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  1. Ahoy Ylanders! We're thrilled to share some behind-the-scenes insights from our 3D artist department about a new animal coming to the Taiga region in Update 2.3. This is going to be a great one so you will have to wait a bit longer for it. The Creative Journey: From Squirrels to Cows Our journey began with an open slot in the Taiga region, prompting our designer to suggest adding a new animal. The first idea was a giant squirrel, but animation challenges led us to brainstorm further. We then played with the idea of something prehistoric and herbivorous, like a dinosaur. Imagine that in Ylands! However, we soon realized that the best idea was right in front of us, especially with the upcoming 2.2 update bringing encounters reminiscent of the bygone cowboy era. Our designer, Pypse (who often interacts with you on our Discord), came up with a brilliant idea: a cow. Merging Utility with Aesthetics: The Taiga Cow This cow isn't just an animal; it's a symbol of our commitment to blending utility with aesthetics. It animates well, is great for riding, can be milked, and fits perfectly with the Taiga's cowboy theme. Deciding on the type of cow was challenging, with numerous breeds to choose from. We settled on the unique Highland cattle, known for its shaggy coat. Artistic Challenge: The Highland Cattle Model Creating a model of the Highland cattle required special attention to its distinctive, shaggy fur. Thanks to our team of experienced artists, we found a fantastic direction for stylization, making our cow model a work of art. We're excited to show you the initial versions of the fur! Bringing the Cow to Life: Sounds and Animations In the Ylands team, we hope you'll also appreciate the sounds and animations of this noble Taiga creature, integral to our thoughtful stylization process. We're in the process of creating those, so stay tuned! Thank You, Community Your feedback is crucial as we continue to develop and refine our game. We're grateful for your participation in the Ylands community. Your adventures, challenges, and achievements inspire us every day and we are so excited to hear what you think about this furry cow addition to Ylands. Happy exploring in Ylands, and we can't wait for you to meet our newest Taiga resident! Stay Classy!
  2. Hello Ylanders, We’re back with an exciting blend of news about our latest feature: Handbook Rewards. This addition is all about enriching your entire journey in Ylands, with a special focus on those initial, crucial hours of gameplay. A Rewarding Start We understand that the first few hours in Ylands can be decisive. Players who overcome the initial learning curve tend to find deeper enjoyment and stay longer. With this in mind, Handbook Rewards are designed to make the early stages more engaging and less daunting. By offering meaningful rewards for early tasks, we aim to help new players find their footing and uncover the true potential of Ylands. Rewards Across Your Journey But it’s not just about the start. Handbook Rewards bring value at every stage of your adventure. Whether you’re gathering essential resources, unlocking unique and powerful weapons, or acquiring special collectibles, these rewards are tailored to enhance your experience. Streamlining Progression A key goal of Handbook Rewards is to offer a smoother progression path. These rewards come in at just the right time to help you unlock new regions and tackle the challenges ahead. It’s about reducing the grind and increasing the enjoyment of each milestone you reach. While also giving you a long term goal to aim for in the case of Story Chapters or some more difficult Region conquering Diary Events. Looking Forward Handbook Rewards represent just one step in our ongoing effort to make Ylands more engaging. We see great potential in integrating this system with future features, like daily quests or login bonuses, to continually enhance your gaming experience. Your Feedback, Our Compass As you delve into this new feature, we’re eager to hear from you. Your experiences, especially during the early stages of the game, are invaluable in helping us refine and evolve the Handbook Rewards system. Thank you for being part of the Ylands community. Your adventures, challenges, and achievements are what inspire us to keep improving and expanding the world of Ylands. Happy exploring, and here’s to many more rewarding adventures ahead! Stay Classy!
  3. Ahoy Ylanders! Updates are consistently geared toward enhancing your gaming experience. Each update brings a combination of significant features and behind-the-scenes improvements to ensure smoother and more enjoyable gameplay. Let's delve into the journey of these features. Wish List Our wish list is a culmination of various sources, including community suggestions, insights from focus tests, brainstorming sessions with our designers, and feedback from our team members. We also take into account thoughts gathered from QA feedback sessions, creating a comprehensive pool of ideas. Priorities Every update is driven by specific goals, such as improving recipes for new players or transforming sailing into a thrilling adventure. We compile a list of approximately 40 objectives for each update, aiming for a balance between fun and functionality. Design The Feature Owner plays a crucial role in crafting a design document with mockups to visualize ideas. Some features are even prototyped using our Editor, adding a tangible dimension to the creative process. Design Review A creative huddle takes place involving the Project Lead, Producer, and Designers. Their focused brainstorming session ensures alignment with our overall vision and addresses any potential challenges. Implementation With a detailed plan in place, we share our ideas with the implementation team. Each feature follows a specific timeline, accompanied by status meetings and vigilant oversight to ensure a smooth transition from concept to reality. Feature Review We did it! Upon completion, the Project Lead and Producer evaluate the feature's integration into the game, considering its overall enjoyment factor. Other developers also provide feedback during this phase. Feature is Ready The moment of truth arrives as QA takes center stage. Rigorous testing is conducted to identify and address any bugs, ensuring the feature is polished and ready for release. As our team eagerly tackles the next project, they remain committed to resolving any issues promptly. We're excited for you to experience the new feature and have a fantastic time with it! 🚀🎮 And that is a feature's journey from the point of view of Production. Do you have any questions about this process? Let us know in the comments! Stay Classy!
  4. Nikki Severin

