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  1. Nikki Severin

    KNOWN ISSUE [YLD-29956] Exploration Island Hopping Bug

    Hi there! Thanks for letting us know and sorry this is happening to you ! Good news is that this looks like a known issue and we are working on a fix, which will likely come with the release of 1.7!
  2. Hey there! Can you please describe this in more detail and possibly also include game logs so that we can have a look into it? Thank you!
  3. Nikki Severin

    POSSIBLY Magical Chest

    Hey there @Sazzle! That Is an interesting concept Let me ask and see if it's an option
  4. Nikki Severin

    NOT POSSIBLE Suggestion Cycles and bikes

    Hi there! Sorry but unfortunately this is beyond what the game physics can handle.
  5. Nikki Severin

    POSSIBLY Ostrich and chicken eggs

    Hey @bobo198312! We would like to see this feature as well, Aleš mentioned it should be possible so stay tuned and I will keep you posted about this
  6. Nikki Severin

    5th Q&A with Aleš

    Ran out? RAN OUT? This is officially the end of the world as we know it! Quickly! New questions..... uhhhh, uhhh, how about... FISH CANNON, no wait, we asked about that. Okay then, something else... HELP US WITH THE QUESTIONS!
  7. Nikki Severin

    Is there a way to change your name on here?

    @Red men the change is done you are now @MrPmit Should appear in your profile in a bit!
  8. Nikki Severin

    Your last session is no longer reachable

    Hey there @lady_whynot and @Falkenkopf! So sorry that this question slipped through the cracks I will discuss this first thing on monday to see what we can do to help with the game!
  9. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #175 Yland Hopping

    We know we promised the roadmap and we will share it with you guys next week! And regarding the 1.7 drop, it should be late June
  10. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #175 Yland Hopping

    I think I can manage that
  11. Nikki Severin

    FTC sign

    There will probably be multiple different answers based on the specific ship, but I'll keep you posted
  12. Well hello there, Ylanders! Whether you are an experienced adventurer or a rookie sailor, there is always more to explore! And to give you an even more exciting journey of discovery, in the 1.7 update, we would like to implement a system of scenarios, which we hope, would challenge you in completely new ways. You asked us to give you some sense of progression through the game - and this is it. We are going to introduce a kind of "experience points" that will let you open specific ylands. These ylands could be just about anything, so you would have to be on the lookout for a mind twisting puzzle, a hard-hitting boss fight or maybe even something utterly indescribable! Once you "complete" this yland, you will receive a reward for all of your hard work. We expect the primary way of increasing the experience level through random encounters, so as you keep exploring the world and bumping into unexpected events, you would level up as an adventurer and would be more ready to tackle more and more challenging scenarios. And to enable you to gather up friends you've made along the journey of exploration, these milestone scenarios would be available in multiplayer as well. These would, however, still require a certain level of experience to access. We believe that this will add a lot of fun to Exploration and we are looking forward to telling you more details soon That's everything for today's dev diary. We will continue working on the 1.7 update and keep you informed! In the meantime.... Stay classy, Ylanders!
  13. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW server wiping alone

    Hey! Just as @ocnoglittle is saying, can you give us more information please? Thank you!
  14. Nikki Severin

    RESOLVED Social Not working

    Hey there! This was fixed in the last patch Thank you for letting us know!
  15. Nikki Severin Patch 3 May '21

    Hey guys! Before this change, local game log files partially included information that Ylands servers use to authenticate certain requests from game client. In case a skilled malicious third party got hold of a player's log file, it was theoretically possible for them to use the information in log file to dispatch requests to Ylands servers (e.g. workshop) under the identity of the player whose log they had. While the sensitive logged information has expiration time and becomes invalid once user logs into the game again; and we have neither observed nor have received reports of any such incidents; we have decided to omit the sensitive information from log file altogether. Hope this explains it