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  1. Hey! Not exactly what you're asking for but did you know that you can re-color instructions and that way maybe organize the script differently?
  2. Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

    Hey! There was a bug when the alphas were counted as defeated when they despawned during the day (meaning they "disappear" during the day so that players don't see them). This meant not many alphas around, but it is now fixed
  3. Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

    Highlights The Exploration option in the main menu was overlapping Tutorial's bugs fixed The translations string could be seen in the chat Ship engines won't turn on in several cases Additions [YLD-36592] Added: A new touch button for switching between sails and engines when the ship has both. The mobile button will work with a simple tap, the PC binding will still use a right-mouse hold. [YLD-36629] Added: Drop item hotkey binding for inventory. [YLD-36986] Added: When clicking an ingredient in the workstation screen's recipe, the player is now actually provided with some info. [YLD-36986] Added: Non-craftable items' warning about the item being found in the world will now also show the description for the item, providing the player with a bit more info on where to find it. [YLD-37005] Added: Unequip button to inventory's right panel, the logic for swapping equip and unequip buttons. [YLD-37009] Added: Drop function for animal milking/shearing with full inventory. Added: Separate actions for switching to engines and sails to allow for separate predicates and icon binding - for touch only, the desktop will still have the previous toggling through the hold. Added: Text note about not working on protected scenarios into "Others can download and edit" editor setting on-hover hint. Tweaked [YLD-36435] Tweaked: Mobile: Updating removes friend/clan options in the chat system. [YLD-36682] Tweaked: Sails are now transparent when the player is behind them. [YLD-37054] Tweaked: Editor: you get now error when you try to playtest the game with an empty Entity template or Game logic template. Tweaked: Increase oxygen coral occurrence in UW biotopes. Tweaked: Compositions for vendors now contain indestructible entities to prevent deconstruction. Fixes [YLD-34704] Fixed: Random encounters: cave encounters spawn without any entity. [YLD-35621] Fixed: Missing names and colons in GAME chat and CLAN chat [YLD-36276] Fixed: The client could sometimes not reconnect when he tried to respawn while having his pet summoned. [YLD-36409] Fixed: No more problems with connecting exploration games with sandbox games. [YLD-36424] Fixed: Harvested oxygen coral plant instantly change to fresh one when placed. [YLD-36443] Fixed: Some animals cannot be placed on the first try. [YLD-36562] Fixed: Pipe Block's 3rd channel is now colourable. [YLD-36573] Fixed: The custom instruction parameter doesn't inherit the custom colour of its parent tile. [YLD-36647] Fixed: Floating hints should have all elements correctly vertically aligned (e.g. the holding text etc.). [YLD-36682] Fixed: In some scenarios, sails are not transparent. [YLD-36739] Fixed: If you redeem explore DLC, you will get a costume and pet after restarting the game (now it happens immediately). [YLD-36767] Fixed: There is no error when referencing objects from Group referenced with Group template which is marked to destroy the group on export. [YLD-36768] Fixed: Animators do not work in Random Encounters. [YLD-36779] Fixed: Item description in mobile inventory can no longer be scrolled out of the screen. [YLD-36790] Fixed: Fish Net Grip. [YLD-36911] Fixed: Leopard shark is slower than the rest of the sharks. [YLD-36941] Fixed: Pulsing/Glowing Mushroom Trees and Pulsing/Glowing Polyporus Trees don't react to wind at all. [YLD-36960] Fixed: Redundant 3rd colour layer of the harvestable Brown Kelp plant. [YLD-36968] Fixed: When the air tank is equipped from the vicinity, the air is not refilled. [YLD-36978] Fixed: Some strings in Skill Editor in the Editor are missing translation. [YLD-36993] Fixed: Combat music should stop now properly when teleporting. [YLD-36995] Fixed: Locked Oxygen Harvester can be normally used. [YLD-37001] Fixed: Marble block 1x1x2 wrong loads. [YLD-37015] Fixed: Insufficient glow of harvestable Red Kelp plant. [YLD-37077] Fixed: Underwater cave REs spawn in the middle of the room instead of the floor. [YLD-37148] Fixed: Account link: create new account button does nothing if you are not in the home window. [YLD-37279] Fixed: Loot containers not spawning in deep water (voxel -2 or less). [YLD-37285] Fixed: Sometimes ships are teleported away after they are spawned into the world. [YLD-37287] Fixed: /r command to reply was not working. [YLD-37288] Fixed: Whisper command remembers the wrong user. [YLD-37302] Fixed: Exploration 2: Mutated alphas are defeated when they are despawned during the day. [YLD-37482] Fixed: Correct NPC names in chat [YLD-37484] Fixed: Hint for dropping an item will not be present on the Cube screen. [YLD-37504] Fixed: Random Encounters: Crates of REs in underwater caves may be inaccessible due to clipping into terrain [YLD-37938] Fixed: Untranslated texts found in the Exploration mode news popup. Fixed: Several bugs in the tutorial. [YLD-36824] Fixed: Editor: Global variables created in the referenced entity in Template GL. [YLD-37026] Fixed: Editor: Exception after deleting entity with a faulty script and using the Game Log search bar. [YLD-37124] Fixed: Editor: Exception after placing some entity into NPC's inventory. [YLD-37268] Fixed: Editor: animated GLs/Entities as part of Group template prevents playtest. [YLD-36571] Fixed: VS: Custom instruction variables do not have always the correct custom colour. [YLD-37034] Fixed: VS: dynamic trigger zones can slow down clients. [YLD-37128] Fixed: VS: array variables with specified type have wrong embedded tile in the menu. [YLD-37130] Fixed: VS: there is an error when deleting the last switch branch. [YLD-37228] Fixed: VS: Infinite exception when spawning from Group Template a group with delayed function in its child. [YLD-37238] Fixed: VS: it is not possible to hide in properties previously shown global variables.
  4. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #224 Exploration & Creators: The Ultimate Combo

