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  1. CHANGELOG Smooth Sailing - 15/04/2019 HIGHLIGHTS Please note that old pre-visual scripting game scripts will no longer work after installing this update. Also, some of the old games are no longer available in the Workshop. As of 0.12, Genesys projects (games made in Editor) cannot be played from the Main menu directly anymore - they have to be first exported from the Editor. In similar fashion, before uploading a game to the Workshop, the game has to be also exported using "Workshop export". See Export -> Export local / workshop in editor main menu or visit https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Game_export New Main Menu - A great new look with some additional functionality and reworked logic. There are still some improvements planned, but do let us know what you like and what you miss! New Ingame UI - Bright, cheerful visuals, consistency, more options, important actions and information right where you need them. Combat update - Much faster and more responsive combat, trees are easier to cut down, nicer visuals (the heavy attack "charge" is now shown with the particles) and a cool new jump attack. Costumes - Tired of running around looking just like another ylander? You can now get the first two costumes at the Ylands store. Please note that they do not alter any stats, so your character is still affected by what they have equipped "underneath" the costumes. Ship improvements - Tons of Multiplayer improvements. Larger waves, better sailing behavior. Animals can now be transported via ships. New camera system - The new camera behaves much better in tight spaces, moves in a much more fluid way, and is also superior to the old system when handling collisions with terrain. Interaction camera view - Initialized by the camera mode change key (default: C), this turns on a temporary replacement of full first person camera. While this view is meant for interacting only and is disabled when moving or attacking, it comes very handy whenever precision is needed. Entity welding (Editor) - New Editor feature, allowing to "weld" entities into one entity. Imagine it as some kind of "solid" group. Welded entities can be then used in visual scripting as if they were a single entity. They also save a lot of processing power, because when entities are welded, their collision envelope gets optimized. Entity welding (ships/cars) - Vehicles now utilize the optimizations gained from welding entities, so whenever you finish constructing a ship or vehicle, the structure will get welded into one, thus making cars and ships much more efficient to be handled by the game. More information about entity welding can be found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Entity_welding ADDITIONS/IMPROVEMENTS Note: Wind effect on ships has been temporarily disabled until a better way of visualizing its strength and direction is provided. Inventory size was reduced by 3 slots. Any items in the removed slots will appear next to the character upon loading savegame for the first time in the new version. All vehicles in all saves will now be forced to enter construction mode (so all entities on the surface will be combined at least once). [YLD-13726] [Audio] New teleportation sound for the pets [YLD-14882] [Audio] Added inspect sound functionality when player is checking the pet cage [Audio] New 700+ sounds available as sound effects [YLD-15696] [Blueprints] If you place a blueprint hologram while having the Cube equipped, you no longer have to place the project table. The hologram will start getting built right away without supplying any resources. [YLD-14706] [Blueprints] You can now use your friends' blueprints by copying their blueprint files into your BP folder [Blueprints] Blueprint preview images for new blueprints now have higher resolution. UI slots now display a small preview of blueprints instead of the generic blueprint image. [YLD-13488] [Editor] Adjust "Play window" when editing save game [YLD-13053] [Editor] Make capsule shape for Trigger Zone [YLD-13241] [Editor] Function returning array [YLD-13264] [Editor] Color multiplication [YLD-13381] [Editor] Allow to attach labels through Object properties window of entities [YLD-13410] [Editor] Upgrade Play menu to be able to choose from valid teams and roles [YLD-13430] [Editor] Add "Set length" puzzle (easy way to clear array) [YLD-13446] [Editor] Add instructions for locking/unlocking equipment slots [YLD-13459] [Editor] Allow modification of armor/animal resistances [YLD-14216] [Editor] Allow attaching logic label to more than one game logic in one step in object properties window [YLD-14452] [Editor] You have to choose terrain type when creating a new game (empty, flat, creative, explore) now [YLD-13243] [Editor] Continue/break for loops [YLD-15163] [Editor] Added Game logic storage [YLD-13341] [Editor] ID is shown as part of Object properties window [YLD-10913] [Editor] No option to convert dialogue answer to number [YLD-15336] [Editor] Added search bar for long list in Object properties window [YLD-15360] [Editor] Particle effect game logic has settable color now [YLD-15185] [Editor] Game logic list can be now sorted by ID [YLD-14860] [Editor] Option to switch between 2D/3D icons of game logic objects added to Editor settings [YLD-14863] [Editor] Option to show/hide object relation lines added to Editor settings [YLD-14785] [Editor] Ground snapping is more aggressive now. You cannot unsnap an object from the ground if ground snapping is on [YLD-13846] [Editor] You can scale particle effect using scale gizmo [Editor] Inventory in NPCs and Player role is minimalized by default [Editor] Added impassable barrier Game logic [Editor] Change of terrain will remove also all game logic from the level and it will add one Spawn point which is near the beach [YLD-15402] [Visual Scripting] You can set up owner and domestication level of horses [YLD-15033] [Visual Scripting] Added tile for written texts on notes/signs etc. [YLD-14963] [Visual Scripting] Added instruction for set/get weather at specific position [YLD-14789] [Visual Scripting] Added sound preview buttons for sound effects [YLD-15150] [Visual Scripting] Added 3 new Vector instructions: inverse rotation, rotate point, rotate rotation [YLD-14340] [Visual Scripting] Added tile for reverting entity colors [YLD-15302] [Visual Scripting] Tiles to change played music for a player [YLD-13606] [Visual Scripting] Added tile Debug mode which is true when testing game through Editor [YLD-13843] [Visual Scripting] Transform logic position/rotation tiles added [YLD-14599] [Visual Scripting] Added tiles to change current team and role of a player [YLD-13949] [Visual Scripting] Added Get/set time property for Time triggers [YLD-14743] [Visual Scripting] Array new instructions (concat, fill, includes, last index of, to string, order by as numbers, order by descending as numbers) [YLD-13504] [Visual scripting] Allow to force close Dialog for a player [YLD-14519] [Visual Scripting] You can now hold left CTRL while drag and dropping tiles from left menu and then the menu will not close [Visual Scripting] None tiles now have their type specified on a tile [Visual Scripting] Changing position of item in player's inventory or in a chest will move item out of the container to the world [Visual Scripting] Added new category - enums, listing all enumerated types [Visual Scripting] Play emote with "None" as argument will cancel currently playing emote [YLD-14483] Added new propeller pack model [YLD-15748] Added: holding E button to perform currently focused item action instead of forcing player to use radial menu [YLD-13344] Changed the range of the vicinity from 2m to 2.5 meters [Building] Improved block placement snapping when obstructed Better swimming - more accurate movement caused by ocean waves, decreased swimming speed for a more immersive diving experience, falling into water maintains velocity and results in diving underwater Better MP motion synchronization when riding a horse Increased base run speed by 10 % Added: more search keywords to visual scripting literals The game will now gracefully exit upon start if incompatible hardware (e.g., insufficient GPU) is used to run Ylands New and improved music tracks