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  1. Ahoy Ylanders, It takes a bit of time to progress from crafting torches and grass ropes to building computers and meeting aliens. That applies for both Ylands and the real life. There are new players coming every day, so we thought it might be nice to show what awaits further in the game and how to get there. Regions First things first, there are 6 regions in Ylands. Every one with its own difficulty, temperature and unique resources that you can find there. Seriously, do not underestimate the difficulty and make sure you are prepared before you venture into the next level. You don't wanna die for a piece of iron, right? Stone and Glass These are the first main materials. The important thing here is, that you can make tools out of them! 🔨 Why is that important? Because they let you to gather other materials and progress in the game towards the next-level regions, materials and tools. Iron This is a real revolution that awaits Ylanders in the Far East Region, but be prepared, you need at least an obsidian pick to mine it! It is probably the largest "material tier" that there is in Ylands. You can create dozens of stuffs by processing iron! Since this diary is supposed to help you orient in the world of Ylands, today's featured item that is made from iron is accomplishing the very same thing: the Compass! Also, iron has its own set of tools! 🔨 Steel It shouldn't be that surprising, but you make steel out of iron. How to do it you ask? You need fuel. Go to the Temperate Region and get yourself some coal! Of course, you do need at least an iron pick to mine it. After you spend a few minutes in the heat of the Foundry you can really paint the lily! What do we mean? The featured item that is made from steel is: the Paintgun! Also, steel has its own set of tools! 🔨 Zirconium Okay, we are getting serious here. You probably already know your way around the world of Ylands while roaming the Tundra & Taiga in order to hoard a zirconium ore. Still, we have to say it. This is no country for the underprepared. The danger is one thing, but Zirconium requires a minimum of a Steel Pick or a Steel Hand Drill to be mined. Speaking of gear! Featured item which is made with Zirconium is the best firearm in Ylands! To be fair, you also need Orichalcum ingots to craft it, but the name says it all: the Zirconium Rifle! Also, zirconium has its own set of tools! 🔨 Ylandium and Cobalt Did anyone say computers? Alien tech?! In Ylands?! Yes. You can create these from resources like Ylandium or Cobalt. Tundra & Taiga and the Arctic Regions is where you need to go to retrieve these. It is no joke out there! So be careful not to encounter too many bad dreams. Surprisingly enough, a spaceship or any other alien tech is not what we will feature here today. The item that deserves this shout out is without any doubts the Propeller Pack! Also, neither Ylandium nor Cobalt have their own set of tools. Surprise! We hope that this week's very shallow materialistic diary will help you not to drown in the overwhelming amount of content you can find in Ylands. Progress with caution and Stay Classy!
  2. rihapat

