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  1. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    Thank you all for your wonderful ideas and great input! We have compiled it all and are going through it as we speak!
  2. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    My apologies, it will be included in the next fix. A little misunderstanding in communication, sorry about that 🤦‍♀️
  3. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    This issue should be now fixed, can you have a look and see if it's working for you? 😊
  4. Nikki Severin

    KNOWN ISSUE Sandstone Corner spikes turned incorrectly?

    Thanks for the report, already working on a fix, but it won't come until 1.8 unfortunately
  5. Nikki Severin

    RESOLVED Re-received coyns for exploration pack.

    Hey! This was caused by a technical glitch in the system, don't worry, we won't take them away from you, so enjoy an unexpected gift 😊
  6. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW Tier 3 islands with tier 2 monsters.

    Hey @spiritchaser28! How often does this seem to happen?
  7. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    @Fompster Can you please send me the map? I have the team looking into reproducing the issue but it will be easier if we have the map 😊 Thank you!!
  8. Nikki Severin

    DEUTSCH - Lokalisierung

    "Färbgestell" ist wrong, the right word in german is "Färbegestell"
  9. Hey there, Ylanders! We're not gonna beat around the bush too much this week. You know the 1.8 update is going to be the next in the line of improvements to the game. And because it will be mostly a "polishing things up" kind of update, we want to, once again, hear from you! This time, let's talk about blueprints and compositions. We know they're not, well, the best they can be. We hear you. But we want to do something about it! So this Dev Diary should serve as a confirmation of the fact that we know, that blueprints and compositions could be better and also as a space to discuss what we can improve! Let us know what what you like and don't like, hit us up with improvements that you would suggest or point out what you think would be a good idea when it comes to blueprints and compositions. That's it for this week and we look forward to reading your ideas! Stay classy, Ylanders!
  10. Nikki Severin

    RESOLVED Toadstool doesn't restore hunger

    It may have, either way, I think we might work with this, it gave us some interesting ideas 😊
  11. Nikki Severin

    DEUTSCH - Lokalisierung

    Thats not a "Kanne" thats a "Dose"
  12. Nikki Severin

    RESOLVED Toadstool doesn't restore hunger

    Hi there! Toadstools are not edible 😱 We will look into adding a warning, but for now, don't eat toadstools! 🍄
  13. Nikki Severin

    UNDER REVIEW Construction mode (Editor) Color bug

    Hey @Yo HasLEGO! Could you please PM the composition that seems to be affected? Thank you!!
  14. Thanks, got it!
  15. Could you please send me the .yland file in your folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<steamnumberid>\298610\remote\Scenarios Thank you!