Lowered shooting speed of both cannons Tweaked torch damage New louder combat music tracks New heads, haircuts and update heads controler Added full body hover attack animations for sword and spear NPCs now have at least puff particle as a feedback of the player attack History panel now shows if infinite history recording is turned on Added hints to building blocks describing blocks' size and shape to the game and Editor Reorganized, fixed and added some of the building block item groups Added missing building blocks to complete all sets Several obsolete building blocks were removed Action "harvest" was removed from the game, only "collect wood" on trees and "collect needle" on cacti and opuncias is present NEW ASSETS Added missing building blocks to complete all sets FIXES [YLD-11628] [Audio] Ambient and music in main menu is controlled by the same audio settings slider [YLD-13439] [Audio] Pirate chest closing sound too loud [YLD-13428] [Audio] Sounds of animals are really loud [YLD-14027] [Audio] Kiln sound volume depends on camera position [YLD-14026] [Audio] Ylandium Refinery sound volume depends on camera position [YLD-14025] [Audio] Blacksmith Forge sound volume depends on camera position [YLD-14024] [Audio] Sailing sound depends on camera position [YLD-14023] [Audio] Sail flap sound volume depends on camera position [YLD-13974] [Audio] Sound volume of bonfire depends on camera position [YLD-13975] [Audio] Anchor sound volume depends on camera position [YLD-14334] [Audio] Missing flight potion sound [YLD-14295] [Audio] Missing sound after drinking potion [YLD-14293] [Audio] Missing opening trade window with NPC sound [YLD-14263] [Audio] Wooden table doesn't have unique sound when opening [YLD-14262] [Audio] Sack containers don't have unique sound when opening [YLD-14356] [Audio] Sparkler has no sound [YLD-13962] [Audio] Player footsteps sound volume depends on camera position [YLD-14279] [Audio] Activate trap sound is too loud [YLD-14278] [Audio] Throw grenade action doesn't have unique sound [YLD-14660] [Audio] Annihilator always plays destroy item sound [YLD-13604] [Audio] Some animal have missing or too quiet sounds on surfaces [YLD-14701] [Audio] Penguin footstep sounds are too loud [YLD-14698] [Audio] Sound of bears and mutated bears walking on metal surface is not correct [YLD-14723] [Audio] Background noise in games [YLD-14735] [Audio] Ostrich footstep sounds are too silent on metal surfaces [YLD-14719] [Audio] Sound of sleeping hyena is too quiet [YLD-14725] [Audio] Sound of boar footsteps sound like horse [YLD-14689] [Audio] Patterned rug's metal impact sound is too heavy [YLD-14200] [Audio] Open map action has no sound [YLD-14294] [Audio] Missing deconstruct building blocks sound [YLD-14198] [Audio] Plant a seed action has no sound [YLD-14717] [Audio] Shark death sound is too silent [YLD-13511] [Audio] Refilling of small ylandium engine is too loud [YLD-14357] [Audio] Missing wind turbine sound [YLD-14430] [Audio] Blazing sounds are much louder than other sounds in the close area [YLD-14587] [Audio] Missing clothing items placing sound, but only played when items are placed clipping into surface [YLD-14791] [Audio] Steel plate and Steel tube have no placing sound [YLD-14841] [Audio] Spotlights have missing placing sound [YLD-14288] [Audio] Terraformer fire sound is looping incorrectly [YLD-14896] [Audio] Extract resin is incorrect [YLD-14955] [Audio] Several energy-looking items do not have energy Collect sound [YLD-15019] [Audio] Horse has no idle sound when player mounts it [YLD-14199] [Audio] Write sign text has no sound [YLD-14364] [Audio] Missing sound for all flags [YLD-14962] [Audio] Suitcase sofa has same hit sound when hit by Wood/Stone weapons [YLD-14907] [Audio] Item sound disappears when running through grass [YLD-15416] [Audio] When a lot of trees are falling at once, only one ground impact sound will play [YLD-14948] [Audio] Missing sound for picking up coal and charcoal [YLD-15266] [Audio] Withered Acai does not have tree falling sound [YLD-15410] [Audio] Acai tree has no falling sound [YLD-15408] [Audio] Withered rubber tree has missing impact sound of fall [YLD-15407] [Audio] Young bamboo trees have no falling sound [YLD-15267] [Audio] Falling sound of small trees is way too long [YLD-14494] [Audio] Car vehicle sounds [YLD-15782] [Audio] Missing engine sounds [YLD-13328] [Audio] You now should always hear the battle music when multiple predators start to attack you at the same time, instead of the music being randomly at 0.01 volume. [YLD-13512] [Audio] Sound of burning the fuse is played from the place where player ignited explosive [YLD-13667] [Audio] Missing or too quiet animal sounds on surfaces and animations [YLD-13906] [Audio] Sound of charging station after pressing is too loud [YLD-14030] Added sounds for ylandium generators [YLD-14030] [Audio] Added sound loops to energy generators [YLD-8828] [Audio] Added mechanics gun sounds [YLD-10497] [Audio] Tree impact sound when a tree has been cut down is no longer emitted from the stump, but from the tree top [YLD-14284] [Audio] Added missing sound of the book closing [YLD-15041] [Audio] Sound of tree falling down now stops when it hits the ground [YLD-14284] [Audio] Added open and close book/sheet sound [YLD-14297] [Audio] Tweaked opening and closing sounds [YLD-14306] [YLD-14305] [Audio] Added Sounds for opening, closing and adding resources to project table [YLD-7891] [YLD-10498] [Audio] Added Tesla Coil sounds (idle, charge up, zap) [YLD-14142] [YLD-14302] [Audio] Fixed: Music on Main menu stops abruptly when loading game, Audio stops playing when going back to main menu [Audio] Sounds when connecting energy ports were not playing when connecting specific entities (such as force field doors) [Audio] Terraformer fire sound is looping incorrectly [Audio] Fixed looped audio for Paintgun [Audio] Tweaked sound for opening and closing sack [Audio] Fixed item drop sounds [Audio] Tweaked placement sounds [Audio] Added new sounds for opening and closing propeller pack [Audio] Added new sounds for Boats and ships [Audio] Fixeds sounds of metal objects dropping [Audio] Added new sounds for explosives [Audio] Fixed sound levels for Item drop sounds [Audio] Fixed Ostrich footsteps, Penguin footsteps bear footsteps [Audio] Added sound for propeller open and closing [Audio] Fixed levels of small mammal footsteps [Audio] Fixed Plant seed action sounds [Audio] Tweaked Throw grenade strech sound [Audio] Added sacks unique sound [Audio] Added wooden table unique sounds [Audio] Tweaked volume of activate traps [YLD-13413] [Blueprints] You can place blueprints into other player's blueprints [YLD-13297] [Blueprints] You couldn't capture new blueprint [YLD-13422] [Blueprints] Fix blueprint unable to be placed when overlapping the player [YLD-13339] [Blueprints] Fixed blueprints being placeable before they are fully loaded [YLD-11944] [Blueprints] Blueprint remains stuck in hotbar if deleted [YLD-10513] [Blueprints] Blueprint project tables would be left in an inaccessible state when players with high ping tried to use them right after placing them in the world [YLD-14760] [Blueprints] If you attack right after placing the project table before the hologram is spawned, the hologram will never spawn and you will be left with an unusable, indestructible project table [YLD-15728] [Blueprints] Players can place blueprint in other players barrier [YLD-15651] [Blueprints] Trying to place a project table too close or too far from the blueprint closes the placing [YLD-12717] [Camera] Equipping the terraformer while controlling the catapult breaks the camera [YLD-12998] [Camera] Fix Free camera being able to flip upside down [YLD-15202] [Camera] Character shakes while aiming up and down in combat camera [YLD-13051] [Compositions] Sort by rating seems to do sorting by downloads just from the lowest [YLD-13361] [Compositions] Compositions downloaded from the Workshop often fail to be marked as downloaded [YLD-13293] [Crafting] If you craft an item directly into the world, the freeplacing hint will not disappear [YLD-14171] [Dedicated Server] Players are stuck when reconnecting to Dedicated server [YLD-13455] [Dedicated Server] Player is not able to control cannons on dedicated servers [YLD-12907] [Dedicated