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  1. Ahoy Ylanders! Welcome to Dev Diary number 300! The Ylands team is a cheerful bunch and we love any opportunity to celebrate and we wanted to invite you to celebrate the release of 300 Dev Diaries with us! First of all, let us thank you because without you, Ylanders, there would be no need for Dev Diaries. Thank you for being here and for being awesome! When Ylands was still a baby, Aleš and the team released sneak peeks every now and then, but eventually, they started releasing Dev Diaries. If you don't want to go looking for the very first one, we've dug through the archives and pulled up the link for you here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/285-dev-diary-1/ We've come a long way since then, which we touched upon a bit in Dev Diary #200. So it is only fitting that we look at what's happened since number 200! Update 1.9: Ocean Odysseys took a deep dive, literally, into the ocean. Sharks made a big comeback after learning their place (which of course is not in the skies above but in the waters below), many new fish made Ylands their home and the underwater world became a much more exciting, but also dangerous place. To sail such dangerous seas, we added an entire arsenal of ship devices that help navigate the unpredictable waters, where ships might get damaged and even sink! Ymproved Ylands, aka Update 1.10, brought oh so much new stuff! The FPS camera was brought back Mythical Animals appeared in the game Blueprints got better Mounted actions became a thing. Probably the most important improvement of this update was the beginning of a larger scale Adventure balancing for the best possible gaming experience. To continue the improvement of already existing features, Update 1.11: Crafty Crafts focused on crafting and Blueprints. The entire crafting menu got a much needed overhaul and Ylands creators could upload their Blueprints to the market so that as many players as possible can enjoy them! Many other pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place with a new gifting system, randomized loot, new monsters and many more tweaks and fixes. And finally, the Classy Adventurers Guild opened its doors to adventurers young and old and welcomed them in Ylands Update 2.0! C.A.G. has brought one of the most important features into the game: Adventurer's Handbook and with it the very first mission: find Horation Reginald Elmwood, the adventurer extraordinaire! Handbook was such a big deal that even on its own, it would have been huge. But we know that you wanted more and we delivered! Ylands introduced sailing with wind, improved terrain generation, new main menu, better tutorial, new random encounters and soooooo much more. Ylands also changed its visual identity, not significantly, but enough to be recognizable, unique and truly ours. Since this Dev Diary is written by the marketing department (remember when we told you that each Diary will be written by a different department to give you more of an inside look? ) we can only say how extremely proud we are of our entire team for making 2.0 happen and to give us something incredible that we are so excited to show the world every day. But we didn't stop there, of course! In Update 2.1: Sunken Sands, inventory sorting was implemented and made all of our lives much easier and organized. If you're not the social type or simply enjoy playing Ylands in Singleplayer mode, pausing the game was likely a very welcomed upgrade to the experience. And you got your second big mission from C.A.G., this time in the Arid region! And as always, there were many more quality of life improvements and additions to the game. Which ones were your favorite? So what's up ahead? We've already told you about the upcoming tremendous techtree that will make its debut in 2.2 and we really think that... wait a minute. Tremendous Techtree. Tremendous Techtree? Tremendous Techtree! Let's call it that! So in Update 2.2: Tremendous Techtree you can look forward to just that - an amazing feature, which will surely be helpful for any and all C.A.G. members! What else? You're gonna have to wait for that a tiny bit longer, but worry not, that info is just around the corner and we aim to reward you for your patience. Once again, we are very grateful for your support and love that you show us everyday. Thank you and as always... This is Ylands! Oh... and Stay Classy of course!
