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  1. Once the ship-blueprint was finished, the unplaceble zone disappeared.
  2. Trying to place an iron ingot with the V key
  3. Hi Ylands I'm getting a wierd bug where I can't place anything on my island next to the ship-blueprint I've placed. It doesn't seem to make a difference how close I am to the blueprint, the unplaceble zone covers my entire island - to the side of the blueprint. In that zone, I can't craft-place anything - In the pictures below I'm experimenting with a campfire. I also can't place seeds or place stuff using the V key. I can dump stuff out of my inventory though. I'm guessing the bug is related to the blueprint being there, and that it goes away when I finish buildnig my ship. I'll let you know. ps. I ventured out on my first exploration yesterday - Just in a small boat - It was so much fun ? You guys did a great job with this new exploration mode! Sent chills my spine when I de-spawned my boat and spawned it back in for the first time - Great feature! Thx. Best regards AAAFrom
  4. AAAFrom

    Candles bugged

    Hey Ylands Thx for a great game. Since the last update candles won't light. It goes for both candles and candelabrums I place when freeroaming in explorermode, and candles and candelabrums I place with the editor and that I have made unpickable. The Chandelier still works. Best regards Anders Aagaard From
  5. AAAFrom

    Workstation Bug

    Hey Bohemia Int. Thx for an amazing game. I simply love Ylands! I bought it for my kids too, and we're exploring our asses off ? Since the new update, a great one btw, the workstations are bugging me hard. When ever you're in PENDING tab at a workstation it automaticly flips to the RECIPE tap, of whatever you have selected on the left, when you press craft/feed/ignite, or if you right click on something to make it. It didn't used to do that, and it's making me crazy. I've attached a small video showing the bug - I'm using the Kiln in the video, but the bug is on every workstation in the game. https://youtu.be/M-u5ZvBrzJg Best regards Anders