Server] Unpacked sleeping pads collisions now work again on a Dedicated Server [YLD-13332] [Editor] Right clicking the color in object properties sets the color to black [YLD-13433] [Editor] The color of building will disappear in the Editor [YLD-13817] [Editor] Unlock Padlock interaction does not fire trigger of event listener [YLD-13749] [Editor] Stuck at loading screen when placing specific composition to the scene [YLD-13778] [Editor] Interact event works although Listener says otherwise [YLD-13816] [Editor] Ignite Explosive does not work as a triggering event for Listener [YLD-13772] [Editor] Scripts disappear after connecting to each other [YLD-14081] [Editor] Local variable tile can get broken [YLD-14867] [Editor] On ignite event is not working properly when ignited from inventory [YLD-14838] [Editor] On explode event does not work for throwing explosives [YLD-8608] [Editor] Continual shooting beyond loaded terrain stops terrain generation and stucks character movement [YLD-10930] [Editor] Loot command does not work [YLD-11012] [Editor] Map is missing an on open event [YLD-13202] [Editor] Reopening the edit script no longer breaks the local variable block [YLD-13222] [Editor] Get Color script tile does not work properly [YLD-13365] [Editor] Object relation lines could miss in some cases [YLD-13367] [Editor] Undo does not return deleted vehicles with blocks [YLD-13384] [Editor] "Stack" attribute should not be shown in Object properties window for nonstackable items [YLD-13385] [Editor] You should be able to create composition from a single item [YLD-13400] [Editor] Interior post-process do not change when teleported from Interior zone [YLD-13416] [Editor] Copying entities with script can delete the script [YLD-13442] [Editor] Disable interaction does not work with lootable entities [YLD-13537] [Editor] Right click context menu should close on any button press [YLD-13542] [Editor] Clicking on the selected item in the Game logic list should open its properties [YLD-13490] [Editor] You can create blueprint from composition [YLD-13961] [Editor] Ctrl + c with nothing selected could cause an error [YLD-12725] [Editor] Selection box does not move with the item [YLD-14244] [Editor] You should be able to open locked doors through scripts [YLD-14474] [Editor] Entity highlight color is now customizable [YLD-14832] [Editor] You were able to combat in character mode [YLD-13692] [Editor] Transform gizmos could get stuck being too big [YLD-9421] [Editor] Damaged trees are seen as damaged in the Editor [YLD-15891] [Editor] Fixed error when placing game logic objects near vehicles [YLD-8650] [Editor] Rotation of spawn point will rotate character but leave camera unchanged [YLD-15598] [Editor] Selection boxes of groups with game logic object as pivot were not correct [YLD-15293] [Editor] Ctrl+d could move camera if user unpressed Ctrl before unpressing d [YLD-15294] [Editor] Not selected Storage objects added to compositions were too far away from other objects when composition was placed into the game [YLD-13869] [YLD-13871] [Editor] GameLogic could not be placed near animals/NPCs [Editor] Right click did not cancel placing tool in "camera mode" [Editor] Most windows and panels will close if you click to the empty space [Editor] Trigger zone collision detection with building blocks was not accurate [Editor] You cannot set "None" as an Image in the UI Panel [Editor] No proper error message when running script with empty spaces in binary expressions [Editor] Undo/redo of deleting vehicles did not work (cloning/copying) [Editor] Editor supports alpha color for changing emissive part of entity color [Editor] Error in visual scripting when Czech language was active [Editor] Match searched text with category names too [Editor] Event listeners were reworked and now you can listen to many more events [Editor] New game logic objects: Game logic storage, Game logic template, Sound effect, Impassable Barrier [YLD-5534] [Feedback tracker] Respawing inside a tree [YLD-8935] [Forum] Coral appears white when placing on ground [YLD-9390] [Forum] Plant viewable toggle not working correctly [YLD-8863] [Forum] Lamp Collision is too big [YLD-13602] [Forum] Game crashes when I try to place ship composition [YLD-14085] [Forum] Moving a script block causes a crash [YLD-14064] [Forum] Set Array Search not found [YLD-7848] [Forum] Ship Helm moves ship forcefully when ran into [YLD-14427] [Forum] Unable to establish connection [YLD-11370] [Forum] Object loses custom name if player drops it [YLD-8409] [Forum] Ship parts cannot be erased [YLD-14428] [Forum] Incorrect lod of blooming magic plant [YLD-14413] [Forum] Copy/paste color value doesn't apply Alpha [YLD-12128] [Forum] Entity Templates not spawning correctly [YLD-13957] [Forum] Color picking auto click [YLD-13398] [Forum] Game editmode, Can't delete or step back [YLD-13467] [Forum] Editor cut and paste did not work when editing save game [YLD-10885] [Steam Forum] Raspberry potion bug [YLD-13294] [Gold Rush] When you pick up gold pebbles from containers, they are not counted into your total [YLD-13503] [Gold Rush] Text was not translated when language was changed during a play [YLD-13316] [GUI] Can't use items after double clicking on item in quick bar [YLD-11389] [GUI] Client cannot aim with cannon properly on ship [YLD-10328] [GUI] Window with cancellation from client after trying to connect to server [YLD-13289] [GUI] Remove button in MP lobby menu not working [YLD-13405] [GUI] Invincibility indication does not show on clients [YLD-14911] [GUI] Unique and not separable items behaved very oddly in inventory [YLD-10147] [Multiplayer] Fix of cumulation of bodies in multiplayer game [YLD-6704] [Multiplayer] As client, leaving the driver's seat while underwater will cause you to walk instead of swim [YLD-13352] [Multiplayer] As a client, I see other disconnected clients standing instead of sitting [YLD-8746] [Multiplayer] You see other player standing on a bed after connecting [YLD-14712] [Multiplayer] New character for dead offline players if sleep was executed before they reconnect [YLD-15749] [Multiplayer] Clients have extreme FPS drops on a particular template file [YLD-13397] [Multiplayer] NPC dialogue will not pop out after non-host player exits the game by alt+F4 [YLD-13777] [Multiplayer] Dyeing at dyeing tables doesn't work for clients in multiplayer [YLD-11766] [Multiplayer] Paint gun color picker did not work on clients [YLD-14270] [Multiplayer] Fixed swimming pets [YLD-14642] [Multiplayer] Client could read signs at night [YLD-14798] [Multiplayer] Freshly connected clients will see others sitting/emoting now [YLD-14315] [Multiplayer] When joining an ongoing game, characters already in the water should now be seen in the correct animation (swimming) [YLD-13196] [Notifications] Amount of coyns doesn't refresh after successful notification during simulation [YLD-13204] [Notifications] Notification about a successful sharegame save does not appear [YLD-12330] [Protective Barrier] Offline clients in their barrier will receive damage after server is rehosted [YLD-10992] [Protective Barrier] Players can destroy other players' barrier [YLD-14756] [Protective Barrier] If you were invincible before the barrier update, you will remain invincible [YLD-14755] [Protective Barrier] Players who were inside their own barriers before the update became immortal after the update [YLD-14759] [Protective Barrier] Invincibility while offline after placing or fixing a non-activated barrier changed to golden hearts invincibility after barrier update [YLD-14936] [Protective barrier] Players see the visual and sound effects of walking through the edge of barrier only for their movement [YLD-14250] [Rented servers] If save file upload failed upon shutting down a server, the upload keeps getting retried [YLD-11525] [Sharegames] There is no way to host games from My Sharegames menu [YLD-11894] [Sleeping] Sleep is broken when two players connect to an almost full server [YLD-13936] [Sleeping] Sleeping gets broken if someone destroys the bed you are sleeping on before it hardens [YLD-6555] [Sleeping] The sun and the moon are slowing down during moving while sleeping [YLD-15799] [Sleeping] Time is jumping back and forth during sleep on dedicated