    EXPERIMENTAL Build - 2.2 Update

    Ahoy Ylanders, We've been hard at work on the upcoming update, which we titled Tremendous Techtree. And before we release it, we bring you the experimental build! Available only to Steam users, the Experimental build offers you guys a chance to: test upcoming features & changes report any bugs & provide early feedback (#experimental_build room on our Discord server is a great way to do that) HOW TO TRY THE EXPERIMENTAL BUILD *optional* If you've been playing for a while and are not a newer player, please delete the contents of this folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Bohemia Interactive\Ylands\Crashes go to your Steam library and right-click Ylands select Properties, click the "Betas" tab, and enter "YExperimentalPublic" as the password (excluding the double quotes) this will unlock the "i_will_back_up_my_saves" branch. (Please note that you don't need to back up your saves anymore this is just the name of the branch). after selecting the branch and confirming it, Steam will begin downloading the new experimental branch SUPER IMPORTANT INFO! Any progress you make on the experimental build DOES NOT carry over to your live game!!! When you start playing experimental, we will now copy your live progress into experimental for you. You can try your actual progress in the new update right away (remember that you are playing in a separate environment so it will not affect your progress on live by any means). What WILL be copied: Adventure mode progress, All editor scenarios and tools, Non-protected workshop scenarios and all the blueprints you have uploaded to the workshop All your purchased blueprints All your local blueprints What WILL NOT be copied: Sharegames Rented servers (if you want any of those maps on experimental, you will need to turn them into singleplayer maps before you start experimental for the first time) Any workshop assets with global user data (leaderboards, game sets, etc) Do not copy any local files! Any TAMPERING with local data can lead to irreversible loss of progress!!! Not all features that will be released in the full release are necessarily available in the Experimental build. It is possible that some features available in the Experimental build might be changed, balanced, or removed before the full release. Please delete the content of the folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Bohemia Interactive\Ylands\Crashes If you forgot to delete the content of the folder and the game starts as a new game contact us for help. ...with that out of the way...onto the good stuff! HIGHLIGHTS New Experimental! Brand new way of playing the experimental build, now your live progress is copied to experimental so you can try the new changes with your own character and with your own progress! You can also try out your Editor tools and scenarios and see if they work, please keep us informed! Tech Tree Progress through core and most optional recipes is now based on a Tech Tree, allowing for more a controlled and fun system of unlocking crafting recipes. Handbook rewards New rewards for handbook tasks and story (bear in mind some of them are placeholders in experimental). Some rewards can be obtained only through the handbook and nowhere else, so remember to claim them! Compass overhaul Compass is now always visible and has an all-new visual for increased contrast. We also added the detection of cave entrances. Proximity chat Players are now able to communicate via a built-in proximity voice chat in multiplayer sessions. Inventory context button improvements We felt the item detail window was too hidden, so we displayed it more prominently (replaced the "Used In" button). Used In was moved to the item detail window, along with several new functions (Link to the crafting recipe, ability to craft more of the same item, etc.) Alchemy changed to crafting The alchemy table now works as any other workstation (potions are researched in the tech tree as most of the other recipes). Region map is now single-player by default Do you often run out of space in the region map? Now all your maps are single-player by default. Servers are always accessible by a separate game list in the region map. This should double the space for your own ylands! Avatar frames Now you can change the borders of your avatar's face. You can gain some as a reward or buy some in the shop. Frames are visible to all your friends. Biotop polishing Flora and fauna are now region-specific. We also changed the visual (both terrain and new entities) of every region. There are now some new animals like hens, and many new plants, rocks, and trees. Random encounters Random encounters are now