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  1. I've been inactive for awhile, but yland is awsome, i wouldn't have the game made any other way. I've got it on smartphone and it already made me smile from the times that i played it on the computer.
  2. Hi I've been playing the new 1.9 update of ylands and i've been trying out all the new items in explore. But one thing i realised was that i couldn't stay underwater without interacting with a oxygen coral or oxygen extractor every now and then. This is ok as i can just go back to my ship to leave my character afk. But when it comes to underwater caves, they're easy to get lost in, just like the island caves back in yland's alpha versions, because i would find a small hole on some tunnels that leads into a large cave room, then after exploring this place i couldn't find the small hole amongst all the pillars along the cave walls, to find my way back outside the caves. I have to stay active on my keyboard while my character is exploring in the underwater caves until i can find where i had entered from, just to avoid dying and having to go retrieve my items from there. So i was wondering if there could be a way to stay underwater while afk or some tweaks made to the underwater caves to have more large tunnels connecting the cave rooms leading back to the main cave entrance, also having some lights between the points where cave rooms meet tunnels or other overlapped holes between spaces would also help. If the oxygen extractors could have a limited length hose i could attach and detach my diving tank to i could stay underwater in one place, until the sharks get me XD
  3. JonathanHunt

    More Vanity/Functional Armors and Accesories

  4. JonathanHunt

    More Vanity/Functional Armors and Accesories

    Vanity slots are nice to have, but players wouldn't be able to tell how tough other players are unless there was an indicator for armor protection such as a icon near the player's name or healthbar (shield icon with colours reflecting the armor's average protection value or armor's tier) Although there could be a indicator for when players are wearing clothes in the vanity slot.
  5. JonathanHunt

    Where to find 2 ?

    the hard snail can be found deep underwater in the polyporus forest biotope, a charging station can be crafted with ylandium dust, iron ingots, energy converter and cobalt ingot (cobalt can be found in biotopes underwater as blue rocks) which can be powered by a wind turbine for it to be ready to recharge the mining drill after a short while and aquatic life like glowing jellyfish are usually found in biotopes even in kelp forests near the surface, i'm not sure which region they're in but you'll definitely see them.
  6. JonathanHunt

    About Mystery Island

    ok, i'll have to inspect all the interactive objects on the mystery island, were there puzzles on the door or are they located elsewhere? Feel free to send a private message.
  7. JonathanHunt

    About Mystery Island

    Are you refering to the giant mechanical door? I haven't been able to unlock any of it, but i have gotten into the side rooms plus the hidden corner.
  8. JonathanHunt

    About Mystery Island

    yeah i believe the elven components can only be found underwater, but the elven helmet can still be found in island random encounters
  9. JonathanHunt

    About Mystery Island

    I found crafting recipes for elven gear underwater. I have yet to find the crystal staff and crude weapons to complete the collection on my end.
  10. So i started a new exploration game and began playing on the starter island. I was able to craft but later when i quit my game and came back again, i had this shaded menu guide for learning to craft rope even though i had already made the stone axe and completed it's respected tutorial, later on i realised i couldn't craft with the craft button in the menu. I'm not sure what triggered the bug, but it might be only for the starter island when leaving and resuming the current exploration game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. JonathanHunt

    Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Modular Blueprint Set Development

    I see. I'm sure what ever you can make will be ahead of most yland games in detail.
  12. JonathanHunt

    Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Modular Blueprint Set Development

    Your work is amazing! I'm inspired to make my own interactable computers in yland XD
  13. JonathanHunt

    Cookable Fish

    yeah i realised that later after i made this post
  14. JonathanHunt

    Cookable Fish

    I noticed the new fish items in 1.9 don't have a cooked variant or recipe for crafting them. Can there be a small cooked fish and a big cooked fish?
  15. JonathanHunt

    RESOLVED Crafting bug on Starter Island v1.9

    On leaving the starter island the player can craft again as intended
  16. JonathanHunt

    Terrain modification on mobile

    Tree stumps drop dirt and palm trees on beaches drop sand when destroyed, so you could farm these as renewable resource.
  17. JonathanHunt

    Dev Diary #217 Sea Experiments

    I'm excited for the return of sharks my nemesis Also love the teaser video if that's what it's for
  18. JonathanHunt

    Help i can't link games

    Sorry for the late response i'll send you the details
  19. JonathanHunt

    Help i can't link games

    I've ran into a dead end and can't add current game to any game set that i create in the editor. The plus (+) button next to add current game is greyed out and i do not understand what's wrong. Is this a rare issue?
  20. JonathanHunt

    Zoo Jumbo

    Congratulations on getting all the animals! I still need to build a home base and get horses for making an animal farm XD
  21. Good work @PercyCreeper. But where would i find these last notes/clues?
  22. JonathanHunt

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    maybe we can draw maps to find our way
  23. JonathanHunt

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    It'll be interesting to see what people do with big islands. It sounds like a player could have some small villages spread out in the distance of these islands. Or the worlds biggest corn farm XD.
  24. JonathanHunt

    Regenerating Ore Nodes

    I remember playing with the kill event on scripted entities. it doesn't seem to trigger (possibly from the script disappearing with the entity?), i use event listeners to work around this problem. I sometimes do small experiments to see what events and logics trigger properly.
  25. JonathanHunt

    YFS ylands farm simulator ?

    How on earth did you get the physics to work on slopes? Was this from using the new controller logic or scripting?