server [YLD-14194] [Sleeping] More players can initiate sleep at the same time [YLD-14311] [Sleeping] Invincible players after clicking very fast to initiate sleep [YLD-14602] [Sleeping] If you Return to the Main Menu and reconnect while waiting for sleep, the sleep breaks [YLD-14603] [Sleeping] If sleep was initiated exactly at the moment when another player was connecting to the server, it would want one more player than there were on the server, thus making sleep unreachable until the server was restarted [YLD-14144] [YLD-14392] [Sleeping] Fixed an issue where you could start sleep while standing by spamming left mouse button while in the process of standing up [YLD-9381] [YLD-14527] [Sleeping] Fixed an issue where if the game was autosaved during sleeping and then crashed before the next autosave, players would retain the invincible attribute after load [Sleeping] Players no longer fill all their stats to maximum when sleeping, now it merely prevents damage, as it was originally intended [YLD-6716] [Ships] Loading of objects and terrain breaks after a while of sailing forward in Create mode [YLD-6953] [Ships] Raft floats down slowly when spawned in mid air [YLD-5879] [Ships] Player can jump very high on a ship under certain circumstances [YLD-9138] [Ships] Character's legs are shaking on the moving ship [YLD-8536] [Ships] Animals make ship move improperly [YLD-11473] [Ships] When the ship is sinking, the message when trying to pilot is wrong [YLD-4082] [Ships] Boats are falling at constant speed [YLD-14620] [Ships] Running over objects on a boat causes character to fly forward [YLD-13693] [Ships] Ship placing was ignoring water [YLD-14982] [Ships] While building on ships, some building blocks never align to others and gets "Not enough space" error if they are moved to the position via hold RMB [YLD-13984] [Store] You cannot buy skins right after you buy coyns [YLD-13212] [Store] Coyns are not visible when entered from the game [YLD-5280] [Text] Small typo in "hieroglyphic block" (Czech language) [YLD-13567] [Text] Several mistakes in sentences in Russian translation [YLD-13351] [Text] Missing texts added [YLD-14112] [Visual Scripting] Custom Interaction disappears when workstation changes model [YLD-14114] [Visual Scripting] Feeding or lighting workstations breaks the script [YLD-13205 ] [Visual Scripting] Show/Hide UI panel does not work on clients on DS [YLD-13477] [Visual Scripting] Script issue when on different language settings [YLD-13968] [Visual Scripting] Fixed a bug that caused big copied tiles in visual scripting to freeze in space and potentially crash the game [YLD-13629] [Visual Scripting] Fixed an issue that caused variables in the visual scripting to be covered by Rename and Delete buttons [YLD-13594] [Visual Scripting] Fixed a displacement issue of variables in visual scripting [YLD-14298] [Visual Scripting] Set position does not work with ragdolled player [YLD-14097] [Visual Scripting] Deleting Delay tile could resolve in subsequent errors (part of script missing) [YLD-14380] [Visual Scripting] Fixed issue which caused tiles to change color and hide text in the "if" tile when changing "else" to "else if" [YLD-14445] [Visual Scripting] Shift + drag and drop of tile had broken undo steps [YLD-14307] [Visual Scripting] Local variable set tile was missing when the bubble was reopened inside of an if tile [YLD-14451] [Visual Scripting] Removing an item in On added to inventory from an inventory could break the item [YLD-14839] [Visual Scripting] Adding more than 8 arguments should not be possible even after reloading the save [YLD-11140] [Visual Scripting] NPC did not recover active item after playing emote [YLD-15078] [Visual Scripting] Fixed error when switching else to else if [YLD-15995] [Visual Scripting] Reset on Trigger zone did not work [YLD-12166] [Visual Scripting] Change of respawn position in On player death events will have effect immediately [YLD-14087] [Visual Scripting] Fixed local variable losing its get method [Visual Scripting] Variables in entity scripts could get reset to default state after placing them to world and then picking them [Visual Scripting] Removing Entity storage owner tile from Entity storage instruction could break other tiles [YLD-13269] Rusty Padlock has inconsistent size [YLD-12971] Incorrect collision of rusty anchors [YLD-13315] 3/4 part of wagon wheel is basically rotated [YLD-13336] Details of hieroglyphic blocks disappearing too soon [YLD-12540] You can duplicate any stackable items from inventory containers [YLD-13343] Power cells disappear if you split them into vicinity [YLD-13314] Wagon wheel has only one paintable part [YLD-13201] Pineapple has missing texture [YLD-13231] Pineapple half is floating above ground when dropped from inventory [YLD-12957] Flag poles missing collision [YLD-13270] Seashell Jar holding is incorrect [YLD-13267] Rusty Padlock has no collision with Player [YLD-12970] Wrecked bamboo raft cannot be fully painted [YLD-13747] Teepee has wrong collisions [YLD-13335] Rusty can has no collision [YLD-13163] Black cat statue is brown [YLD-13005] Sack with dollar sign has only one paint slot [YLD-12987] Collision of rusty cannonball is too small [YLD-12664] Incorrect collision of Egyptian chest [YLD-12889] Incorrect occlusion of Duck boat [YLD-13311] Dynamites and bombs have misplaced burning effect [YLD-12885] Rusty gear cannot be covered with snow [YLD-13309] Grenades and dynamites are held incorrectly [YLD-12796] Some items cannot be fully painted [YLD-12929] Masts with sails have incorrect collision [YLD-12649] Blooming magical bush dissapears when it touches an edge of a screen [YLD-13638] Some vases cannot be painted whole - they're missing painting layers [YLD-14260] Explosives don't disappear and don't deal any damage after exploding if placed inside objects [YLD-11543] Bank safe in freeplacing mode has incorrect texture [YLD-11250] If engine is fully charged, the charge hint still will not dissapear [YLD-12856] Statues remain on water surface on shallow water [YLD-12934] Sleeping bag - can stand up just before going to sleep and watch the day passing by [YLD-14441] Large wooden doors have wrong collision [YLD-5238] Propeller pack is rotating in your hands when you are flying [YLD-13636] Pineapple is floating in the air when you are holding it [YLD-15561] Bear trap disappears too soon [YLD-13022] Incorrect collision of Metal container [YLD-12625] Cannot paint some carpets [YLD-14394] Seashells sometimes levitate over the shore [YLD-12778] Boots disappear with camera movement [YLD-13338] Colour is set to default for items which are dropped into stacks [YLD-13063] Gunpowder Kegs are white when shot out of a cannon [YLD-15223] Incorrectly coloured part of a Diamont pattern block [YLD-15465] Items are lost when container is broken [YLD-14476] Displaying thumbnails of a Human character in the Editor doesn't increase memory consumption over time [YLD-15885] "Unhardened" entity can be destroyed even with padlock [YLD-15856] Color 3 on oriental chest has always original color in another lods [YLD-16039] Stone container has more than one LOD Group [YLD-9072] You can't lock doors/containers or place padlocks in the foreign zone [YLD-13560] Colors of the plastic blocks should be unified [YLD-13353] Fixed wrong hand usage setting of picks (stone and iron) [YLD-13197] Fix position and size of invalid placing indicator for boats and animals [YLD-13340] Quill and ink don't break after one use anymore [YLD-13310] Some plants have incorrect models [YLD-13399] Fixed freeplaced items not falling down when placed on vehicles [YLD-13408] Fix building grid near vehicles [YLD-12580] Sleeping pad has wrong color in creator cube / crafting [YLD-12570] Roots texture do not change with weather [YLD-12981] Unable to focus car passenger seat while flying [YLD-13578] Some items can't be placed on a wall [YLD-13522] Items with multiple colliders no longer appear multiple times in vicinity [YLD-13544] Straw blocks placement issue [YLD-14190] Broken model of tribal idol [YLD-13266] Character is walking while throwing [YLD-13036] Charater clips with Top Tree [YLD-11929] Player respawn is causing texture glitches on some blocks [YLD-867] Looking into sea from under the sea level makes the sea disappear [YLD-5603] It's possible to spawn inside terrain [YLD-15255] You can use beds to get under terrain [YLD-6897] Sleeping pads occlusion culling [YLD-3549] No water particle when you fall into it [YLD-5360] You can't fish underwater anymore [YLD-13209] Fixed stack overflow while placing items near the water surface [YLD-12510] Items no longer load multiple times [YLD-12609] Fixed an error that prevented plants and other cube entities from being swapped in the hotbar [YLD-13234] Coloring, animated entities do not hold their color after being painted [YLD-13236] Coloring, Paintgun doesn't display current colors of entities upon focus [YLD-12610] Fixed a minor issue with swapping cube entities in the hotbar [YLD-13235] Coloring, Painting one entity channel with paintgun puts the other channels into the default color [YLD-13233] Coloring, Paintgun restore and pick color functions do not work [YLD-13218] Cannons can be placed and operated upside down causing visual issues [YLD-13242] Both types of cannon damage only in further entities [YLD-13068] Dynamite Bundle doesn't always explode when shot into the ground from a Cannon [YLD-12986] Fixed prefab position offset that caused the cactus needle to fall infinitely [YLD-13892] Building grid is blinking and overlapping in some cases [YLD-13664] Freeplacing rotation gizmo persists after placing [YLD-13856] Hair keeping wrong scale after head-size potion effect [YLD-12371] Bamboo colors tweaked [YLD-13823] Festive door and Wood door colliders fixed [YLD-13892] Building grid not showing on some bigger blocks [YLD-13691] Santavision holding position [YLD-13860] Head Feathers holding position [YLD-14121] Missing faces of Bark Helmet [YLD-8742] Fixed a validation issue that would prevent players from loading items from the first slot in the inventory [YLD-13528] Character can equip items to hands from inventory while riding horse or while sitting or laying [YLD-6226] Fixed character sometimes spawning underground [YLD-5239] Biome generator sometimes puts biomes where they don't belong (savanna in mountains) [YLD-13856] Fixed twisted hair after using scale-changing potion [YLD-14144] You could stand up and perform action while sleep mode is simulated [YLD-14126] Character's back is clipping through some chairs [YLD-14167] Fixed a bug that would cause items to duplicate when player put them in the container [YLD-14057] Fixed glitched ragdoll after close impact of the grenade [YLD-14058] Fixed character falling into terrain a bit while throwing grenades [YLD-14258] Fixed wrong skin visual for hand slot [YLD-11061] Throwing the last grenade in hotbar with full strength would consume the grenade, but not throw anything [YLD-8241] Digging with the iron shovel is now interrupted when the item breaks [YLD-14482] Caves: some passages should have smoother terrain on the ground [YLD-14475] Fixed signs reading in the dark with the helmet equipped [YLD-12593] Oak stump colors fixed [YLD-14569] Fixed missing portraits for all heads [YLD-9381] Fixed players being immortal if the game saved during a sleep [YLD-15544] Dynamite bundles could not be hit with arrows [YLD-14656] Repositioning blocks with QZ or WSAD on ships and cars causes placing ghost to disappear [YLD-15563] Fixed an issue where if a powered Tesla Coil got destroyed, new Tesla Coils would not shoot [YLD-15420] You couldn't pick up things while riding a horse [YLD-15642] Loading a game with the character controlling a raft/sailboat got the character stuck [YLD-14866] Fixed teleport particles staying around the pet after player respawn [YLD-11810] You can use unobstructed ladders to get through walls [YLD-15014] If you cut the tree to logs before it hits the ground, the stump collider remained in the scene [YLD-15172] When firing the last bullet in a weapon and immediately switching to another weapon, player would reload the new weapon [YLD-12724] Visuals of fallen trees are replaced after loading a save [YLD-15536] Placing a grenade after another grenade of the same type explodes results in the new grenade being either lost or unusable [YLD-15532] Stacked explosives (e.g. if the player dropped 5 grenades in one stack) would not explode upon being destroyed [YLD-5847] Horse head animation twitches when turning on the spot [YLD-10566] Error preparing game data after removing old saves and clicking on Play [YLD-14532] Death is broken with disabled respawn - player can't play on that server again [YLD-7340] Game freezes when player tries to exit the program [YLD-14133] If player clicked create game before confirming (hitting enter) renaming of the game, default name was selected instead [YLD-14893] Fixed a minor memory leak when throwing grenades [YLD-15577] Fixed a crash that could occur if the player drove their car into the ocean [YLD-8069] You are still invincible if you get outside the zone when offline [YLD-13724] Clicking on the radial menu should not activate punch [YLD-13239] UI in paintgun radial menu now displays correct colors [YLD-14443] Radial menu couldn't be accessed while in the building mode [YLD-12127] Fixed unavailable roles and teams for custom games [YLD-14136] Fixed: an issue where entities with N colliders would get N instances of explosive damage instead of just 1, thus making explosives an overkill for such entities. [YLD-13350] Matchmaking text displays \n symbols [YLD-13229] preserve build orientation when changing anchors (ships/cars) [YLD-13227] [YLD-13228] don't reset build stacker when the placement is not valid [YLD-13382] Fixed one-handed hammer attacks not chaining while walking forward [YLD-13382] Fixed chaining attacks for 1H hammers [YLD-13299] Fixed biome condition errors [YLD-14036] Slow effect particles of heavy attack are aligned to the correct place now [YLD-13229] Orientation is preserved when changing anchors (ships/cars) [YLD-13227] [YLD-13228] Build stacker isn't reset when the placement is not valid [YLD-13382] Fixed one-handed hammer attacks not chaining while walking forward [YLD-13382] Fixed chaining attacks for 1H hammers [YLD-13299] Fixed biome condition errors [YLD-14036] Slow effect particles of heavy attack are aligned to the correct place now Tweaked: faster pickup animation Sleep now decreases your stats such as hunger Fixed issue that it was possible to still use some old disabled blocks Fixed transitions in Terraformer/Paintgun/Annihilator animation controllers to stop transitions from starting a new animation Tweaked explosions and cannon shots Trade action is no longer offered to dead targets Iron shackles are now held correctly in the hands Tesla Coils were dealing multiple damage instances to entities with more than 1 collider Fixed player automatically standing up when bed or chair under them was destroyed Fixed Armor Leather skin helmet and hats clipping with hair Fixed attack particles position for building blocks Fix inconsistent building preview rotation Wooden cabinet collider fixed Some items could not be freeplaced on vehicles
  2. Hi guys! In our efforts in fixing as many issues as possible, we'd like to specifically focus on Multiplayer issues as well. When receiving reports in this regard, we often get very vague descriptions, like "there is lag" or "Multiplayer is broken!". So in this thread I'd like to ask you to report all Multiplayer issues you can think of that are ruining your game experience, and please be as specific as possible Thanks a lot!
  3. Hey guys! I was just wondering what games you will be playing this weekend! It's ok if you don't say Ylands Right now I'm having a great time exploring New York City and kicking some ass with my friend Spidey Have you played this one?
  4. Dear (future) ylanders, As promised, by sharing the post where we announce the Steam release date there was a chance of winning an Ylands code for free! We've randomly chosen 20 people on Twitter and 20 on Facebook. Here are the winners! I'll send the codes out during today, so check your DMs/PMs! Twitter @DreadNome @SeamaRob @TortimerTheGrey @final_ultimatum @LucaTeddy28 @MattReinhardt7 @AlmightyMuniz @K4DR14H @SrgtMaxence @ItsZim_ @ImTastyHam @Yanabamenara @DieGirardi @o_liar @Sric360 @SCHWARZL1999 @MatthewP39 @C0RLAIN @yourinsport @MaraLetsPlay Facebook Arno Rook Ottavio Francisco Basques Frederik Schou Jonas de Souza Jiří Malina Sairo Soull Eliahu Bitton Thiago Leôncio Bal Rog Alexander William Arnold Erick Sanchez Marko Burns Alexey Zhdanov Ricky Tsang Duncan Dunkie Ryan Surles Tung Chan Joshua Lamson Harkness Ag Joey Bull Congratulations to the winners! I hope to see you in the game! Ane