region-specific (except for vendors). Vendor encounters were rebalanced and their compositions were updated. Optional recipes were separated into smaller pools to reflect progress in the Tech Tree. We also added a new method for the optional recipe and exploration point acquisition (Interactive entities hidden in Random encounters). Quality of life improvements List of valid entities for inventory containers extended (or changed). Tutorial rebalanced for new changes. Items automatically removed from containers no longer drop on the ground Destroyed entities from REs no longer drop resources. Hardened items no longer fall to the ground when terrain is modified below them. Stumps can be removed using a pick tool. Empty categories in the Crafting menu are hidden until you learn their contents. Sailing speed rebalance Boats were rebalanced to be slower than most ships. Ship speeds were rebalanced for a more linear progression. The angle of optimal wind was increased and the negative effect of sailing against the wind decreased. The power of sails and engines is applied by an exponential curve - less power is required to reach a reasonable speed. Gamepad PC alpha version Early access to the implementation of Gamepad controls for you to try out. Bear in mind that some UI windows are still in progress and you will not be able to use the gamepad in them properly. But especially in combat or general gameplay, we would like to know how gamepad controls work for you. Also please try our new aim assist using the gamepad. Full gamepad implementation will happen during next year. Aim assist Players using a gamepad or playing on mobile are now being assisted with aiming. Secondary Interaction bound to E key We moved some radial menu actions to a separate hotkey. Feedback improvement You can send feedback messages with save files attached. Indicators for saving and bad connection Whenever the game autosaves, an indicator flashes in the bottom right corner. Should you experience issues with an internet connection, the game will display that as well. Also, losing progress when your internet connection is poor should be mitigated to a minimum. EDITOR: Custom tools folders Organize Toolbox neatly into virtual folders. EDITOR: Debug stepping alpha version Introducing an alpha version of a powerful debugging tool for Custom Games containing complicated Visual Script. Add breakpoints to Visual Script tiles, test the game in the Debug mode, and walk through the script step by step. This feature is hidden by default but can be enabled by /enabledebugging 1. Critical Blocking Issues: tech tree does not work properly in multiplayer handbook rewards can disappear in multiplayer Please note that not all texts are translated at the moment and some old texts are not updated yet.
  5. Ahoy, Ylanders! Embark with us on a visual journey into the realm of artistic creation as we unveil the process behind some of the mythical animals in the Ylands universe. Today, we'll delve into the minds of our talented artists: Karel, Filip, and Jakub, as they created the fantastical beings that already inhabit your Ylands experience. Wooden Golem by Karel "Research is key to capturing the true essence of the Wooden Golem. I drew inspiration from my favorite Lord of the Rings movie, blending majestic and dangerous Ents with dumb and heavy Trolls. The challenge was to strike a balance between enchanting and mysterious, ensuring these creatures seamlessly meld into the forest landscapes our players will explore." Stormfeathered Banty by Filip "Creating the Stormfeathered Banty was a challenge. I immersed myself in the world of flying beasts, drawing inspiration from our animator Matej and his pet hen, as well as the old Mayan kingdom. It's fascinating how ordinary animals and tribal art can breathe life into these mythical creatures." Emerald Scaleneck and White Burroworill by Jakub "When thinking of Emerald Scaleneck and White Burroworill, I drew my inspiration from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail (easter egg) and the TV series Dinosaurs. Incorporating these comical ideas into these mythical creatures added an otherworldly dimension. It's amazing how a blend of fantasy world, funny animals, and artistic interpretation can create creatures that feel both cute and captivating." A heartfelt thank you to Karel, Filip, and Jakub for offering us a glimpse into the creative process that births these mythical creatures! For a deeper dive into our artistic endeavors, don't forget to explore our art developer diary in the future. Share your thoughts on these extraordinary creations, and until our next artistic revelation... Stay Classy!
  6. Nikki Severin


