In Semi-Official Ylands Building Contest! #1 teams competed to build the best 1930's vehicle. Now we have to choose which are the best and which will win the prizes!  #1 Topolino Friendly, reliable and sometimes upside down this little car zips past the competition!  #2 Car A Heavy to drive but good looking, the Car A let's you ride in style!  #3 SSK Everyone loves the look of this one. Sometimes, being as long as it is, going over small hills can be hard. 

#4 Truck Great looking, hard to refuel (engine in floor).  #5 Mark IV tank Stunning, well armored, somewhat impractical.  #6 Auto-Fire Tank This tank is hard to get into but it's logics allow you to operate the turret while your drive. There is also a somewhat-functional co-op mode where others can operate the turret while you drive!