  5. Hi guys! In a couple weeks we'll be shooting a Questions & Answers video and well... we need questions we can answer So if you're curious about ANYTHING Ylands related (in can be about some specific feature, future plans, the team itself... anything), leave it in a comment below! We'll try to reply as many questions as possible. You've got until March 4th. Let the questioning begin! Thanks!
  6. Game objects In the Ylands Editor you will encounter two basic types of objects that you can place into the scene and will help you create your own level / scenario / game. Those are Entities and Game logics. Both are very important, and by having a closer look at them, we will show you how they can be useful to you. Entities These are objects you normally see in the game when you play. It can be a tree, a building block, an animal or an NPC character. When you place them into the scene inside the Editor and then play this custom level, all those objects will behave the same way as you are used to in any other Ylands game. You will be able to cut down trees, kill animals that will run around as usual, and so on. In general, entities are objects that create the environment of your level. Game logics These are special objects that are visible only in the Editor and help you control your game. For example, the Trigger zone is an object that marks certain area, and when some player enters it or leaves it, it can perform various actions. Game logics are invisible when the level is being played, but they still react to players or events, and perform what they are designed to do. Object selection and properties Both Entities and Game logics can be, when placed into the scene, edited and adjusted. The object properties panel can be opened by simply double-clicking any object or by selecting it and clicking on the Object properties button in the Object selection panel. Depending on the object you are editing, you will be shown parameters that you can change. For example, when editing a tree, you will be able to modify its color or hitpoints, or choose to make it indestructible. Or, if the object you are editing is a door, you can select if it's locked or wide open. Some Game logics, like Trigger zones, can't change their color or can't be made indestructible, since the player will never see them while playing or be able to focus them. But you can change their size or shape and modify what type of objects are going to trigger them. Object selection panel Object properties panel Visual scripting The best thing about Game logics and Entities is that they are able to interact with each other. You can place a door near a Trigger zone and make the door to be unlocked when the player walks through the Trigger zone. Or you can replace the Trigger zone with a lever and unlock the door when the player pulls the lever's handle. Or the door can be unlocked only when the player enters the Trigger zone with some specific item in their inventory. The possibilities are endless. The thing that glues Entities and Game logics together is the Visual scripting. Visual scripting basics Visual scripting is a simple but powerful tool for creating custom games. Scripting is object oriented, and its underlying code is based on Java Script, which will be possible to edit directly in the future. Because of this, we will try to adhere to similar conventions. The visual scripting code can be attached to any object in the game, which means that you can add a custom script to both Entities and Game logics to make them behave the way you want. To start scripting, double-click on some object while holding SHIFT, or select it first and then click on Edit script in the Object selection panel. Scripts are assembled from "script tiles" (or just tiles), which can serve various purposes. Scripting itself is performed by looking for script tiles that contain the desired function from the menu on the left, and then dragging those pieces of code to the area on the right, where those pieces can be assembled into functioning code. Let's have a closer look on what types of tiles you may encounter. Script tiles The visual scripting code is composed from script tiles. There are three basic types of tiles: events, instructions and literals. Tiles can be snapped together to create a sequence, but sequences are valid only when they start with an event tile, otherwise it won't be executed. Also, lonely tiles that are not part of any valid sequences are not executed either. For example - doors, when opened by players, will execute On Open event. So, if the door entity has a script and in this script there are instructions attached to On Open event, the code (tiles) under it will execute every time a player opens this door. If the code sequence doesn't include the On Open event tile, the game wouldn't know when this sequence is supposed to be executed, and it never would. Tile - One piece of visual scripting code Event - Special tiles, serving as anchor for instruction blocks. Each Entity and Game logic object has a specific set of events. Just like with Object properties, there was no sense for the Trigger zone to have the option to change its color, there is no sense for it to have for example On Open event available. These will be available only for door-like objects. On the other hand, Trigger zone will have events On Trigger Enter and On Trigger Exit, which would make no sense on doors. Instruction - Command tiles performing various functions. They can be attached to other tiles. Most of the tiles are instructions and their functions will be explained separately. Literal - Tiles that can be placed inside instruction tiles as an input. They can contain texts, boolean values (true / false), references to specific entities in the scene etc. Sequence - An assembly of tiles. Working with tiles New tiles are dragged from the left panel to the working area on the right. To quickly search for a desired tile, the search bar can be used. Tiles can be snapped / unsnapped together via mouse dragging. Literals are inserted in instruction tiles and usually serve as input value for that instruction. Event tiles can be placed freely in the canvas and serve as starting point of a sequence. Already existing tiles can be duplicated by holding CTR while dragging. To pull a single tile from a sequence, hold SHIFT while dragging. For easy navigation through complex script, use key F to cycle through top-level stacks. Example - block manipulation Examples Scripted game logic In a simple scene, we have a wall with a torch and a trigger zone. We want the torch to react to the player's presence, so we will set up a trigger zone that upon entering will lit the torch, and after leaving it, the torch will be extinguished. After placing the trigger zone into the level and opening the script editor (double-click on the trigger zone while holding shift), specific tiles for both actions (Light and Extinguish) can be found in the Entities -> Actions category. For those actions to be executed, they have to be attached to corresponding events On Trigger Enter and On Trigger Leave, which can be found in the Events category. To select a target for an instruction, use the eyedropper in the entity literal, which will then allow you to pick an entity from the scene. Example - trigger zone Scripted entity Scripts on entities work in the same manner as on game logics. After opening the script editor, a list of appropriate events can be used to execute various instructions. In this scene, we want a lever to open and close doors. So we will edit the lever script and add the Open instruction to On Switch On event, and Close instruction to On Switch Off event. Both events can be found again in the Events category and both instructions in the Entities -> Actions. Example - entity events Further examples To have a look at the Visual scripting in place, check the official games developed by the Ylands team, available at the Ylands Workshop: Sky Arena Racing Track Adventure
  7. Ane

