lit or put out Several Mobile UI issues were fixed General bug fixes All fixes and tweaks [YLD-34617] Fixed: Exploration: player may not get ever hungry if he was on Tutorial yland. [YLD-23147] Fixed: Some cave random encounters are not generated. [YLD-33439] Fixed: Parented entities are rotated after being replaced by another entity in their spawn chain (e.g. workstations placed on ships after being fed). [YLD-34585] Fixed: Placing a blueprint containing a vehicle should now finish properly, assembling the vehicle and removing the blueprint table. [YLD-34602] Fixed: Some potted plants disappeared. [YLD-34614] Fixed: Leaving an exploration game while seated on an animal companion no longer breaks camera and movement upon reentering. [YLD-34630] Fixed: "Freeman" achievement hidden. [YLD-34632] Fixed: Obtaining screenshot using F11 takes screenshot correctly with UI. [YLD-34639] Fixed: Wrong entity is painted sometimes when there are multiple entities stacked on top of each other and you are painting in a downwards direction. [YLD-34681] Fixed: Get Custom Key Action State script tile in Custom controller's script does not work. [YLD-34720] Fixed: Coop settings in in-game multiplayer settings should show always properly now. This bug was older than changes done for [YLD-34742] Fixed: Pumpkin clothes showing under coconuts in recipe groups. [YLD-34546] Fixed: VS: spawning animated game logic object does not work. [YLD-34597] Fixed: VS: Entity + Game logic object does not work correctly as argument of Send Message To Server script tile. [YLD-34604] Fixed: VS: Custom controller with parameter variables stops working in some situations. [YLD-34706] Fixed: VS: it is possible to switch to client script of Entity/Logic storage even though it is not supported. [YLD-34741] Fixed: VS: Time trigger elapsed time and Delayed instructions elapsed time is reset after savegame load. [YLD-34438] Tweaked: Editor: we now show only names of first up to 10 columns in Data set properties. (lot of lines were slowing down the game significantly). [YLD-34612] Tweaked: Hunger gain rate decreased slightly when sated. [YLD-34732] Tweaked: Make logs drop basic 1x1x1 log blocks on destruction. CleanupKillSystem noses all MovingBasis followers on the collided entity before the entity itself. It also clears the parent transform id for the character being saved to ensure the former id is not kept and propagated to the character's FollowMovingBasis.
  14. Nikki Severin

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    Hey! Yes, we're working on it! thank you all for the reports and logs!
  15. Hey there, fellow Ylanders! This Dev Diary comes out on Friday. Not because we would be resting after we released the update 1.8, but quite the opposite. We‘ve been busy talking to you, listening to your feedback, checking your bug reports and working on a patch, which will come out next week and will fix some minor issues and imbalances. So far we‘ve been extremely happy with how this update turned out. We are getting some really nice messages about the progress Exploration has made and once again we are seeing the return of players who left because Exploration felt abandoned. Right now we KNOW that we are on the right track and we‘re going to keep walking it. We‘ve just finalized our update goals for the next year and yes, every single update planned is going to improve Exploration in a major way or fix what doesn‘t work as intended. So what can you expect to come first? First quarter of 2022 will see us improving many things related to ships and sailing. We will take you to dangerous places below the sea surface and bring, once again, a large number of improvements based on things you‘ve been asking for. Welcome to the new era of Exploration - we‘re glad you‘re here with us to witness it Stay classy and healthy, Ylanders!