    2.0.4. Patch Changelog

    Highlights Ranged weapons damage optimization Blueprints can be built and stay on the yland Story Yland's general bug fixing Tutorial's general bug fixing Changelog 2.0.4 FIXED YLD-30891 Fixed: we fixed the game stuck on starting island if the player used several mobile devices with the same account (it could happen that there was a missing correct warning message + we adjusted the message). YLD-37796 Fixed: You could lose some items if you used the "take all" action in a container with full inventory. YLD-44074 Fixed: Notification of new handbook messages was missing after reconnecting. YLD-44276 Fixed: Some characters (like Jottun male etc) were incorrectly set up and were showing the incorrect names. YLD-44327 Fixed: Overlaps in the diary when the player had too many ingredients. YLD-44331 Fixed: The player could try logging in to google play with a non-existing date causing the error. YLD-44376 Fixed: Mobiles: The screen flickered with black colour on Android when the player opened his profile. YLD-44502 Fixed: Client variables in editor visual scripting were undefined by default. YLD-44505 Fixed: Players should not have broken cutscenes when they play in first person. YLD-44582 Fixed: Big steam engine was missing a belt in recipes. YLD-44591 Fixed: Blueprints (especially ships and cars) could disappear after being built. YLD-44636 Fixed: Players could not drag blueprints to the Hotbar. YLD-44684 Fixed: Editor: Document switcher could sometimes show an incorrectly selected function. YLD-44703 Fixed: Mad marine sword was tweaked (should no longer be the strongest melee weapon in the game). YLD-44729 AI should no longer run away when hit by a bow or crossbow. YLD-44778 Fixed: Mobiles: Broken count of items needed for a blueprint on mobile (in the shop). YLD-44792 Fixed: Rebalance cooldown and action length of healing and explosive items (player can no longer spam healing and explosive barrels in inventory). YLD-44825 Fixed: The custom controller (game logic in the editor) does not work properly in some cases and could potentially break custom scenarios. YLD-44829 Fixed: Players could accidentally delete their feedback message. YLD-44846 Fixed: Mobiles: The windmill on tranquil fields on mobile was rotating incorrectly. YLD-44848 Fixed: The recipe bundle with oriental roof blocks had one recipe incorrectly set up so the player cannot use one roof block in blueprints. YLD-44913 Fixed: The survival kit handbook event was not triggered if the player took the knife from the chest. YLD-44955 Fixed: Several typos in the handbook and description of potions. YLD-44960 Fixed: Player could not use "freeplacing" of items on mobile if they have summoned companion. YLD-45023 Fixed: Tweaked iron nails so they cannot be broken and used for infinite iron. YLD-45029 Fixed: Memory leaks in UI mesh. YLD-45148 Fixed: Players could not gift their blueprints if they had not enough Coyns (if player is owner of the blueprint he is gifting for free but for some reason, it was still checking the number of coyns of players). YLD-45248 Fixed: Missing class and entity scripts on client side (this is for PC for in-game editor where players can script their own scenario/tools, there were missing tiles for some particular scripts handling server scripts). Fixed: Player could have "stuck" the health bar after travelling in adventure (visually his Hp did not change). TWEAKED/ REMOVED YLD-44499 Tweaked: Some enemies on mystery ylands (they still had stats from time before rebalance) YLD-44730 Tweaked: Change lods of some heads of character (player could see himself headless when controlling ship) YLD-44732 Removed: "Broken barrels and crates" - players used them as decorations, we originally removed them from inventory so all players who stored them in chests have their houses spammed with junk on the floor. YLD-44747 Tweaked: Changed random encounter with vendor who was selling paitings (many players have old paintings which can no longer be used in blueprints, now this vendor should change them for free for new working ones) YLD-44815 Tweaked: Players can use only Latin alphabet and numbers when uploading blueprint to our workshop. YLD-44824 Tweaked: We added special chests with loot to every mystery yland (there were already present in some but now they should be in all, there is always one big chest in the end and few hidden chests on every mystery yland (some of them locked so players need to find a key) YLD-44934 Tweaked: Ranged weapons were rebalanced - basically every ranged weapon was buffed significantly. YLD-45021 Tweaked: Modified messages when player on mobile is running low on memory and brought some debug so we can better see why is it happening. YLD-45080 Tweaked: Reduced number of animals in the Tropical region so players would no longer be swarmed by honey badgers. YLD-45091 Tweaked: Lowered detection radius and combat radius of lower tier animals (honey badgers, terrorbirds and panthers) they should not run 300m after players anymore. Tweaked: Golden package so it cannot be traded for infinite gold. Tweaked: Some maps always started at night, now their starting time should be random as designed.
  3. rihapat

    Sharegames on Android?

    Hi, thanks for reaching out and welcome to our forum! Sharegame is Steam-only feature (it runs on steam cloud), therefore it is not possible to connect there any other way. Renting a dedicated server is required to launch multiplayer on Mobile platforms. Also, in case you want to play cross platform, make sure to upload on the server maps that are "universal", there is a platform option for that. Let us know in case you need any further help.
  4. Ahoy Ylanders! Have you ever wondered how Ylands visuals come to life? Here is your chance to peek behind the scenes. As you probably don't know, there are jackals coming into the game one day and we will use their visual production as today's example! Also, you might want to know that jackals are monogamist, as they mate for life. Step 1 - Game Design idea Here it all starts and ends. The game designers figure out that jackals are the way to go for the next content update and provide seemingly endless list of specification like: In which regions can you find jackals? How fast and aggressive are they? Can you tame them? Something like our community Ylands wiki! Step 2 - Art brainstorm and sketches It's art's turn! How to integrate a real jackal's visual into the low poly art style of Ylands and meet all of the game designers' conditions at the same time? That's what artists brainstorm together and create first sketches. Based on those sketches we can figure out the Ylands jackal's final look! Step 3 - 3D model and wireframe The next thing we need to do is to add one more dimension. No biggie! Once the 3D model is ready, we create its wireframe that connects parts of the jackal's body so they are influenced by each other's movement. Sounds easy and smooth, right? Well, just wait 'till it starts moving! Step 4 - Animation Let's play a game. What are all the kinds of movement that Ylands animals can do? Walking, running, several attack types, jumping, getting hit, getting petted, feeding on a bait, you get the point, there is a lot of them. Now, the animators animate animations for the jackal, and it comes to life! While it would be great to give you a sneak peak of a moving jackal, the animations are quite complex and usually take the longest time in animal creation. Instead, we will offer you this cool story: A long time ago, when it was the honey badger's time to be animated, we couldn't find any suitable reference of a real honey badger moving. It was a real struggle. We didn't expect this to happen, but luckily there was a family of honey badgers in the nearby zoo. We shot our own reference videos and now the Ylands honey badgers can happily roam the Tropical Region. Yay! Step 5 - Implement *Insert some very important, but very non-artsy and technical animation-controlling gibberish here.* When the technical necessities are done the game designers will add finished jackal to the game database and set their specifications like hit points, where you can find them, and so on. Voila! New doge good boys are ready to be let out. Woof woof woof woof woof! Btw. You might wanna know that each jackal family has their own yipping sound that only members of their own family respond to. Cool, right? The whole process usually takes several weeks, and it is quite similar for almost every entity that needs to be manifested in the game. Hopefully, you've enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes of Ylands art creation and we wish you a great weekend. Stay Classy Ylanders.
  5. Thank you so much to both of you. Feedbacks like this are really important to us and we appreciate you are taking time to let us know. 🙏
  6. rihapat