    Sharegames FAQ

    Q1: What is a Sharegame? A: A Sharegame, in a nutshell, is a persistent game that you and anyone you choose can play at any time, regardless of whether anyone else is currently hosting it or not - so it basically has the advantages of running a dedicated server... without actually running (and paying for) one. You can turn an existing save game (which means also any Exploration yland you discover, with the exception of the one you start at) into a Sharegame. You specify a password and from that moment, whoever knows the password, can join the game. If the no one else is hosting the game, you will start hosting it yourself, otherwise, you join simply the one who's already running the game. The game gets saved in the cloud so anytime anyone starts playing it, they always play the current version of the game. And the best is - once you set it up, you just play and don't need to worry about hosting or joining - we take care of it for you. Q2: How can I join my friend in their Sharegame? A: Your friend needs to tell you their password, and someone needs to be hosting the game while you want to connect there for the first time. After the first connection, you also become eligible for hosting, and can start the game by yourself at any time, even if no one else is playing. Q3: How to create a Sharegame? A: There are two possible ways. The first one is to create a new multiplayer game, then the player checks an option to make it automatically into a Sharegame. The second one is that any save file stored on the computer can be transferred into the cloud and become a Sharegame. In both cases, the player will be asked to choose a name for this game and input a password. Q4: How many Sharegames can I have at once? A: Currently 3 in the free tier and 5 in paid tiers, but players are also going to be limited by the available free space in their cloud storage. Players can increase the size of the available storage space for coyns, but there should be enough space for free for everyone to try this feature out. Q5: Can someone else become the owner of my Sharegame? A: No, there is always only one owner of a Sharegame, and that's the person who has it stored in their cloud storage. Q6: What happens when I'm not online and someone wants to play my Sharegame? A: Anyone who knows your password and joined your game at least once before can connect to your Sharegame at any point, and if the game isn't currently hosted anywhere, this person will become the host for others who wish to join. Q7: What happens if someone is playing my Sharegame and I want to join? A: You join the game in a normal way, although the game is already hosted, so you won't become the host. Q8: What is the difference between host and owner? A: Owner is the person who has the Sharegame placed in their cloud storage. The owner can delete the game, change the password etc. The host is the person who is currently hosting the game, and other players are connecting to. Q9: What happens if the host disconnects? Can the others continue playing? A: When the host disconnects or some other network issue appears, clients are told that the current session is no longer available. After that, any of the original clients that connect to the Sharegame first will become a new host. Q10: How often does the Sharegame save? A: Hosted Sharegames save like a normal game on the host's computer, which means through manually hitting quicksave, in regular autosave intervals, and when exiting the game to the main menu. But the local save file gets uploaded into the cloud only when exiting the current game to the main menu in a regular way. Q11: What happens with the progress when the host's game crashes? A: When the host's game crashes, the last local save file is not uploaded into the cloud. It is necessary that the last host becomes the host of a new session again (at least for a moment), so that the game progresses from the last recovery point. To upload it into the cloud, the host must exit the game in a regular way. Q12: What happens when some other player tries to host the game after the crash? A: Any other player who attempts to host the game when it was not exited in a regular way, will be shown a message recommending them to leave the hosting to the original host. But there is also an option to start hosting anyway. If any player forces the hosting even when the warning message is shown, the game continues from the last save uploaded into the cloud, the local save file of the original host becomes invalid, and the progress in this file is lost. Q13: What happens when I reach my storage space limit? Can I still continue playing? A: When storage space limit is reached, you will be unable to start any of your stored Sharegames until more space is made. Although you will still be able to play and host someone else's Sharegmes, if their storage space hasn't been filled. Q14: Can I lose some data when I reach my Storage space limit while I play? A: No, your data will be stored in any case, but you won't be able to start another gameplay session until more space is made in your cloud storage. Q15: How do I prevent someone from joining my Sharegame? A: If that person knows your password, the best option is to change it and tell it only to people you really wish to play with. Q16: How do I raise the amount of slots for my Sharegames? A: Currently the amount of slots in free tier is 3, in paid tiers it is 5. We also plan to add more slots to some of the paid tiers in the future. Q17: You can rent extra storage space for one month. When exactly is my subscription going to run out, when I pay it for example on the 14th of a month? A: In this case, your subscription will run out the 14th of the next month. In case you pay your subscription on the 31st, it will run out the 30th of the next month (or the 28th in February). Q18: Is there any possibility of an automatic subscription renewal? A: Currently not, but it should be implemented in the future. Q19: If my subscription for large cloud storage space runs out, what happens with my stored Sharegames? A: They will remain in your cloud storage, you just won't be able to start any of your stored Sharegames until some free space is made.
  8. Hi there! So those of you with the account linking issue, I need the following information from you: The Ylands Name you want, the one you 'took from yourselves' The Bohemia Account (username or email) you want the Ylands Name associated with - the one you tried to link/transfer to I'm talking about this issue: We'll reset your names so that you have the name you chose and your BI account will be linked as well, so no progress should be lost. Thanks!
  9. Heyo! To open the console, simply press ENTER once you are on an yland. By typing /cmdlist you can see the complete list of the available commands in the game. Here is the list /ban - kick and ban player account from game /cmdlist - print this list /demote - demotes a player from admin status /freecamera - toggles free camera /kick - kick player account from game /killme - kills the player /promote - promotes a player to admin status /unstuck - unstuck character or vehicle /w - only those near you will be able to read what you type Edit 12.2017: just updated the post with the current possible commands. Take care! Ane
  10. Here I'm gonna compile the most common issues reported so far in the last few days. Note that we are aware of these and we are working to fix them. Some might take more time than others to fix, depending on the difficulty and/if we are able to reproduce them. Once they're fixed, you'll be able to see it in the changelog. Be aware that this list doesn't contain generic issues like server issues, lack of optimization etc. [UPDATED ON 30/08/2018] * Items not stacking in containers * Ship losing control (ie: when hit by a seagull) * Crashes when using crafting panel (possibly related to older AMD (ATI) cards) * Items being invisible when placing them on ships * Rain/snow getting through buildings/caves * Crashes in rain storms * Ship ladder falls and when clicking on it, character falls through the earth PS: If you can think of any other issue, feel free to post it here!
  11. Dear Ylanders, The Editor has evolved from elementary to extended, bringing us a more advanced version, which translates into having more buttons that we don't know what are used for. There are tooltips for every button in the editor, but in case you find the interface not to be very intuitive, we decided to compile this short “guide”, mainly explaining what each button does. So let's go by parts, as Jack the Ripper said. 1. Pressing this exits the editor, creates a game based on it and starts it. You can return back to the editor from the game via the in-game menu. 2. This switches to the character mode - you can then test the scene as if you were playing. You can pause/restart time (in the editor mode it is always paused) and toggle the editor mode back on. 3. Undo/redo buttons. With undo you erase the last action you made and with redo you revert the action that you undid. The following buttons show/hide "widgets" for the currently selected object. Widgets allow you to perform some action with the object more intuitively, by selecting/dragging various axes etc. 4. Selects objects in the level/scene. No widget - nothing is shown. 5. Movement (sometimes called "translation") widget. 6. Rotation widget. 7. Scale widget. Currently this is only used to set the area of effect for some game logic objects (trigger zone). Eventually you will be able to scale other objects as well. 8. This button lets you select whether you move the selected object in the World or Local coordinate space. In the World mode you move/rotate the object along axes that never change, while in the Local mode you'll be using the object's own axes, that change as the object rotation changes. If you are unsure about how this feature works you can check some of the many articles and videos available on the Internet. 9. If this is active and you drag an object across the level ("drag" - not by using the movement widget axes), the object will keep its distance to the ground. So if, for example, you place an object slightly below or above the ground, the object will stay this way even if you drag it someplace else. 10. If this is active and you move an object vertically, the object gets snapped to the terrain or structures for an easier and more precise placement. If not, it goes right through. 11. If this is active the object will stick only to the terrain, building block and such, otherwise it will stick to everything. This can be helpful when placing items on tables, hanging them on trees etc. 12. If this is active the items are snapped to a grid instead of freely (its size can be specified by pressing the arrow) when moving an object. 13. If this is active the items are rotated by predefined values instead of freely (the angle can be specified by pressing the arrow) when rotating an object. 14. If this is active the items are scaled by predefined values instead of freely (its size can be specified by pressing the arrow) when moving an object. 15. If this is active, the camera can't pass through the terrain, otherwise it can. 16. You can use the terraforming tool directly in the editor without going to the character mode with the Terraform button. With these two buttons you can maximize/minimize the left and right panels. The left panel shows the list of the current game logic objects in the scene. In the right panel you can access the whole catalog of items, divided into different categories: all, game logic objects, creatures, objects and items. Unlike in the game, the progress in the editor is not auto-saved. For now we need to do this manually by clicking on File (in the upper left corner) and then on Save. But in the future there will be a warning message asking us if we want to save the changes made in the scenario when trying to exit the editor. And last but not least - it is possible to copy (Ctrl + C), paste (Ctrl + V), duplicate (Ctrl + D) delete (Delete key) and select multiple items (holding Ctrl) in the editor with said shortcuts, but for now this is not specified by any hint. This will be changed in the future and it will be possible to complete these actions by right clicking on the item/object. In the same way, shortcuts will be added for every button. Aaaand that's all folks! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below - what you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see changed etc. Ane
  12. Ane