  2. A ho ho hoy Ylanders! A cup of hot chocolate next to you, a fluffy blanket around your shoulders, a soothing crackling fireplace in front of you and then... *SPLAT* a snowball hits you in the face! Well, not you, but your Ylands character! Welcome to YLANDS WINTER FEST! We hope that you are ready to spend this winter in the world of Ylands, exploring the lands and searching for 6 new Christmas themed animals and 10 different kinds of collectible toys, completing 3 new achievements, and throwing snowballs left and right! So what have we prepared for you in this time-limited winter event? New Christmas Animals Six kinds of our animals have put on Christmas bling and can now be seen roaming around their respective regions. These can be tamed using a special Christmas bait which is found as a reward in random encounters. If you want to befriend these special animals and keep them even after the event ends, hurry up and go tame them now! Toy Collectibles Christmas came early and there are many wonderful gifts hidden within random encounters! Can you collect all 10 kinds of toys and earn a special new achievement? You will of course get to keep all the toys you collect even after the Winter Fest event is over. And then you can spread the joy and give them as gifts to your friends in the game! Snowball fights Who threw that snowball? Who was it? *brushes snow from face* We're just trying to peacefully explain all that's new and available during the Winter Fest and you go throwing snowballs at us?! Well, we can't really blame you, because throwing snowballs you discover in random encounters is sooooo much fun! We will even organize a snowball fight with the developers on December 21 at 5pm CET! 3 New Achievements Tame all 6 Christmas animals, collect all 10 kinds of Christmas toys and throw at least 30 snowballs at your friends or NPCs - that's the way to obtain these special achievements, which will be available only during the Winter Fest event. Don't forget to show them off, it's no small feat to gather all three! And if you complete all of them, run to our Discord and let us know! The first three people to do so will win a free pet! Time-limited holiday pet Is Socky the Shark the cutest pet to ever come to Ylands for an exchange program? Definitely. Is the Santa's elf who went to the ocean instead of Socky struggling in the depths of the water? Who knows 😅. In any case, grab Socky from the shop before his exchange program ends! All the new things that Winter Fest is bringing are just tools for you to shape your own holiday adventure and we love to see how you use them, so please join our Discord and let us know! Share screenshots, find friends to throw snowballs at, show off your toy collectibles and much much more! Winter Adventure Awaits, Ylanders! Stay Classy (and warm) this winter season!
  3. Ahoy Ylanders! In this dev diary, we will take a deeper dive into our programming and patch/update release workflows and we'll get a bit more technical, as our programming department shares the ins and outs of the job! Since we just released the Winter Fest patch and Update 2.2 is on its way, it is a good time to peek behind the scenes at what it even takes for a new release of Ylands to get to you, our dear player! Each new release contains a multitude of new features requiring new code and data. We toil on them daily, saving (or committing, as the proper lingo would go) our changes to a 'version control system' (VCS). A VCS helps us keep track of project history and lets us recover an old state on the off chance we ever mess up. Importantly, it also allows us to work on multiple versions of the project (called branches) at the same time, with work on one usually not disturbing the others. Daily changes are committed mostly to the trunk version (branch). On a busy day, there can be over a hundred changes made to the trunk. One part of a programmer's job, on which we spend a great deal of time, is dealing with bugs. A bug is a term used for any issue with the game, whether it comes from bad code or bad data. The development of a long-term project like Ylands is fundamentally about adding or improving new features as well and as fast as possible while minimizing the number of new bugs we accidentally add. The first line of defense against the insectoid menace is something called 'continuous integration' (CI). CI is a term for a system that automatically integrates and tests changes made to a project. It is important to say that 'integrates and tests' actually means specific things for specific projects. For Ylands it goes like this: several times a day, about every hour or so, a new build of the game is made with the new changes made since the last build (from only a couple to low tens of new changes per build). Before each build, we run set validation procedures that help us automatically check any rules that we can enforce without the need for human oversight. If validation passes, we build a new version of the game. A successful build continues to automated testing, where our in-house automated system simulates player input to run the game through a range of predefined gameplay scenarios to detect any regressions (a feature that worked but does not work anymore after a recent change). Recently, we also introduced multiplayer testing against dedicated servers. CI, in our case automated building and testing, usually uncovers the most obvious regressions in existing systems. For anything more complex, we rely on our QA team, who know the game inside out. They test new features, to ensure they are the best they can be and also continuously check that our meddling did not break any of the existing stuff. This process of daily development and CI continues merrily until the release of a new version draws near. We set a date of a 'datalock', usually about a month before release. A datalock comes when all new features should be good and done in the trunk branch and no new changes should really be required, besides the occasional bugfix. In theory at least. On the day of datalock, we copy the trunk version into a new 'release candidate version branch' (RC), so that it is not further disturbed by daily changes. We then proceed to test RC builds rigorously. The RC branch receives only as few changes as possible to avoid introducing any more last-minute issues. In some cases, the RC build is made public as the Experimental Steam beta branch about two weeks before a release. We closely monitor player feedback and react to any critical issues that might be found. What is super exciting, is that starting with the 2.2 Experimental, it should be even more useful for us, as it will let players continue with their existing progress from the live version of the game (but not carry over experimental progress to live). Finally, once the day of release is set in stone, we announce a maintenance window. On the day of the release, we flip the button, push the final build of the game live, and do a last round of checks to make sure that everything works. We celebrate, take a breather, and start the whole cycle anew. And there you have it, Ylanders - the release cycle summarized from the point of view of our programmers. Is there any topic from the development of Ylands that you would like to hear about? Let us know here or come chat with us on our Discord! Stay Classy, Ylanders!