    Ahoy Ylanders, It is finally here! We know, we know, it's been a while and sorry about that, but we think the major improvements and over 200 fixes, additions and tweaks are worth the wait! Before you skip to those long requested features, let us thank you for sticking with us in 2023, you are making wonders in Ylands! Let's see what Update 2.2: Tremendous Techtree has brought for you! Tech Tree Tired of randomly exploring the world to find specific recipes? So were we. But now, we're introducing a much better way to get them - The Tech Tree! Finally, you can take technological progress into your own hands and be in charge of advancing through the tree and helping it grow. Wanna know more specifics about the Tech Tree? Go see this Dev Diary: https://ylands.com/community/topic/32592-dev-diary-298-big-technology-change-incoming/ And to help you get started with the Tech Tree, we have a competition on our Discord! Join in and compete with other adventurers for the limited Fox on Board pet. Join the competition here: https://discord.gg/ylands?event=1207664814902480976 Handbook rewards Handbook is great, but everything can be improved. That's our mindset in a nutshell, so what is the Handbook improvement? Rewards for you! Some of these rewards will be useful in your journey and some are Handbook exclusive. One of the exclusive rewards is a C.A.G. avatar frame that can be claimed only by helping Reginald Elmwood with his assignment. What are some of the other rewards? Go open up your Adventurers Handbook and find out! Compass improvements Behold! A brand new never-disappearing compass found its way to Ylands. Storm, fog, night or the brightest sunshine - worry not! With its updated visual, the new compass will always help you find your way... or cave entrances, as those too are marked on the compass from now on. (Our miners reported dozens of hours saved when looking for resource deposits.) Avatar frames Wanna treat yourself by getting an exclusive look for everyone to see? A whole new section of the shop is here and with it an immense dose of style! Choose yours and show it off for all Ylanders to see! Proximity chat Yeah, every game has some kind of voice chat, but where is the immersion? In close proximity. So, make sure to test this new feature out with your closest friends! At least in the Adventure mode, where you can only hear each other when relatively nearby. But worry not, when playing in Creative, you can hear each other regardless of how far apart you are. Mobile aim assist Yet another thing you've been asking for quite often. Here it is! Better aim for mobile users. Pew! Pew! Pew! Are you curious about other new features, fixes and additions? See the Changelog for update 2.2 here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/32773-22-tremendous-tech-tree-changelog-wip/ Valentine sale is ON right now! Our lovely Valentine's sales are still going on. Exclusive limited pet Fox on Board and discounts on more pets, recipes and, of course, the proposal emote! Head to the shop and send a gift to that special player.
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    2.1.5 Patch - Winter Fest Changelog

    Whoops, yep, it is 2.1.5. Edited, thank you! ❤️
  8. Nikki Severin

    2.1.5 Patch - Winter Fest Changelog

    ⭐ Highlights ⭐ Snowball fighting - find stacks of snowballs in Random Encounters and use them in fun battles with your friends! Christmas animals - you can meet new Christmas variants of specific animals on newly discovered ylands and tame them. Toy hunt - Christmas came early and you can already find presents hidden in the world of Ylands. Merry Christmas! New Assets DISCLAIMER: These assets will be available only during the event. Once you acquire/tame them, you will be able to keep them even after the event ends. New animals (exclusively in new maps in Adventure) Festive Terrorbird Festive Rhinoceros Festive Tiger Festive Bear Festive Wolverine Festive Penguin New items Toy Teddy Bear Toy Doll Toy Robot Festive Bait Thrown snowball New pet Socky The Shark New Achievements Having a Snowball (throwable) Santa's Little Herder Santa's Little Hoarder _______________________________ FIXES Fixed: The player's ship should no longer appear in the middle of the Elmwood outpost. Fixed: We fixed the problem with the safe in Ember Yland which did not unlock also Distant memory should no longer disable music for players. ADDITIONS [YLD-48435] Added Anti Cheat sanitation. Multiplayer will be a safe place again. [YLD-48791] Added: Editor: Trigger On player created / On player spawned on Spawn point. Added: Three new Achievements - SANTA'S LITTLE HOARDER, SANTA'S LITTLE HERDER, HAVING A SNOWBALL CHANGES Changed: All new festive items can be found in chests in random encounters, happy hunting! TWEAKED Tweaked: Resource price for unlocking the Adventure region is reduced. Tweaked: Some recipes in Adventure were not obtainable, but now you can find them in random encounters.
  9. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #284 Players Visit in Prague

    This is all true
  10. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #265 Ladies of Ylands

