Received your files, tried creating new savegame and rehosting it, did not run into any issues. These were my steps:  1/ Get DS: Downloaded the DS tool from steam public_alpha beta branch (version 69650) 2/ Setup ds working directory: Using the same path as in your example I have prepared the DS working directory with: -ygt/ysd files you provided -Ylands.ini containing s DsBohemiaLoginToken=<my_login_token>
b DsAutoLaunchMonitor=1 -DsConfig.json containing: {
    "SessionDataType" : "TemplateFile",
    "SessionData" : "C:\SERVICES\ni1427091_3_SHARE\ftproot\ylands/P1 SUNRISE CITY 43 NPCS P2_190525003503.ygt",
    "nMaxPlayers" : 8,
    "Name" : "P1 Game Testing",
    "PrivilegeFilePath" : "C:\SERVICES\ni1427091_3_SHARE/ftproot/ylands/permissions.txt"
} After setup, the directory looks like so: 3/ Launch the DS for the first time -Open poweshell (or your preferred console) in C:\SERVICES\ni1427091_3_SHARE\ftproot\ylands -Launch the ds, for powershell I used: & "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands Dedicated Server\YlandsDs.exe" -batchmode -nographics -logFile ./log.txt DS  hosts new game from ygt After DS loads into session I use monitor console (which opened automatically because of the config in ini) to gracefully shutdown the ds using shutdown command. After DS shuts down, SessionSave.ylandsgame file is created in the directory, which now looks like so:   4/ Rehost existing savegame  -Launch the ds again, using the same command as before. In log_clean.txt, I can see the line [IN] [28/05 16:36:11.85] Searching for .ysd in: C:\SERVICES\ni1427091_3_SHARE\ftproot\ylands which indicates DS located the existing save file and is using it to rehost session. DS then successfully loads and registers the session with lobby I did not try connecting to the DS as I understand that is not the issue here.    Please let me know which step fails for you or if your setup is significantly different from mine and this flow is not useful for you. Edit: typos.