    It shouldn't technically impact Exploration at all, if you so choose. Meaning the Custom Exploration will be a "separate world". We'll share more details as we progress in the development for sure
  5. Hey there, fellow Ylanders! We're working hard on update 1.10 and since update 1.5 it's always been about Exploration first. This is not going to change, but we understand that the ones who like to create cool contraptions or worlds in the Editor might feel neglected, which is why the past few updates brought a lot of Editor and scripting improvements as well. So today we would like to let the Creators know, what the near future holds for them. We are currently working on something we internally call "Custom Exploration". We've already mentioned it in our Dev Diaries, but let us remind you what it's all about. We want to let Creators build ylands in the Editor (or in the Sandbox mode) that players will be able to visit with their ships from the Exploration world. This will result in much more than the ability to create a cool "home" for you with the help of cool things that only the Editor offers. We are going to add incentives for Creators to come up with cool experiences for players who want something more than what Exploration currently offers. At the same time, it will be something that is based on the core Exploration gameplay. You can think of it as Mystery Ylands... created by players for players, friends or strangers alike. We will reward Explorers for sailing to these worlds and leaving notes and ratings for others if what they found is worth experiencing. This feature was originally planned for 1.10, but we now see that the first version would be too rough around the edges and missing some of the cool things that make it interesting. So we decided to take more time working on it and will release it in 1.11 in a better shape and with more tools and documentation ready for the Creators. We will also be giving the Creators enough information in advance so that their creations can be available to players as soon as 1.11 is released. The Editor and content creation will get much more love not just thanks to "Custom Exploration", but also thanks to Ylands EDU version, which is doing surprisingly well and which, in the end, seems to be something that the Ylands game will profit from even more than we expected. But that's a story for a different time :). We're looking forward to talking to you the next week. Until then - stay classy!
  6. Nikki Severin

    Toolbox UI

    Hey! Very cool! Forwarding this to our designers Thank you!!!!
  7. Nikki Severin

    How to enable Full StackTraces?

    Hey! Can you try setting your trigger zones that are a part of the animated groups as animated? This should work
  8. Nikki Severin

    How to enable Full StackTraces?

    Hello! Can you please send us the problematic Scenario? You should be able to find it in this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<yoursteamid>\298610\remote\Scenarios You can send it to me in a PM Thank you!
  9. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #223 What You Ask Is What You Get

    Bear in mind that this is still our internal version of the feature so it is not complete, and as Spirit mentioned, the image is indeed cut off
  10. Hey there, fellow Ylanders! Let's talk about yet another thing that you will get to find in the next update because you asked for it :). Several of you told us about how annoying it is you are not able to eat while exploring while riding a horse or, more importantly, hold a compass (so you can tell where you're going). This is something that wasn't initially even planned for 1.10 but since this suggestion keeps appearing, we decided to squeeze it in. Oh, and did we mention that because you will now be able to hold items while riding you can travel through the darkness while holding a torch or a lantern? Anyway, the moral of the story is as always - the more you talk to us, the better the game gets. Thanks for all your feedback! That's it for today and we'll talk to you again next week. Until then stay healthy and classy, Ylanders!
  11. Nikki Severin


    Hi there! We cannot refund servers, as it is a third party service. As for Exploration Pack refunds, we only provide refunds for these when bought through the Steam store
  12. Nikki Severin

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    For sure!
  13. Nikki Severin

    Extended Industries: Brewery

    Hey! This is looking great! When it comes to alcohol, that is something we will most likely never include as a permanent feature. But we're already discussing the possibility to use this in another way. This doesn't mean we'll end up including it but we think it's a cool idea to explore 😊
  14. Hey there, fellow Ylanders! Firstly we would like to thank you for the huge amount of feedback we got based on the last Dev Diary. It's just awesome to see how much thought many of you have put into it! ❤️ We're still looking into it and discussing it, and will comment on some of the points soon. Today we would like to share a bit more information about the Blueprints update we're planning for the next update. So far you your options to build something awesome and (re)use it in Exploration as a Blueprint were extremely limited. That shouldn't be the case anymore. If all goes well, in 1.10 we'll introduce some rather big changes to Blueprints. Blueprints and Compositions will turn into two types of Blueprints (naming can change) - Explorer and Creator Blueprints. Let us share a bit more about their specifics: Creator Blueprints are pretty much what Compositions were (and your existing Compositions, will, in fact, be considered Creator Blueprints). Within those you will be able to store pretty much everything you create in the Editor. However, those will be usable only in the Editor. Explorer Blueprints will be usable in both Exploration and the Editor. The biggest change when compared to pre-1.10 Blueprints is, that you can create those in the Editor and then use in your Exploration world. Also, they can contain much more than just building blocks. You can have a Blueprint of a house, filled with items, surrounded by a garden with flowers and trees. In 1.10 you will be able to use these only locally and we'll check if it all works as intended and improve it based on your feedback. In 1.11 we will add advanced options of sharing and monetizing for creators of both kinds of Blueprints. Even though it will become much easier to create amazing Blueprints and use them in the Exploration, don't forget that they're still just that - something that requires your effort to get all the resources (be it materials or specific items) to build it. The more sophisticated the blueprint, the more effort you'll need to build it. That's it for this week, as always, let us know what you think and on top of that... Stay classy, Ylanders!
  15. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW Unable To Continue Save

    Thank you! We're looking into this, thank you for the report!