    Ahoy Ylanders, Some of you may have noticed that we celebrated International Women's Day last week. This year we decided to give thanks to all the incredible women who are part of the Ylands team. You can watch it here: Now let's talk about #womeningaming. We are grateful to have so many ladies on our team, as it is still not quite common. And it can be pretty scary to join an industry where you don't see that much representation. "As a little girl, I thought I wanted to be so many things. A lawyer, a famous pianist, a famous painter, or a teacher. Yet I also always imagined making video games as something that I would love to do. And I was right. Being part of the process of creating video games is one of the biggest joys of my life. Having a sketch you made become a real thing in the game that people can enjoy, helping someone who has a problem and making their day better, or planning future assets based on what our players want, all of these things are something I dreamed of doing. Taking something that brings me so much happiness (video games) and dedicating 8+ hours a day to making it better for other people is something that is incredibly important to me. I know we are not doctors, lawyers, or firemen. But I swear that there were moments when video games saved my life. When someone told a story and connected with me on such a level that I felt heard, understood, and less alone. The feeling of being able to give this back to the world, well it is quite something. Thank you to all players who give us a reason to do this, you're amazing. I always thought that you have to know programming or 3D art to become part of the game-making process. I never thought it would be a real possibility for me to work in the game industry. And I think a big part of that was not seeing many women who would tell me that there is a place for me as well. However, that is not true at all! Not only you can start at a position where you learn different skills you can also play to your strengths and go for 2D graphic design or like me put your people skills to the test. 😁 This industry has a place for everyone, you just need to find out what you are good at. I hope one day we will see more women joining our industry. And I want to thank all the ladies on our team for being an inspiration to me and other girls who might want to join the game development process one day." - Anna, Community Manager Now let's hear from them! "I have been playing games since childhood and they have always been one of my biggest passions. And the best way to be closer to passion and never let it fade away is to be a part of it." -Claire, Designer "I always wanted people to react to my job with "Wow! That's cool!". Jokes aside, loving your job is not a common occurrence and I wanted to love what I do. And I love video games with all my heart." -Nikki, Brand Manager So thank you again, ladies, thank you our players for giving us this opportunity, and thank you Ylands team and Bohemia Interactive for having us. Stay Classy! - Anna, Community Manager
  11. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #260 The Sound of Ylands

    Ahoy Ylanders! We often ask you to look at an image or read some new information, but this week, this week is different. And that's because we want you to listen! Let's set the scene. Just imagine you're on the beach of a beautiful yland, sun just starting to peek on the horizon, shashlik being roasted on the fire, coconut drink in hand, your ship anchored nearby and Track Number 2: Serene Sunrise starts playing... eh... what's Track Number 2 you ask? The answer is easy! That is the track that comes after Track Number 1: Adventure Awaits on the Ylands Original Game Soundtrack! The Ylands OST is now available for you to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming platforms! We are extremely happy to share this with you and make the wonderful music of Ylands easily available for you to enjoy whenever and wherever. You may or may not know that the music was composed by a Czech composer Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer who hand picked the individual musicians who performed the tracks. Because we enjoy making fun of ourselves, we'll share a funny story from the implementation of the soundtrack... At one point, we started receiving feedback from players that they heard someone talking when they were inside caves. We thought to ourselves: "That's impossible! We never recorded any dialogue for the game!" So we really dove deep into getting to the bottom of the mystery. And indeed, there it was. When you walked into a cave, you could hear the word "Super!" at times, which was kinda creepy. So we went to consult our sound department and it turned out that they left in a part of the track, where the conductor complimented the great job of the orchestra with a single word... "Super!" That's it for today, Ylanders! Stay Super... and Classy!
  12. Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

    Highlights ❤️ New time-limited pet (available Feb 10 - 17) ⚪ Improved behaviour of inventory and radial menu on-screen buttons 📝 New login/registration screen 📘 Tutorial UI improvements Fixed / Added / Tweaked / Removed [YLD-42689] Fixed: Tutorial: Mobile: Health layout overlaps the hint box. [YLD-42718] Fixed: "Gather Alchemy Ingredients" task name overlaps over its box. [YLD-42411] Added: Flying Boar for Valentine. [YLD-42530] Tweaked: Adjust character naming screen. [YLD-42280] Tweaked: Errors during login/registration are now more specific. [YLD-42544] Tweaked: Mobile UI: Inventory, Radial Menu, Chat a Pause menu should work on release. [YLD-42497] Removed: The login screen upon the first start.
  13. Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