    Translation of Ylands

    Dear Ylanders, Do you want to be part of the community translation project and translate Ylands into your language? Then you are in the right place! The official languages of the game are English and Spanish, but it would be nice to have it translated to as many languages as possible : ) Here's a few details to take into account: - Since it's a community project, it's non-remunerated and the reward is the proud of having your texts in the game : P - You should have an excellent command of English and the language you want to translate the game into (ideally your mother tongue) - It's necessary to have an account on Crowdin (it's a free and very easy to use localization management platform) - If you are not sure you'll be able to work on the translations regularly, please do not sign up, as we want to avoid having inactive members : ) - New text will be added to the game with every update – at least once per month (the current amount of words to translate being 3863) If you are interested, please reply to this post stating your mother tongue, or just send me a private message. Thank you! -------------------------------- UPDATE 05/10/2018 A few months back we introduced French, German, Italian and Russian as official languages for the game. Since we plan on adding new official languages in the future (still not decided which ones), we're stopping the community translations for the time being. Thanks a lot to those who contributed in the past and to those who were interested in translating the game into their languages Ane
  13. Dear ylanders, Ylands is a game that we intend to work on for many years to come. We have tons of ideas that we want to implement, but before we get to those truly special and unique ideas, we need to have a solid foundation to build on. That, for us, means Ylands 1.0, and that is exactly where we'll be when we leave Early Access. Ylands 1.0 is planned to be released in summer 2018. Before we get there, we need to fix a lot of bugs, properly balance several game systems, and improve game performance and the multiplayer mode. But we'll also add some new features that we feel should be part of version 1.0. When we originally released on Steam Early Access, we anticipated that it would take about 5 months to graduate to a full release. Since then, we decided to increase the scope of the game, and we now have a clear understanding of what it will take to reach our goals for Ylands version 1.0. Therefore, we can now confidently say that Ylands will officially release in Q4 2019. Please note: even after that, you'll still receive regular, free updates and not much will actually change from your point of view. In case you want to know more about our Early Access, feel free to ask on our forums or read our weekly Dev Diaries and Ynterviews where we regularly talk about upcoming updates.
  14. Ane

    Dev Diary #85

    Thank you guys! ❤️ I will keep lurking on the forum, so don't misbehave!
  15. Ane

    Dev Diary #82

    What costume do you think we're adding? ?
  16. Ane

    P1 Building Competition! #7 - City Cars

    City of Caaaars, are you shining just for meee?
  17. Ane

    Website Bug.

    What do you mean you can't share your creations? Any error message or anything?
  18. Ane

    E3 announcements

    Is there any game that has been announced that you're looking forward to? I'm SO getting my hands on Cyberpunk 2077, plus now that we've seen Keanu Reeves is gonna be in it... ❤️
  19. Ane

    Dev Diary #81

    Yes, it refers to the animal traps Actually, this is what is considered to be a "trap" now (aka trap immunity applies to it).
  20. Ane

    Dev Diary #81

    That was in 0.12 already as far as I know?
  21. Ane

    Dev Diary #81

    You mean this?
  22. Ane

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    Update: 07/06/2019 Version: Moved official Gold Rush servers to a different provider
  23. The coyns have been sent!
  24. Currently it is planned for sometime after 1.0.