  4. Ahoy Ylanders! We are bringing you important updates from our design team this week! For a while, the issue about discovering new recipes was weighing on us heavily, as the current situation was not optimal. But finally, after many iterations and changes, we bring your the final result! We are introducing the TECH TREE! What does it mean? Recipes should no longer be learned by picking up ingredients, but will have to be discovered in the tech tree. This will give you much greater control over your recipe pool and progression in the game. At the same time, many recipes that were previously hard to find or were undiscoverable altogether, will now be found in the tech tree. How will it work? The main progression through the tree will include combat gear, vehicles and technologies. To unlock those recipes, you will need to provide resources found in the appropriate region. The side progression will be about optional recipes which include decorations like carpets or vases. And for these recipes, you will need not only resources, but also a small amount of Exploration Points. Each bunch of recipes is a so-called node, and all these nodes have dependencies between one another. So for example, to unlock the Junk Ship, you need to have already researched the node for the Primitive Ship etc. The tech tree is divided into 8 categories: Survival Vehicles Combat Manufacturing Decorations Apparel Furniture Building What's handy is that when you encounter an ingredient that your character does not know a recipe for yet, clicking on it will link you to its location in tech tree. And when you're in the tech tree, to avoid unnecessary clicks, you can go directly to crafting when you click on a recipe in the node. Another important point to mention is backwards compatibility. If you know all the contents of a node, that node will unlock automatically. And if you only know some but not all the contents, the node will be cheaper than a fully undiscovered one! To make sure that it all made sense, we also looked into and adjusted the way you receive Exploration Points and recipes from Random Encounters, which, we hope, should be more immersive and make more sense in regard to the specific region and its theme. What do you think about the first look at our tech tree? We're sure that you have many questions so please drop them in the comments! That's it for this week! Stay Classy!
  5. Ahoy Ylanders! This winter we have a few gifts for you. As you can read in the last Dev Diary, the next update is going to be quite big, so we made sure to take our time with that one, but don't worry we ain't gonna leave you hangin'! What do we have in store for you? Let's see! Thanks, Ruth1ess! Maybe not a Christmas update but you can look forward to Ylands Winter Fest! Or as we in C.A.G. like to call it P...P...P...P...P...PARTEYYYYYY! Fun Activities and Achievements Explore the world for unique toys and tame festive animals to earn new limited Christmas achievements. There is one more activity that won't be revealed today. Guess what the third achievement will be for. Let us know in the comments! Sale and Gifts As every year there will be some Christmas gifts for you. Let us know what you'd like to see on sale in store. Also, there will be a small treat for anyone to pick up on our Discord. You just need to find it there! Discord contests and stream We don't want to spoil all the fun, but you can be sure, that there will be a full Christmas sock of it! You can look forward to opportunities to win some Christmas themed assets. Will it be a pet, a costume or even something completely different? We shall see... In the meantime, you can get some coyns back if you send us a screenshot or a video of your Scarecrow costume on our Discord into #halloween_payback! So don't forget to check out the current Halloween sale in the shop. Stay Classy!