    Name Change Request

    @CaptainJohn Hi, sorry, the first question must have slipped by us. We will look into the name change and let you know. Thank you.
  7. rihapat

    Dev Diary #272 Uncommon Community

    Thank you so much for the comments. It means a lot to us. ❤️
  8. Ahoy Ylanders! We are back today with a really sentimental diary entry. We've known this for a long time, but today we are in a bit of a "touchy feely" mood, so we wanted to stop and appreciate the fact that our players form if not the greatest then definitely the friendliest gaming community ever! There are no cry messages like: (read in broken English) "WHY YOU DIDIN'T RUSH B AS I SAID YOU #$.@&^!%* YOU @#$%^&!!!" ever to be encountered. Just never. That is something beautiful and quite uncommon among gaming communities. Since you are all so classy, we want to express from the bottom of our hears the biggest THANK YOU! This was one of the most epic parties ever. You can find more screenshots and also videos from the party in #cag_stories room on our server. What can I do on Ylands Discord? 1. You can get in-game stuff for free - #announcements Here and there, there are some competitions and C.A.G. call to arms that helps us spread the word of the Guild and our beloved game. Right now, we are collecting beautiful screenshots, mainly from newborn adventurers and their Ylands adventures, which can earn them a Puffer Captain pet. So go and get yours! ❤️ 2. Show off your screenshots - #screenshots_ylands Whether it is something you built or great natural views you have encountered on your journey, share it! 3. Find new friends to play with - #looking_for_group Join someone who is looking for a party or feel free to reach out to others. Really, you have nothing to be nervous about, we are all super friendly here. 4. Let other knows you are streaming - #streamers_or_videos The game should be Ylands ofc, and this is the room to do it! 5. Solve your issues with game - #troubleshooting Need to ask something? Think you discovered a bug or weird glitch? Have a game suggestion of any kind? Choose one of the # rooms in the TROUBLESHOOTING section and get in touch with us and the community. 6. Meet the legends and become one of them There are few hardcore celebrity-Ylanders who are super active and have stayed with us for a while now. Helping everyone new on board, sharing epic ships and detailed interiors that only the most experienced of our artists could create. Seriously we are often astonished with your creations, and again, thank you for that. Honorable mention: Handofthesly is working on our wiki since 8th May 2017!!! We couldn't be more grateful as they are doing great job. Yet it is a lot of work for only one person, so get in touch with them in case you want to join on the wiki-duty, their Discord nick: "handofthesly #1492". Thank you so much for everything you do for the game Handofthesly! Anyway, we could go on like this for a while so, you better check the server on your own. How do I get to the Ylands Discord? Right here! Just click the link and start meeting people and let's grow the Ylanders community together. ❤️ https://discord.gg/ylands
  9. Ahoy Ylanders! Today we want to ask you a BIG question. What is REALLY important in Ylands? "Crafting?" Nah. Not important. "Exploration?" Maybe. Let's say, nice to have. "Fighting?" Uh, of course NOT! "Ships! This must be it. For sure, what can be more important than ships?" Yes! Ships are cool. BUT! Surprisingly enough, we believe that the answer is stories. Memories that we experienced together with our friends and close ones. Just as in real life! "One time, when we were testing the game, one of our devs got lost at the sea at night, so others have made her a fire on an yland so she could find the rest of the team. It was scary but then our heroine finally saw a small light. Until the last moment she thought it's other devs, but it turned out it was a random player from Turkey who joined our testing session." - Aleš, story from our developer's Friday feedback playtime "I loved that one time when we were streaming with Spectrumnist and encountered even more mutated bears in an ice cave while chatting about Sims 4 challenges and Spec shot me in the head. By accident ofc... That was so funny." - Anna, and her "ouch" moment also on a video: Highlight: Ylands Update Stream w/ the DEVS! | Chill Stream | (Dec 9, 2022) - Twitch "Remember that time, when we ran into a terrorbird for the first time and you were so excited to tame it and name it Alyssa, but we couldn't find any bananas anywhere, so we sailed to another yland and got lost in the storm for like 2 hours? You went bananas! XD But you did befriend that terrorbird and now you have bunch of new stories with Alyssa!" - Patrik, and his could-be-true-if-my-wife-played-Ylands-with-me story as he did look for bananas to tame terrorbird and got lost in the storm just the other day all by himself. And this is just the tip of an iceberg. See for example the adventures of FluffDaSheep Gaming, there are so many stories in this single video: That is why we presented the handbook and lore in 2.0 update, and why we want to continue to improve and expand those aspects of Ylands. What about you and your stories? Share them with us right here in the comments! We can't wait to read them all and experience some more together. See ya and stay classy!
  10. rihapat

