Hang on to your chair and get ready to read because here is Journey's biggest update, thanks to all of your kind feedback and all the support we get with donations, we wanted to take Journey to phase 2. ?
I'll start with the things that have been changed or fixed before going into the details of the new systems. -The first person view has been added with the "C" key. -The initial spawn area has been optimized, both decorating and protecting the area, now instead of removing items from your hand you just can't use them. 
We have also separated the logic of the player the first time they enter the map, it will only work once they move after logging in, we hope this will avoid login issues for some people. -The protection zone is much larger and is split into two zones, one covers spawn and new stores and will have full blocking except to be able to pick up some things from the ground.
The outer zone covers the lake and the resource zone leaving a small habitable place on the other side of the island. Both areas are pve and will kill players who disconnect there after a certain time. (By the way, the map is now in pvp, but you shouldn't be afraid, you can keep reading: P) -When the player dies, their inventory will appear in a bag which will make it easier to find their body and collect items.
-Hell was removed because it was causing trouble. instead, we added the black box.

-New notes have been added to the fishing system.

-Now you can tame the animals of the hunting system -For Henry and the red trees, we gave them a vacation because they might be a problem, but they will be back sometime this year. -Underground resources have been removed to reduce the number of entities on this island, we have placed a few on the surface so that any player can get the necessary resources to begin their trip.
We have also added new ones with a nice lake.
-For the rest of the map, most of the builds you can find have been optimized and some of them have been established as indestructible.   *PVP and protection
-For a new player, there is pve protection the first 2 days of play. You can tell if this protection is activated because you can see a small star on the hud shield. -The protective barriers will now create a safe zone, even without being activated which allows you to move it during your trip and have a place to temporarily take refuge. -The command //addfriend "name" and //delfriend "name" has been added to add or remove friends from your list, which will give them unlimited access to your protective barrier, players who enter your barrier without being in your friends list will have some functions blocked, if they disconnect in your barrier, they will die after a few days of playing. Also, they will not be protected from heat, cold or a tesla antenna.

-We have added an indicator in the hud, on the shield with a green or red color figure that will tell you if you are in a protected area, this indicator appears in the spawn area and in player protection barriers, if you see your red indicator, you shouldn't log out here.   -All players get one barrier when starting the game and can get another one during the game, we also added a protective barriers store where you can get more.
*Player level and economy

-Now the player can level up, it will be displayed in the hud with the player's life.
-You can gain experience with most of the main actions, such as planting, collecting, digging, hunting animals, and killing other players.
-With each level, the player will increase their health by +1 and their melee damage by +1, at the moment this is automatic but in future updates you will be able to choose your own skills.
 In addition to obtaining Wodycoins which will form the new economy of servers.
-We have also changed the way to obtain the blueprint license and it is now obtained once you have reached a sufficient level.
-The new economic system was implemented with the new stores.
-The new Wodycoins will be used to buy from these stores and will also be used to maintain certain progress since they will be kept after each wipe.
-There are several ways to get these coins. You can get them by leveling up, finding treasures on the map, or you can even find more in certain places. You can also exchange them for gold bars or coyns in the bank.
-The stores are set up so that a player who has played before can get certain things early on, like an advanced kit or an extra protective barrier. Kit store
In this store, you can get a starter kit which will help you start the game. If you have played before, you can get the advanced kit from the beginning for a quick start.

Protective barrier store
In this store you can get more protective barriers, but they will be single use since they will be lost after each wipe.
In this store you can get other wodycoins, here you can get them in exchange for gold bars or buy them in exchange for coyns.
  These 3 stores are located on the main island but you can access them from anywhere on the map with the command //shop We still have a store but for this one I need to explain a bit about the new weapons first.
We have added the first "Soul Swords" weapon kit with their respective armor, up to 8 different ones can be found on the map.

These weapons merged with the soul of an elemental golem which gave the player their same strengths and weaknesses.
And for everyone to enjoy, we have added a store where you can get them. In total in the store you can find up to 64 different models since we have added each type of armor to each type of item.
The store is limited to player level, so you can't buy them from the start, and you'll need a minimum level 30 to buy here.
The armor will be lost after each wipe, but in order for you to complete your collection, all wodycoins spent in this store will be returned to the player after each reset.
*Advanced tools -Now you can create trashcan with screwdriver.
At the moment, this only works with the wicker basket and the oriental chest. With your screwdriver in hand, interact with the trunk and you will have the opportunity to turn it into a pretty trash can. You can turn it into a safe at any time using a screwdriver. With each interaction, the tool will lose life until it breaks. -Advanced paint gun
We have added a few functions to the paint gun, now you can paint with alpha colors or remove object interaction. The hardening function requires nails and pigments in your inventory. With this feature enabled, you can eliminate interaction to collect items, also in your activated protection barrier, it will also work to eliminate interaction from plants. To return the interaction, you can do this by using the black pigment with the curing function enabled. The alpha colors option works with crystal powder in your inventory along with the pigment, one of 3 types works and you can paint any object color 1 with a luminous color. This will go between 1 and 3 shiny dust per entity depending on the amount of alpha you want to put, it is necessary to put a different color to the object for it to work. And now we come to the main part of the update, the ocean and the new puzzles.
Some of the existing puzzles have been improved or extended, we have also added new ones in the ocean as well as 5 new biomes, some as big as an island. Besides a few other places you can find in this new ocean, like a lost military base, will you be able to find it?

In these new biomes you can find some of the new systems since you can get essential resources with the new sea mine and new underwater plants specific to each biome.
We have also added an ocean loot box system that will work with player level, so you will find better things as you level up, you can also find gold boxes where you will find even better things.

And for all that, we have added some improvements to the ships so that you can sail like a real pirate and fight freely.
Ships will now be indestructible and can be repaired.
When handling your ship, a hud will appear next to the compass with the ship's life indicator, anchor position, and resources to repair it if needed.
If the ship's life reaches 0, the ship will be stuck and indestructible and the interaction will appear at the helm of the ship to be able to repair or sink it permanently. You can also steer the anchor from the helm which will prevent certain incidents on these beautiful beaches.

I think I left nothing but who knows maybe you can find something that is not in this post that we forgot   Take advantage of this update, we will be attentive if any errors occur to resolve them.
We hope you like it and don't die too much.?

stay classy ylanders