  6. Ahoy Ylanders! Ales, the Ylands Project Lead here. Today I would like to talk with you about the current state of the game, our plans for it and react to some of the feedback we've seen based on our Dev Diaries. Let's start with the current status of the game. We've managed to improve the game a lot in the last couple of years, moving from around 40% average rating on Steam to around 80% (82% when writing this). Improving the game this much was not an easy task and it took us quite long, but it was absolute necessity for us to stay alive. We would definitely like to move past the "fixing" stage to "hey, let's look at the amazingly cool feature we've added" stage or "hey, here's a ton of new content for those of you who already seen and experienced everything the game had to offer". You bet that it's what we all would love to do. But we're not there yet. The biggest issue we have is player retention and we are dedicated to fix it - in other words, we want you to have fun as long as possible and having players returning to Ylands is our main focus now. Like that everyone can get the grasp of how complex the game is and experience all it has to offer. Here are some reasons for it: We fail to present to players what the later gameplay is like early in the game and what cool stuff you can find or do. As the ratings go up, we get more and more of "hey, this game is so cool - why aren't there more people playing it" - but it mostly comes from people who get past the "you are on stranded yland so go and grab X sticks and Y of grass, just like you've done a million times in dozens of other games". Even though we fixed dozens of things that were annoying, unintuitive or didn't work as they should, enough of those still remain. Often tiny annoyances that add up and eventually lead to a rage quit. Playing with friends needs to be easier - especially on mobile devices. These changes will definitely improve the experience for everyone, both new and long-time players (actually many things in the planned update 2.2 come to mind), but indeed, there will be no "endgame" content added in the next six months, namely updates 2.2 and 2.3. If everything goes as intended 2.4 (Q2 2024) may finally see some major new world content. As for release dates - update 2.2 will be released in January or February 2024 but given how many improvements and features it has, we plan to give players access to the experimental branch already before the end of this year. What you can also expect is more Dev Diaries like this one to give you regular updates about what we're doing to make the game better and more popular among players. We've come a long way in the last few years. We've turned the wheel away from the "Roblox-like" path, put Adventure back together, and will keep doing that. So, big thanks to everyone who stayed with us even through our failings. Stay classy!
  7. Ahoy Ylanders! ... BOO! ... did we scare you off? Hopefully not, since we are just about to invite you to our Halloween Discord stream where you can win glowing T-Shirts, new scary pumpkin scarecrow costume, meet us and other Ylanders and enjoy crazy-classy-funky-spooky time! When: 31. 10. 2023 at 3 PM CET Where: Ylands Discord Server - Join the event! 👉 https://discord.gg/ylands?event=1164158412033106040 What: Chatting about Ylands and various topics, playing scary Ylands minigames together and announcing the winners of contests! Yes, plural. Contest n°1: Fancy a Ghost Pirate T-Shirt? Create your own scary minigame which we can play on stream. First 3 contributors will win a glowing Ghost-Pirate T-Shirt! Submit your minigame before 29. 10. into #competitions_entries on our Discord once you are ready. Contest n°2: Fancy brand-new Scarecrow costume? Join other Ylanders in playing spooky minigame from player Mello. In case you want to assure your spot in the competition make sure to contact Anna, our community manager, and join the Discord event. Just in case there would be too many of us! 3 players with the highest score on in the minigame on stream will win Scarecrow costume. It will be a blast! No doubt there, especially if you bring your own camera and join us in dressing up Halloween style. Stay spooky!
  8. Ahoy Ylanders! Today we want to show you something artistic. Yes, there will be pictures, new pictures and assets that you can look forward to, but that's not all. Today you will find out what were the thoughts of our artists Filip and Kuba while they prepared the new assets. Let's get into it! Chalk formations in Arid by Filip "We are always looking for some references. As you can see, the chalk formations on Earth offer some really bizarre constitutions but once you put those into the Arid's orange/red shades it can emit some serious "Mars vibes"." Skinwalker by Kuba "Seriously, when I was looking up references for Skinwalker I ended up having nightmares. I guess it makes sense when your main reference is werewolf. I tried to make its face blunt a bit like the kobolds from World of Warcraft, so it wouldn't be that scary and also I aimed for, let's say druid-ish vibe so the Skinwalker fits among our Wendigo and Goatman." Takahe bird by Filip "It is quite interesting what you can learn through artistic research! For example, takahe bird lives in swamps, and if they eat some specific leaves then they lay blue or green eggs. Also, their eggs have interesting patterns so if you feed them correctly you don't need to paint any eggs during Easter! Fun fact, you might notice, that all Ylands' eggs are blueish, well, now you know why!" Thank you, guys, for sharing your thoughts and creating these beautiful assets! If you are even more interested into how Ylands assets are created, you should check the diary about Jackals right HERE. Let us know what you think about these assets and in the meantime... Stay Classy!
  9. Ahoy Ylanders! Today we will keep it short and offer you a sneak peek from your favorite section: "You want it, we got it for you!" - this time, featuring new item containers! It has been a few weeks now, since we talked about our community suggestion list in the Dev Diary #285. That is exactly how these containers came into existence. You suggested them! The Suitcase holds clothes and into the Folder you can hide sheets of paper. So, feel free to start preparing for your Ylands bureaucratic career or just matching all the different outfits that you always want in your inventory. Let us know what you think about the looks of the new containers and have a great weekend. Stay classy!