    Merchant/Vendor unlimited supply???

    Hi there, I am contacting other members of the team to provide full answer and I will get back to you then. Thanks for understanding.
  11. rihapat

    Dev Diary #270 Encountering Randomness

    I'll start right now! Monitors are both lizards and devices, simply mind blowing. 🤯😁
  12. Ahoy, Ylanders! First Dev Diary in the renewed 2.0 Ylands is finally here, and it is quite arbitrary as you will soon see. The C.A.G. editorial team has made the executive decision to let the dice decide this diary's theme, and it's random encounters! What a coincidence, right? Disclaimer: As you go through today's diary you will encounter several very fun and very arbitrary facts about random encounters in Ylands. Random Random Encounters Fact N°1 The oldest, still accessible random encounter in Ylands is this friendly campfire. It stayed with us since Ylands 1.0. Cool, right? What are Random Encounters? Hmm... how to put this simply. There are encounters in Ylands and whether it's a native civilization, a shipwreck with a bunch of ghosts and loot, or some fancy monument, they are not easy to find. You kinda just have to wander around the world to randomly encounter them. Also, they are fun! Never forget to mention when something is fun, that is classy adventurer 101 stuff. Random Random Encounters Fact N°2 With update 2.0 we added 33 RE's! (Yeah, that's random encounters for short.) Also, can you guess why 33? The answer is super obvious and will be revealed by the end of this Diary. New 2.0 update RE's There are many new RE's in update 2.0! It would take hours to write and read about those. Luckily, we can't and don't want to spoil all the randomness there, but we can definitely show you at least some of those! Embalming Temple It seems that skin care business is having a hard time in Ylands, so we decided to give it a bit of a boost. In Arid you can now find a fella who is embalming the deceased. So, in case you need some skin care, you know where to go. Random Random Encounters Fact N°3 Did you know that there is a DayZ themed RE to be found? Well, now you do! Ancient Ruins Encounters New ancient ruins were discovered in the Tropical region with the update 2.0. They seem to be some kind of blend of eastern islands and Latin American culture. Also, it is said that when the weather is right, lucky explorers can get a glimpse of elemental spirits here! Random Random Encounters Fact N°4 Yup. That is the number of all active Random Encounters in the world of Ylands. Can you guess why 299? The answer is still obvious, and same as the one to the question before. It's RANDOM! Tadaa. I hope we all agree that this diary encounter got as arbitrary as it can get but feel free to let your inner randomness loose and post a totally stray comment below and as always, stay classy!
  13. rihapat

    Full Gamepad Support

    Ahoy, @Joshua_X, Thanks for the question. We are actively working on it as we are aware of its current state, and want it to be the best it can be, so stay tuned!
  14. rihapat


    Ahoy, @Sazzle, It is a great idea, but it is not planned right now. We will definitely include it among the top-notch community ideas! Thank you for that.
  15. rihapat

    Snowy Ships

    Ahoy, @Sazzle, counterintuitively it is quite complicated issue and every option for solving it will force us to give up on something else that we valuate more. Just as a quick example, one solution would render the sailing movement to be very sketchy and ugly. We are aware of the issue, and we are looking for a solution that won't break anything else that we consider more important (the task dates back to 2021 😂 ). Thanks for understanding and sorry for not responding a year ago. 🙏