    Highlights 📘 Major Blueprints bugs fixed 👗Costume previews fixed 🏆 Achievement title change fixed ✅UI issues fixed Changelogs Fixed: [YLD-38622] Fixed: The preview of all costumes in the store is blank in a computer. [YLD-39502] Fixed: Players cannot see themselves on the exploration map after being invited by someone other than the host. [YLD-39527] Fixed: Some logs do not get placed in blueprints. [YLD-39405] Fixed: Pickable and interactable entities in Horned Lion Mythical Animal RE are no longer named "-". [YLD-39620] Fixed: Blueprints created from the following energy entities: Energy Stove, Energy Heater (both sizes), Electrolytic Station, Force Field Door and Spotlights (both sizes, any color), cannot be built (and have no requirements). [YLD-39636] Fixed: Rafts in blueprints throw an exception upon completion. [YLD-39526] Fixed: Depositing specific items into a blueprint table could throw an exception. [YLD-39534] Fixed: Profile detail popup was not updating after title change because it was using cached player data & avatar settings. [YLD-39359] Fixed: Editor: Clicking RMB on items in containers deselects the container object.
  14. Nikki Severin Patch Changelog

    Highlights 💎 Disappearing ship parts fixed ❄️ Minor Blueprints fixes 💧 Tutorial bugs fixed 💠Fixed memory leak issues Changelog Fixed [YLD-39511] Fixed: Mountain Talongoat bait recipe no longer requires a whole Heliconia plant (unobtainable). Replaced by Heliconia Seeds. [YLD-39406] Fixed: Placing an item into the blueprint table should now correctly work in instances when the same item is required for both the Materials tab and as a (decorative) Item. [YLD-39401] Fixed: Blueprint project table should now correctly recognize tools inside containers. [YLD-39487] Fixed: A regression where older (for instance, created in Early Access) rented server games could not be deleted. [YLD-33889] Fixed: A memory leak caused by the game screenshot in the upper right corner of the escape menu. [YLD-39163] Fixed: Some texts were untranslated (in: exploration map, rented server management, video options). [YLD-39355] Fixed: Loot container position correctly updates when a boat that has it on board sinks'. [YLD-39362] Fixed: Excluded some EntityPrototypes from being spawnable by SpawnEntityGen. [YLD-39181] Fixed: Reduced shader memory by variant stripping, cleared up the reference to massive colour arrays after use. On LowMemoryEvent don't run GC and UnloadAssets every time, variable 15s time. [YLD-37940] Fixed: Search in inventory now correctly uses localized names of items. [YLD-39362] Fixed: VS: It is possible to Spawn obsolete entities with scripts. [YLD-39422] Fixed: VS: Right-click won't open the context menu in pivot edit mode. Tweaked [YLD-39407] Tweaked: Foliage from blueprints never grows up. [YLD-39357] Tweaked: Trees from blueprints don't drop items anymore. Added New version of Onboarding
  15. Hey there, fellow Ylanders! So something has happened to Blueprints in 1.10. Former Blueprints are now called Game Blueprints and former Compositions are now Creator Blueprints. Why? Because we felt Compositions and Blueprints had a lot of common functionality and when we added more variety to the former Blueprints it became obvious that merging those two together would make a lot of sense. Long story short - Game Blueprints are simpler (as in no scripting etc.) and can be used in Adventure, Sandbox and Editor. Creator Blueprints allow capturing more sophisticated things and can be placed in the Editor only. So what else has changed? Players are now able to capture Blueprints in the Editor (without all of the previous workarounds...)! Just make a selection and open the "Save As Blueprint" wizard. A LOT more things are now available for capture in a Blueprint (weapons, tools, items...trees!) and it takes a lot out of the guesswork about which assets you can utilize. For those who want to be really sure, there is a filter in the Entity Catalogue in the Editor. And as for building the Blueprint in the game - you may notice that there are now two tabs in an active project table. Deposit material in one to build the walls, ship hulls, and car chassis (basically the parts that you can't pick up afterwards) and the other tab collects Items - all the things that you CAN carry around and might want to use as a decoration, for example. If you don't know a recipe for a part of the blueprint or you don't have the right tools to craft it, the project table will tell you and indicate which parts you can't build at the time. PC players can even Stop Building the Blueprint and keep what they built until that point. Right now you can create just local Blueprints for your own use. In 1.11 you'll be able to share them with others and monetize them. That's it for this week and we'll talk to you again soon. Until then - Stay Classy, Ylanders!