  10. Ahoy Ylanders, recently you asked us a question on our Discord server, whether we have hidden any easter eggs into the Ylands. Hmm, did we hide something cool into the massive procedurally generated open world game where you can interact with basically everything? To offer you a simple answer let us quote Billie Eilish: "Duh". Towards the more elaborate answer, let's look at some of those easter eggs. Only 10 though, you wouldn't like us to rob you off the thrill of the exploration, right? Beluga car - Was named after Anna, our community manager and her nickname Beluga. Author: Designer Prokop Winston ball from Cast Away - That is one we simply couldn't let slide. Yet, if you are lonely, we suggest you meet some other players for example on the already mentioned Discord server. Author: Former Designer Khan Pipe from Wolfenstein - Do not attempt to use it for climbing! Author: Senior Artist Kuba Crowbar from Half Life 2 - Who do you think is more famous Gordon Freeman or his Crowbar? We couldn't figure it out here. Author: Senior Artist Kuba DayZ helmet and random encounter - When your pals next door are creating one of the most famous zombie games out there you just can't resist the urge. Author: Cooperation of DayZ and Ylands teams "Minecraft" skull - In game of course called differently Strange Head Block. Author: Senior Animator Matěj The secret behind that underwater eye-encounter - Easter egg which originated in the hearth of our community, the Ylands Discord server, call out Stiegi for more info! Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeenkiiiins! - The legendariest of the legendary legends of war crafts himself. Author: Lost in the history One of the players Azeris wrote on discord: "I was searching a haystack in one of the REs and literally found a needle" - As much as we would love this to be coincidence it is not. Author: Wish to remain unknown Go out there and find your own! There is plenty of these. What easter eggs have you found already? Let us know in the comments and have a great weekend. Stay Classy!
  11. Ahoy Ylanders! adventurous music, howling wind, waves splashing, boat parts screeching and your footsteps on the deck. Only rarely these sounds will draw your attention, but without them? You would hardly ever feel like you are truly on board. Are you curious about how this extremely important, immersive and beautiful part of our beloved game is made? Meet Jan, our senior sound designer! Can you introduce yourself to our players? I've studied sound design at FAMU (Prague film school), and I work at Ylands for exactly 4 years now as this diary is released. What was your way into the Ylands team? The usual, I found an open position and we got in touch with the recruiter. Funny enough, I was still finishing my degree during the hiring process and then I started to work at Bohemia Interactive. Does sound in the Ylands game work the same way as in other games? There are specifics since Ylands is a procedurally generated game. There are no fixed levels. For example, whenever a biome is generated, specific ambient sounds are generated along with it. When do you create new sounds into the game? When a new asset is added like an item or an animal or when a new feature is designed it often requires some sound support or even a whole new set of sounds, like when the underwater world was updated in update 1.9. Of course, there are also trailers and big marketing videos that I work on. Often, I work on redesigning old sounds that feel outdated, I am doing my best so that all Ylands sound are fresh and updated. Definitely let me know in case you think some sound should be better or more real. What do you think is the main purpose of sound in Ylands? It definitely brings the procedurally generated world alive, also the support of emotional impact of the game is really important. Just remember the last time you have entered a cave. Are there any sound-based features that you created from scratch for Ylands? Editor game logics would be the biggest ones probably as they present the players with an opportunity to add their own midi tracks and a lot of other options to work with sound and music. In adventure the coolest sound feature would probably be the real time sound calculating of effects like reverb and echo, so when you are inside a building or a cave, everything starts to sound very differently than outside. What you like the most about game sound design in general? Definitely achieving immersivity and a lively feeling of the world. Just try to play Ylands without sounds once. It's also quite cool to be able to offer information to the players from any possible direction, like from behind, above or even below! Unlike the visuals which can provide information only in a specific angle. Thank you so much for your answers, Jan. Do you want to ask Jan anything or are you curious about sound in Ylands? Just ask in the comments or on our Discord and we will let you know his answer. Stay Classy!
  12. rihapat

    2.1.4 Patch Changelog

    ⭐ Highlights ⭐ Crafting - Some statues gave you more stones than their cost after deconstruction. Not anymore. Handbook - Chilly Woes event fixed! You will no longer feel cold after finishing this event. Now, we let you craft and drink tea, which actually warms you up, instead of a soup which won't, since it seems to be a gazpacho. Handbook - The detection of the handbook opening works properly now. It helps us to keep improving your handbook experience. FIXES [YLD-47442] Fixed: Crafting: All eastern statues drop incorrect items after deconstructing. [YLD-47572] Fixed: Handbook: Chilly Woes event directs the player to craft Stew which doesn't help against cold. [YLD-47487] Fixed: Handbook: The detection of the handbook opening is not working properly.
