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  1. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #15

    The weather looks really great. Splashing all over the place and really gives the feel of being in a rain storm...
  2. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #15

    Wow the cars looks amazing and handling looks impressive... Thanks so much for the video, really impressive how the car moving... Glad you had a great time and enjoyed your trip... Can't wait to see the weather and cars together... Was there any new blocks ?
  3. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #15

    Thanks so much buddy that would be awesome. A car in action going around a corner and or a jump. Check for new blocks in explorer mode ?
  4. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #15

    Great job once again to the team... Have an awesome time and please Mr. @Aleš Ulm or Ms. @Ane for those of us working hard at our regular jobs next week and can't meet you, it would be nice to have some video footage even for 30 seconds of a car driving on a nice road... ??
  5. Hurricane43

    DEV ANSWER [Bug] Dedicated Server Issues

    Single Player games are the best in my opinion, I love them dearly, and am not interested in multiplayer games... I speak to many people during the day for 8 to 10 hours, like to come home and have a nice easy and chill time in single player.... A lot of gamers have preference and this game is giving you an option to play single player or multipllayer and it's the experience you create, I don't multiplayer to have fun... There are iron doors and wood doors that you can craft. If you go to crafting and search door they should show up....
  6. Hurricane43

    Ylands Racetrack WIP

    A little video of my Ylands so far.... Enjoy... Thanks for watching...
  7. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #14

    Sounds like a cool stream party ahead.... Thanks for the information... ? Wait, now to see what time it is starting over here...?
  8. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #14

    Great information and congrats to the team in the impending move from incubator... Great job by all... Hope to see a stream of the dev team from gamescon so that is from across the ocean can also see what is happening at games on, hopefully a twitch stream or something like that to interact with the fans.... Good times and bragging ahead, should be a great time.... ?
  9. Hurricane43

    Ylands Racetrack WIP

  10. Hurricane43

    Dev Diary #13

    Thanks for the information @Aleš Ulm, take the time you need to ensure that the team is happy with the tuning of the cars. No need to rush anything out the door just to have it out, its summer, enjoy the sun, and family. The game has tons and tons of content already to enjoy and play around with... I haven't even started on a ship or the energy system... The game has a huge amount of content, so take your time and we appreciate the team being upfront and telling us how things are going at the studio...
  11. Hurricane43

    Ylanders Racing & Resort

    Like the night time look... Would like to see how it looks with torches, or other lights around the track at night... Great job....
  12. Hurricane43


    You're very welcome Friend..... Have fun Ylander... ? If you have other just ask, someone will help out...
  13. Hurricane43


    Hi FriendZone, Welcome.... Cars will be in next update in two weeks.No cars now but in two weeks. In explorer mode you find new regions, like forest, desert, etc by building a raft or boat. Follow the seagulls in the sky they will bring you to a new island. In explorer there are 8-12 different islands. Follow the seagulls in the aky and you will find the new island. Tried to type so that when you translate this it will be simple for you...
  14. Hurricane43

    Sneak Peek #36

    Sounds good, have a fun testing time and great day...