  13. Ahoy Ylanders, Let's talk about your problems! More specifically how we deal with any issues or ideas you report to us. You usually contact us with three main things. QUESTIONS Questions are quite self-explanatory (pun intended). When you ask us about something, we answer. Obviously, we are not omniscient, sometimes we have to consult within the team what the correct answer is. I might be the Community Manager, but I don't know all the specifics and details about, say a programmer's work. SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS These are also fairly simple. I just copy-paste them into a channel on our work Slack. Once every two weeks I go through all of the ideas, and we inspect them within the team. What features and suggestions are the most wanted? How complicated they are and how will they affect the gameplay and fit into our plans? Based on that (and much more) we decide on their priority and start the implementation! BUGS AND ISSUES Definitely the most complex things we communicate about. As I try to remind on our Discord (which you should definitely join) - always report issues through in-game feedback messages. See, to understand what really went wrong we need your "logs". Logs are note files filled with various information about your last game session. For example, it can tell us what went wrong before a game crashed, or that you can't place that one block in your house because there is an unfinished Blueprint somewhere underneath. When you send us an in-game feedback message logs are automatically included. Once I get the game report, I send it over to Quality Assurance team. They look at it and tell me whether it is a bug, a mistake or if something else is going on. Then I usually contact the player whether we are able to fix it soon or how they can get out of that buggy situation. With that said please do report any issues you run into and give us all the feedback and criticism you can. All of that helps us make our game better as many of your awesome ideas have made it into the game already! You can read about those HERE. 😊 The most frequent advice I give? Write /unstuck 0 in the chat! Stay Classy! Anna Community Manager
  14. Ahoy Ylanders, 🏝️ we opted for more personal behind the scenes today. While we are at work, we are building Ylands together, whether that means programming, drawing jackals or designing new features, we will get back to these behind the scenes some other time. What we wanted to share with you today is what we fancy doing outside of working hours! TOP FIVE YLANDS DEVS HOBBIES 1 Videogames Booom, breathtaking, right? You will find literally any game genre among our favourites. There is even one person who is over 250 hours in the Baldurs Gate 3 right now (cca month after it is released). Just in case you need a proof. 2 Board games Among ordinary board games, there is a special spot for Magic the Gathering and Pen and Paper RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, but there is also occurence of miniature wargaming games like Warhammer. 3 Watching movies and series That would be the case when you wanna play a game, but you need to handle your popcorn instead of the "insert your preferable control device, we don't judge". Just kidding we love cinematography, some of us even studied it at the university. 4 Reading books and Sports Big battle for the fourth spot ended up... in a tie! There is decent amount of readers and sport enthusiats among us. Interestingly enough a lot of us likes to do both. Fun fact: we also have players of sports like curling or even quidditch! 5 Making music and visual art Funny enough, music and painting/drawing/ etc... are also in balance in the Ylands team. There is also a bunch of people like cosplayers, Rubic's cube solvers, slam poets, actors and, you would never guess this, hobby game developers! So that's us, come and meet some of us for example on our Discord. See you there and Stay Classy!
  15. Ahoy Ylanders, 🏝️ Have we already mentioned how we like getting your feedback? Well, just in case, we love it! What we really revel in though, is implementing your suggestions! Here are the most impactful and/or recent of those that are already in the game. Returning the first-person camera Inventory sort button Ghost pirates ARRGHHH! I for inventory - TAB for latest tab Bigger stack size for resources Clay found in Tropical region (yea, it's caves but they are totally tropical) Bag for ammo, pew pew! Expanding usage variety of some containers (bye bye seashell jar) More variety of blueprintable items Less oppressive fog and rainy weather occurrences reduced How do you like these changes so far, and how was Ylands life before these went live? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord What might come next? Whether it will be the next update or the one after that, we are always making sure to implement some of your ideas. These are next in the queue! Great return of clay to the starting yland. Suitcase! Finally, a proper inventory container for everyone's fashion desires. Aspiring lawyers and bureaucrats in the world of Ylands get ready, 'cause our eyes are set on the document folder inventory container! If you would like to see the muuuuch longer list of what you have suggested, take a look at this recent dev diary about that very topic HERE. Stay Classy!